Rich Family's Substitute Sweetheart

Chapter 437
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Li Tianmei saw Mu Yan with tears on her face, and quickly pulled him in: "what's the matter? Did Gu tingye bully you? "

Hearing Li Tianmei's voice of concern, Mu Yan burst into tears: "aunt I... "

"Well, don't cry. If you have something to tell me, as long as I can help you, I will certainly get justice for you." Although Muyan was spoiled by her mother since childhood, she has lived so miserable, which is offset by merits and demerits. Li Tianmei will never care about a child.

"I really don't want to stay at my old house any more. Bai Fenghua is not a human being at all. She is already crazy now. If I continue to live with her, I think Gu tingye and I will be crazy."

While crying, Mu Yan said that he had never suffered such injustice since he was a child. He never thought that he had been tortured by all kinds since he married Gu tingye.

If she had known that it was such a day, she would never marry Gu tingye at first.

"Bai Fenghua, if you have too many good days, you will know how to catch demons. Don't worry. I will take you to ask for justice tomorrow. As for Gu tingye, his wife is being bullied. Doesn't he know how to help you? Why didn't he come with you? "

Li Tianmei blames the strange way. Sure enough, Bai Fenghua and Gu tingye are together. They only know how to bully Muyan.

"I think he still comforts his mother at home. One side is chess pieces, the other is his mother. I know he is in a dilemma, so I don't want to stay in my old home.

And my mother has just been out of prison. My father has been taking care of her all the time. I don't want to go home and cause trouble to them. That's why I want to trouble my aunt

Mu Yan said while lowering his head, feel ashamed, she was how to treat their family, her own heart is clear.

So she felt very rude to make such a request.

"What nonsense are you talking about? I am your eldest aunt. You and my daughter are the same. As long as you live here, if Bai Fenghua dares to be a demon again, I will never forgive them. "

Li Tianmei's voice just fell, the child in Muyan's arms cried out again. Looking at their two people's embarrassed appearance, Li Tianmei felt a little distressed: "take the child to rest quickly. You are also very tired. After a few days' rest, you go to work, and I will bring the child to you."

"Thank you, aunt." Muyan didn't know how to appreciate Li Tianmei. He didn't think that when he was in trouble, it was his family who helped him.

After Mu Yan took the child to the upstairs, Li Tianmei sighed helplessly: "this child is also a poor life, and Bai Fenghua is such a mother-in-law."

"Bai Fenghua is in a trance and seems to have changed. In his eyes, he only has his own son. As far as I know, when Bai Fenghua learned that Mu Yan came to work in Mu's group, he wanted to let Mu's group cooperate with Gu's group, and all the benefits would fall into his own home."

Gu Tingchen didn't want to mix up the affairs between Gu's group and Mu's group, so for those problems, Gu didn't come forward to deal with them, but he didn't expect that it would become more and more serious.

"It's just wishful thinking." Li Tianmei is very angry. Bai Fenghua thinks that if he marries Muyan, he can get Mu's group. That is daydreaming.

"You also go up to have a good rest, tomorrow I will take Mu Yan to meet Bai Fenghua for a while."

Li Tianmei knows Bai Fenghua very well. He has always relied on his family background to do whatever he wants. Gu Shao'an doesn't manage Bai Fenghua more, but he didn't expect to make her look like today.

The next day, Muyan got up very early. Unexpectedly, Li Tianmei had already made breakfast.

"Sister, why do you get up so early and don't you have a rest?" Mu Li sits on the dining table looking at the face of Mu Yan red and swollen, some heartache.

"It's OK. I'm going to work in the company later. I'll have to bother my aunt to take care of my children." At this time, Mu Yan has not been domineering appearance many years ago, but more gentle.

"Don't worry. Take a rest today. I'm going to take care of my family in person." Li Tianmei takes Muyan's bowls and chopsticks to Muyan.

Mu Yan quickly refused: "big aunt or do not want, after all, this matter has nothing to do with you, I do not want you to join in."

Now Bai Fenghua is in a trance, which is different from normal people. If the eldest aunt went there, they would be bullied.

"Don't worry, I have discretion. I won't let you suffer in vain."

Hearing that Li Tianmei is so concerned about herself, Mu Yan lowers her head, and a drop of crystal clear tears falls into the porridge.

At the same time, Bai Fenghua loses his temper at home. Gu tingye goes out early because he can't stand his mother's noise. Gu Shao'an sits aside as if no one else is there. He doesn't pay any attention to Bai Fenghua.

"Gu Shao'an, you are still in the mood to read newspapers here. Your grandsons have been taken away by that cheap woman. Are you not worried at all?" Bai Fenghua was so angry that she sat on the side of Gu Shaoan. The man had not spoken with her for a long time. I don't know if there are other women outside."Muyan and Sun Tzu are angry with you. You can't stand it for just one day. If you want Sun Tzu to go and get them back, why make a big noise at home."


Gu Shaoan said as he turned the newspaper over and continued to look at the news above.

"You They bully people, and you bully people, don't you? It's your grandson. Don't you feel any pain at all? "

"Even if the heartache is also you make, if it is not because of you mu Yan, how could you take the child with you? Bai Fenghua should not always blame others, but also think about his own problems. "

Gu Shao said calmly. Although he knew how to tell Bai Fenghua that she would never go back to the way she used to be, he did not want his wife to throw things at home like a madwoman every day.

"Well, your family has been so busy all morning. I have heard it outside." Li Tianmei stood at the door, listening to the quarrel between their husband and wife. Without any sympathy, she felt a little more proud.

"What are you doing here? You are not welcome in our family. Get out of here This man is mu Li's mother. Naturally, he is with Gu Tingchen. As long as he has any relationship with him, she will not welcome him.

"Don't be angry. I didn't mean to come here today. I just wanted to get justice for my niece." Li Tianmei took the initiative to come in and sat on the sofa.

"Mrs. Li, I didn't expect you would come to our house early in the morning. It's all our fault. I hope you can..."

"Mr. Gu needn't say much. I know all the reasons and consequences. I just want to find Bai Fenghua to settle accounts." Li Tianmei looks cold and falls on Bai Fenghua.

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