Rise of the Crusader

Rise of the Crusader

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    After the acid rainfall, which killed about a quarter of the world’s population. Mankind was still recovering from that horrible incident when superpowers gave rise to society.

    With about sixty percent of mankind possesses various abilities from manipulation of elements, invulnerability, super strength, shape-shifting, acid generation, etcetera. The world soon stepped into the era of the supernatural.

    In the new supernatural community, flocking around with heroes who deemed themselves as the guardian of the society, and villains who wanted to rebuild the world in their way, humans without superpowers are being discriminated against and looked down on.

    Raphael Queen, a teenager from one of the undeveloped communities in the world, turned out to be a genius among geniuses.

    Apart from being born with the power to induce decay on anything whether the target was organic or not, he also had an extraordinary talent in the field of technology and mechanics, and he could build technological advancement, enhancement, and weaponry.

    Once enrolled in the infamous academy for villains, watch as Raphael bends the world to his will and finally brings peace and stability to the supernatural world.

    This time around, it will be a new world… A world of truth, not lies.

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