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Gu Shao'an is a smart man. He knows that Li Tianmei's coming here must be fair to Mu Yan.

If Bai Fenghua continues this attitude, Li Tianmei will never leave. It seems that he must find a way to turn around.

Gu Shaoan said with a smile: "no matter how we say, we are also in laws. Bai Fenghua did this wrong. We will make amends to Muyan."

"Since Mr. Gu has such an attitude, it is not convenient for me to say anything more. Muyan is in my house. When their mother and son will come back depends on your attitude." Li Tianmei glanced at Bai Fenghua and then turned away.

Bai Fenghua was disdainful: "this woman even dare to come home, do not look at their own identity, mother did not come to us, her aunt even dare to come to my trouble, it is beyond her ability."

"If it wasn't for you, how could she look for us in the morning? I told you to be nice to Muyan. Otherwise, you will not be able to eat. She is your daughter-in-law. Do you still want others to take her place?"

"That's not impossible." Bai Fenghua looked proud and charming, "there are people who want to marry into our family. They have sharpened their heads and want to marry my son. If Muyan doesn't know how to cherish it, I can change my daughter-in-law and find a obedient one."

Gu Shaoan sighed helplessly and shook his head. He ignored Bai Fenghua, because he knew that it was useless to talk more. He might as well let himself be quiet for a while.

But Gu Tingchen. freewe(b)novel.com

For the time being, there are no big problems in foreign affairs, which need to be dealt with by fixed evidence. Therefore, during this period of time, he stayed in Mu's group to help Mu Li deal with the company's affairs first.

Near noon, Gu Tingchen was about to give the plan to Yan Shu for him to deal with. Unexpectedly, a woman came in.

"Mr. Gu, I've come to thank you." The woman's eyes were shining, her eyes fell on Gu Tingchen's body, and her face was worshipped.

"Thank you?" Gu Tingchen did not remember helping the woman.

On the contrary, Yan Shu helped Gu Ting Chen to remember: "Er ye, when you came to the company today, you met a car rear end man on the road. In order to be in a hurry, I directly dealt with that matter."

Yan Shu did not expect that this woman was actually a member of the Mu family group.

Gu Tingchen remembered that he had a traffic accident when he came this morning. However, Gu did not get off the bus. How does this woman know that he works here?

"Mr. Gu, I'm Li mucu, an intern who has just come to the company for internship. If it wasn't for you, I don't know how much money I'd like to pay. Can I treat you to dinner?"

The woman was nervous about the corner of her dress.

"Li Mu Mu?" This name is the same as when he and Mu Li met for the first time. "The name is interesting. You don't need to eat. Pay more attention to it later."

Just because of Gu Tingchen's words, Li Mu Mu's face became ruddy. He probably fell in love with this man at first sight.

Li Mu Mu ran out in a panic. Yan Shu stood aside with a smile on his face: "second master, do you know that you've touched a little girl virtually. If your wife knows about it, you will be killed."

"What nonsense? I just think that this girl's name and Mu Li will be remembered just like when I knew each other

Gu Tingchen now has a wife and children, how could he go to tease other girls?

Yanshu tried to resist the smile. Even if Gu Tingchen was sitting there, I'm afraid there would be a lot of girls for him, so Gu can't be blamed for this.

After Li Mu Mu ran out, she felt her heart beating faster and couldn't speak. She was still in contact with such a man for the first time. Unexpectedly, she was remembered by President Gu.

"My God, this is the upper class people. I didn't expect to be handsome and gentle, but also so capable. It fully meets my criteria for choosing a mate."

Li Mu Mu's way of talking to himself happened to be seen by ELSA passing by.

Elsa didn't hear what the woman said, but she must have been thinking of spring when she saw her.

Elsa passed by Li Mu Mu and patted her on the shoulder: "which man in our company do you like this little girl? How can you show such an expression. Come on, talk to me. Maybe I can help you

Hearing Elsa's words, Li Mu Mu's face became more red: "elder sister, don't tease me any more. I came to thank the people who helped me. There was a collision when I came this morning. If it wasn't for the gentleman who helped me, I'm afraid I'm still in the Public Security Bureau."

"Well, such a thing happened. It seems that the hero saved the beauty." There was a smile on Elsa's face.

Elsa had not said much, but Gu Tingchen and Yanshu came out of the room. Li Mu Mu's face turned red. He asked Gu Tingchen a good question and then lowered his head.

When Elsa saw Li Mu Mu's appearance, she had already guessed about it. The funny smile on her face instantly disappeared: "you should not have taken a fancy to Mr. Gu.""I, I didn't..."

Elsa's face turned cold and reminded, "you can like any man in the company, but you can't like him. He's a man with a family. Besides, he's not from our company. He's just to help our president manage the company."

Hearing Elsa say that Gu Tingchen is a man with a family, Li Mumu thought his spring was coming, but he didn't expect that the seed would be strangled in the cradle before it sprouted.

"Don't move your mind, or I can't help you." Mu Li and Gu Tingchen's feelings she witnessed from the beginning to the end.

In recent years, they have been together in adversity, and no one can get involved in their feelings. A new intern is even more impossible.

"Supervisor, I don't. I won't destroy other people's feelings. I just want to be grateful to Mr. Gu. As for other things, I dare not think about them." Li Mumu explains in a hurry, for fear that Elsa will misunderstand herself and lose the job.

"Since you are so conscious, it is not convenient for me to say anything more. Pay attention to your words. If this matter is known by others and spread to Mrs. Gu, you will soon be finished."

Elsa had made the wrong choice at the beginning, but she stopped at the precipice in time without any influence. She didn't want the little girl's life to be ruined like this.

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