Remarry, No Way!

Chapter 3: A So-called Father
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Chapter 3: A So-called Father

Su Ran just stared blankly, actually they all decided to proceed with the last method, therefore it was unnecessary for Song Wei Xi to stay at the hospital, because they need to wait, wait for the day she is pregnant the day and delivered the baby.

"Yes." Su Ran stroked his cheeks and said: "Let's eat breakfast, okay!"

She wanted to go over and put the porridge into the bowl, yet Song Wei Xi's little hand pulled her sleeves, she turned her head and looked at him, he pointed to the man who stood in front the door.

Song Wei Xi was always a smart boy, previously Madame Song mentioned to him that his father will be back to visit him. Now there was an unfamiliar man appeared at the doorway, in fact, he able to guess it should be his father.

Song Ting Yu actually saw the photo of Song Wei Xi before, that was from one of Song's family members. Because this son was existed because of Su Ran's trick for him, and not because his willingness, so that time he didn't feel any connection. But today stood in front of him, and faced him, he just realized, inside his heart there was still feelings.

After all the relation by blood is very wonderful.

Song Ting Yu went over to the front of his son, Song Wei Xi raised his small face and observed him for a while, "Are you my Papa?"

Song Ting Yu crooked his lip, and nodded: "That's right, I'm your father."

That was the first time from his birth, Song Wei Xi met his father. First of all he criticized him violently for made it fair for her mom: "Why these four years you have never back and look at me and my mom?"

Su Ran didn't expect him to ask something like that, hurriedly hugged him to stop him: "Wei Xi, that was the matter between adult, you are still small, don't think about it, it doesn't look like what you are thinking."

Hearing Su Ran's words, Song Ting Yu looked at her charming face, he flashed a cold gaze, he thought this women was tried to look good in front of him. Song Wei Xi, this little kid, how can the first time they met, he spoke out that kind of word. It was definitely because she usually speaks that kind of matter to Song Wei Xi. As she did that kind of thing in the past, why should she still put on an good act in front of him, what was her intention.

His corner of mouth showed mockery laugh, Su Ran realized, but she used to it as in the past he always loathe her, so she felt unaffected with it.

He always think that what was happening in the past were the crafty scheme of her and her father, in order to trick him into marriage, but he didn't know, that she also a victim.

But what was the point of telling him? He would not listen, and also would not believe what she said.

"Come, Wei Xi, let's eat breakfast first." The porridge already being there for a while, it was already warm and at exact temperature for enjoying a porridge. Su Ran carried Song Wei Xi, wanted to feed him. But as this little guy was really independent from his early age, he wanted to eat by himself.

Su Ran forced to give him the soup spoon: "Be careful."

Because Song Wei Xi was being discharged, Su Ran still needed to handle some dischaged procedure. She looked at Song Ting Yu: "You just stay here and accompany him for a while, I need to go to manage the administrative procedure for Song Wei Xi's leave."

After Su Ran's went out, Song Ting Yu pulled a chair and sat down in front of Song Wei Xi's sickbed, this was his first time seriously looked at Song Wei Xi, his son.

Song Wei Xi was eating porridge, felt that someone was looking at him intensely, soon afterwards, he raised his face, and wrinkled his nose: "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Song Wei Xi, I'm you papa." Song Wei Xi reaffirmed once again.

Song Wei Xi took another scoop of porridge, his mouth bulged: "Mama is enough for me."

That little guy was full of hostility toward him

Song Ting Yu was not good in interacting with little kids, moreover Song Wei Xi's heart had rejected him as he was just father by name. So the time they were together, they were not communicating.

After finished handling all the procedures, Su Ran came back. When she pushed the door open, she looked that this father and son sat together. It was a scene where the big eyes glared at small eyes.

The time Song Wei Xi was together with Song Ting Yu, he didn't really like to talk, he just did his own business, but when he looked at Su Ran, he directly changed his expression. That little face immediately exposed his beautiful smile toward Su Ran and waved to her: "Mama."

Su Ran entered the room, and didn't care about Song Ting Yu, who sat on the side, just came over to Song Wei Xi and held him. Then she helped him to change out of his hospital clothes.

"Mama, can I really leave the hospital?" Song Wei Xi was very excited, his eyes were twinkling.

"Yes, the doctor said that you can leave the hospital. Let's change your clothes and then we can go." Su Ran used her hand to stroke his head.

He laughed and said, " It is very good, finally I can leave here." Song Wei Xi clapped his little palm, and his dimple appeared because of his laughter.

After helping Song Wei changed his clothes, once again Su Ran was busy because she and nanny needed to pack all the things. While Song Wei Xi waited for Su Ran, he squatted down and played with his little train.

Song Ting Yu just sat down at one side, looked over these two, mother and son busily took care of their own business, seemed to them that he was an invisible man.

When they finished packed all the things, Su Ran took the suitcase and handed over to Song Ting Yu. Upon seeing this, the nanny busily said: "Miss, just let me carry it."

Su Ran shook her head: "You're already have a lot on your head, you will not be able to hold more."

Song Ting Yu raised his brow, this woman dared to consider himself as coolie (unskilled Chinese laborer in colonial times), but he still stretched out his hand and took the suitcase.

Su Ran right away carried Song Wei Xi and followed behind him. It's been a long time for Song Wei Xi to stay at the hospital, to find out that he can leave the hospital, it made a lot of people feel much better.

Before because of his health reason, Song Wei Xi really like to sleep, however today he didn't have any sleepiness. On the road home, he sat down in Su Ran's embrace, and wanted her to tell him explaination of the story inside >.

Su Ran's mother was Jiang Nan's woman, from her mother, Su Ran inherited Jiang Nan's woman unique and soft voice.

One the road, inside the car was full of her fine and soft voice. Song Ting Yu could see from the front seat mirror that scene where Song Wei Xi's small head lean on Su Ran's shoulder, he looked very concentrated listened her story. Su Ran's appearance was completely gentle and beautiful, but Song Ting Yu believed it just beautiful on the surface, actually her mind was very deep, full of craft and cunning.

If not, how could she marry him?

Arriving at home, Madame Song waved her hand to Song Wei Xi as soon she saw him: "Wei Xi, come her to great grandmother."

Song Wei Xi immediately went over, Madame Song and him chatted for a while. Caught the sight of one housekeeper brought the things inside, conveniently instructed: "Lao Chen, let the maid tidy up young master's things, when they are done, put it on the room which I prepared it before.

Before the return of Song Ting Yu, Song Wei Xi always stayed the night with Su Ran, but now Song Ting Yu was back, and with a mission to accomplished, Madame Song wanted Song Ting Yu and Su Ran stayed the night in one room together.

Song Wei Xi raised his face and asked: "Great grandma, why I cannot sleep together with my mom?"

Madame Song stroked his head, not yet say anything. Song Ting Yu, who stood beside said: "No need, I can move to the guest room"

He hadn't finished his sentence, Madame Song with her cold expression cut him off: "Don't make trouble, don't you have room to stay, why should you move to guest room?" stooped for a while and looked at the housekeeper: "Lao Chen, why haven't you move little master's things to that room!"

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