Rich Family's Substitute Sweetheart

Chapter 23
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Hearing the sound of the door closing, Su Yanli's face was filled with dissatisfaction, "What happened to the old gramps today? Why did she suddenly get so angry? Did something happen at the charity auction today? "

Su Yanli did not participate in today's charity auction. When she returned, he saw an unhappy look on Mu Yu's face, and thought that she was angry because the business deal they had abroad had not been successful.

Mu Shaohua sat on the sofa and fell into deep thought. The old man was different this time, even if he had done such a thing in the past, his father wouldn't be this angry.

Mu Lee was not someone to be pampered now, even if he wanted her to marry a cripple, her father shouldn't be so angry.

"Dad, don't worry. has already married Gu Tingchen anyway, and Grandfather has already tacitly accepted my marriage with Gu Tingye. Our marriage is already set in stone."

Mu Yan didn't care in the least. Even if Grandfather were to investigate this matter, the ones who allowed Mu Lee to marry Gu Tingchen were her father and mother.

Mu Shaohua heaved a long sigh: "Today's matter is already in the past, I just don't know if old man will continue to talk about it in the future."

"Grandfather went to the charity auction today, so she went to speak with Gu Tingchen. Seeing that grandfather's expression was extremely ugly, I wonder what exactly Gu Tingchen said to grandfather." At that time, Mu Yan had been staring at Mu Lee and Gu Tingchen. He thought that her grandfather was blaming Mu Lee and his, and in the end, had even targeted all of her anger onto herself.

"Since he's already married, the dust has settled. We just need to protect Yan'er." Su Yanli knew that she had never liked the old man, but she had endured it for the past few years, so she did not want to bicker with the old man.

"Right now, we can only do this. Your grandfather already said that if you want to marry into the Gu family, you must listen to his opinion. Tomorrow, I'll go ask your grandfather what his plan is."

Actually, there was another thing that Mu Shaohua couldn't wrap his head around. Was it because he didn't listen to his father's arrangements that made his father so angry, or was there another reason?

If necessary, he would get someone to investigate what was going on.

The next morning, Mu Lee was awoken by the sound of a mobile phone ringing. When she opened the phone, it was actually her grandfather's mobile number.

The originally sleepy Mu Lee instantly sobered up and answered the call with a gentle tone, "Hey, Grandfather, is there something you're looking for me for this early in the morning?"

"Last time, because of the huge matter that you stirred up when you went back to the sect, I know that it was such a disappointment to have such an important day come to this. Today, bring Gu Tingchen along and come back again, alright?"

Mu Yu's tone was much gentler than last time at the charity auction, but on the contrary, Mu Lee was not used to it.

"But …"

"Don't worry, no one will bully you." Mu Yu understood the reason behind Mu Lee's predicament. It had only been a few days, but so many things had already happened at home, even the others would be disappointed in their parents.

was a little absent-minded, her grandfather had never taken the initiative to talk to her in such a manner. Back then, when father was there, her relationship with grandfather had been pretty good, but unfortunately after father left, the relationship between Grandfather and Mu Lee after he moved away from Mu Family had become less and less.

"I understand. I will bring Gu Tingchen with me at noon today."

"Yes." The other side stopped talking. The two also hung up without saying anything else.

Gu Tingchen supported his head with his hands as he looked at the woman who had called before: "I'm done."

Mm …" "Ahh!" Mu Lee was shocked, "You … "You're awake." had never shared a bed with a man before, and such an awkward scene made Mu Lee feel extremely embarrassed.

"You woke up when you picked up the phone just now. What, did your grandpa call you back?"

"He didn't call me, he called us together. It was probably because of the incident when we went back to the sect. Grandfather felt embarrassed and wanted to invite the two of us to go back."

Mu Lee did not hide anything.

Gu Tingchen immediately sat up, looked at the woman in front of him, and asked: "Don't you want to return to the Mu Family?"

A look of frustration flashed across Mu Lee's face, "So what if we're back? "It's just that I've been bullied by my uncle's family. I might as well move out and have some peace and quiet."

She really did not want to return to that sorrowful place. Previously, her father and mother had both lived there with her. Although they were very happy, it would be like her little uncle's family plotting against them.


If I were you, I would have done everything I could to regain your grandfather's trust. This way, you would have some hope of returning to Mu Family, and those people don't want you to have an easy time, so why would you let them have an easy time? "

Gu Tingchen reminded Mu Lee with a straight face, hoping that she would recognize her current status.

Mu Lee's brows tightly knitted together: "Back then, Little Uncle and Aunt misunderstood me that I had stolen something, and Grandfather's attitude towards me plummeted. Grandfather would never let me return."

Mu Lee was innately stubborn, otherwise she wouldn't have been so furious with her Mu Family.

Gu Tingchen, seeing that this woman was not at all concerned, couldn't help but remind her: "If you want to return, you must obtain your grandfather's trust. Right now, the only thing you need to do is to curry favor with your grandfather. The matter of us returning to the sect has already caused your grandfather to be dissatisfied with your uncle, so you can take this opportunity to enter. "

Mu Lee looked up: "It can't be that all of this was a trap you set up, right?"

Why did it feel like this man was very knowledgeable about these things, like the plans that this man had come up with?

"You are truly praising me. I am only a piece of trash. How could I have set up such a big trap?" After Gu Tingchen finished speaking, he propped himself up using his legs to place himself on the wheelchair, then walked over to the wardrobe, and picked up the clothes he wanted to change in.

Mu Lee watched Gu Tingchen's actions in a daze. It had to be said, his movements when changing his clothes were so graceful, it could be seen that if this man was really a normal person, there would definitely be many people who would want to squeeze into his side with their pointy heads.

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