Sage Monarch

Chapter 1575: Making the God Legion Seal?
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Chapter 1575: Making the God Legion Seal?

Translator: Deathblade

Editor: Chesire Phoenix

At long last, Yang Qi was in front of the Wretch God.

Wretch-God Ultimate. A half-Annulled expert.

In the past, Yang Qi would have had reason to fear him. But now, he wasn’t even the least bit nervous. After all, he was now fundamentally stronger than Wretch-God Ultimate, and if he tapped into destiny, could definitely crush him. And that wasn’t to mention that Yang Qi had the advantage of the Wretched Brain God Art.

And he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to seal and assimilate him.

That said, he knew from the moment he saw the enormous head that he was going to end up fighting a big battle.

There would be no better moment. After all, Proud Heaven had just established his foundation and had all sorts of things on his plate. He had to manage the court, keep his top experts under control, and deal with the High Priestess, who was scheming to overthrow him. On top of that, he had the Demon Master and the King of Godmammoths breathing down his neck. There was no way he would have time to go searching for Wretch-God Ultimate.

“You haven’t fully recovered from your old injuries, Wretch-God Ultimate,” he said with a faint smile. “In other words, your cultivation base can’t compare to a true half-Annulled expert, yet you dare to rave in my presence. Seems to me you’re looking to die. To answer your question, you have no way of knowing who I am. But I'm sure you recognize this.” All of a sudden, the God Legion Seal appeared on his forehead.

“The God Legion Seal?” Wretch-God Ultimate blurted. “Are you the successor of the Sovereign Lord?!”

“No, I'm not,” Yang Qi replied coolly. “I'm a Fateless One, the remnant of some fateless energy that the Sovereign Lord trapped long ago. I’ve come here specifically for you. I’m going to assimilate you and reach the half-Annulled level.”

Wretch-God Ultimate was a terrifying entity that essentially couldn't be subjugated. If Yang Qi tried making him part of his empire, it would lead to devastation because of the dangerous wretch energy.

Yang Qi wasn't stupid enough to do that.

Wretch-God Ultimate had his own dao, and it couldn't be changed. In that regard, he was similar to Star Swordlife. Yang Qi had no intention of trying to change him. Instead, he would wipe him out of existence.

Wretch-God Ultimate laughed. “You're a Fateless One? And you think you’re going to assimilate me? Not even the Sovereign Lord could do that, what makes you think you can? Incidentally, the fact that you tracked down all of my bones in the multiverse just shows how greedy you are. Assimilating them has simply infected you with my wretch energy, which means I can control you now. Get on your knees!”

As soon as the command left his lips, creaking sounds echoed out from Yang Qi.

“Let Destiny Come! In the grand heaven, verily, the nation is eternal!”

Yang Qi could sense the bones of the Wretch God within him trying to wreak havoc. Obviously, this was what the Wretch God had planned and hoped for. But was Yang Qi really that stupid?

Destiny flowed into him, causing cracking sounds as the bones were first suppressed, then started crumbling. Meanwhile, the Wretch God’s head started trembling, as if with madness.

“What is this? How can you have such powerful destiny? Not even the Sovereign Lord was able to do anything like that.” Fear could be heard in the Wretch God’s voice as he realized the level of destiny he was dealing with.

“It’s simple,” Yang Qi replied. “The Sovereign Lord didn’t know how to govern a nation. The god world has been developing for billions of years now, and the dao of governance has surpassed anything from the time of the Sovereign Lord. Back then, he relied on faith. But destiny is different. My empire has already surpassed anything the Sovereign Lord was capable of. I'm not lying when I say that I can crush half-Annulled experts. If I couldn’t, I would’ve already been defeated by the High Priestess, the King of Godmammoths, and the Demon Master.”

“Y-y-you...” the Wretch God blubbered. “Have a death wish, brat?! Wretched Brain God Art!”

The head began vibrating with fluctuations that immediately caused a huge psychic tempest to form.

However, Yang Qi didn’t seem worried at all. He threw his hands out, and destiny flowed around him, creating a universe that locked down the entire area, and was filled with countless sealing marks.

Although it was only a bit of destiny, combined with Yang Qi’s strength, and the fact that Wretch-God Ultimate wasn’t fully recovered, it was extremely dangerous.

“Be sealed!” Yang Qi made a grasping gesture, and a primal-chaos elder-snake appeared and began devouring everything around it.

Wretch-God Ultimate was too stunned to react. Before he could even begin to formulate a response, he was devoured. Then, Yang Qi used the Myriad Worlds Greater Teleportation to send him to the Everlasting Aegis.

Inside the aegis, the primal-chaos elder-snake exploded, and Wretch-God Ultimate’s head appeared, instantly unleashing fluctuations that could destroy universes.

“This is your empire, boy? I'm going to destroy it! In my eyes, this empire isn't worth anything. Who would have thought that in this dying age, empires would become the orthodox way? In my time, we strove to develop power that could destroy all empires. If you stand in my way, it's foreordained that your empire will be destroyed!”

Of course, Yang Qi had a plan. First, he would bring the Wretch God into the Everlasting Aegis, then he would use a powerful formation to crush him.

“Be crushed!”

Yang Qi’s command of destiny was very different inside the Everlasting Aegis. In fact, it was ten times higher. Instantly, Wretch-God Ultimate’s head faced crushing pressure. Then Yang Qi shouted, “Sage monarch magistrates, use your Tribulation Monarch Cannons!”

Countless magistrates appeared, nearly a billion of them, and they immediately got into formation and aimed their Tribulation Monarch Cannons at Wretch-God Ultimate.


A massive blast caused the Everlasting Aegis to tremble as countless Tribulation Monarch Cannons shot Wretch-God Ultimate.

Yang Qi suddenly started growing larger, simultaneously extending his hand to reveal the Halls of Heaven. Then he struck Wretch-God Ultimate’s head, which began to crumble loudly.

“Your end is here, Wretch God. This is my home and my destiny. Even in your prime, you wouldn't be able to stand up to me here.”

Suddenly, the Wretch God head erupted with hairs, each of which looked like a snake, or possibly a hand. And they all shot toward Yang Qi.

“I never could have guessed that the first tribulation to block my path to freedom would be you, boy. Well, it’s only to be expected. I've experienced countless tribulations, and yours is trifling at best. I'm going to devour both you and your kingdom, then recover fully and dominate everything under heaven.” Each of the strands of hair was like a consummate expert that could bash apart destiny and shatter the greyspace of the Everlasting Aegis.

“Half-Annulled experts are strong. Sadly, you’re not at full strength. You’re like King Immortal-Slayer, stuck in the Great Necropolis. Except in this case, it’s the Everlasting Aegis.

“Be crushed!” Yang Qi exhaled, and countless streams of energy erupted out, which were none other than the preheaven essence of the god world. In his previous clashes with the essence, he had picked up on some of its techniques and powers!

It was like a river of daoist techniques slamming into Wretch God Ultimate’s hairs, causing them to ignite.

“Wretch God Destroys Worlds. Wretch God Ultimate's Obsidian Flame!”

Wretch God Ultimate’s head unleashed a torrent of black fire that rapidly ate up Yang Qi’s daoist techniques. If he hadn’t been in the Sage Monarch Empire and the Everlasting Aegis, it would have spelled complete destruction. Not even the Central Dynasty could have dealt with this.

This was a fire that could destroy planets, stars, god kingdoms, and universes.

Even a God-Lord with a psychic scale of a hundred billion who was hit by this black flame would be killed.

1. Wretch God Ultimate’s Obsidian Flame first appeared in.

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