Remarry, No Way!

Chapter 16: To Be Concerned About
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Chapter 16: To Be Concerned About

Song Ting Yu's hand clutched her delicate chin: "That's right, it is possible that now you are pregnant, but what to do? It cannot be confirmed immediately, you should to wait for a few more weeks. So these several weeks, for guarantee it will be effective, you need to continue be with me together"

"Ran Ran"

Su Ran stayed silent, in front of the door came through a gentle voice.

Su Ran looked over, it appeared a person from the door, it was Lin Cheng Huan. He was holding something and somewhat startled for looking the situation in front of him.

Su Ran just aware that now she and Song Ting Yu was in really intimate distance, and Song Ting Yu's eyes brought out some mockery. She hurriedly extended her hand to push him.

"Cheng Huan, why do you come?"

Lin Cheng Huan was back from his mind, slowly went inside: "This morning auntie gave me a call, she said didn't clearly remember if last night she hit you or not, so I guess there was an accident happened"

So it was like that.

Su Ran laughed agonizingly, this was her mother, sometimes will look her as her enemy. But when she was clear-headed, once again feel full of ashamed.

When she was young, she was a violist. Who knows that today she can change into something like that because of a man?

Su Ran didn't inherit any musical talent from her, from Su Ran's early age, her mother always punished her to kneel on the ground and scold her why she cannot work hard to play music. Her mother thought if she worked hard to care of her child, Su Hao will also start to care about them, and never being cold toward her and daughter again.

Because that year Su Hao met her at the music feast, and was captivated with her music.

That time Su Hao promised that he will be with her together forever, but at last without any struggle, he was married with an appropriate match which was a rich girl from high background family.

That was Qiao Qing's grief.

So from very little, Su Ran knew that men's promise was not really useful and trustworthy.

Song Ting Yu let go of his hand on Su Ran's waist, looked at his watch: "Mr Lin, you come so early. It was not even 7 o'clock, it looked like you are very worry."

Lin Cheng Huan laughed: "After I answered that phone, I couldn't continue my sleep, so I come here." He took the things on his hand and placed it on the table. It was a thermos box, inside was a pipping hot pumpkin porridge and steamed dumpling: "You haven't had breakfast right? These breakfast I bought when I was on my way here, it was from your favorite place.

Lin Cheng Huan was always this considerate, but Su Ran felt a bit apologetic: "Sorry, this early morning, my mom woke you up. Yet you still go to that far restaurant to buy a breakfast for me"

"It's okay, you go to wash your face first, then come out and eat the breakfast," Lin Cheng Huan slightly smiled.

Su Ran nodded: "Oh right, if later on, my mom ask you again about me. You just say that I'm okay, don't mention that I was hurt."

In any case she will not remember it clearly, but Su Ran didn't also want her to be worried and guilty.

After finished speaking, she went toward the restroom, and passed by Song Ting Yu. She chose to ignore him.

Lin Cheng Huan was very attentive, he worried that the porridge will be to hot, so he poured into the bowl, and put in on the table.

Song Ting Yu just sat down on the sofa and observed his movement, he didn't make a mistake, Lin Cheng Huan was really in love with Su Ran.

Between these two people was some kind of inexpressible mutual understanding, that cannot be compare with anyone, so to heard that these four years, there was no relationship between them, he couldn't believe it.

"Regarding my wife, Mr Lin looked like you are very understanding of her matter?"

When he said this sentence, Lin Cheng Huan's hand movement began rigid for a while, Song Ting Yu looked at it, and felt a bit funny.

This man not only concerned his wife, but it looked like he was concerned to about the way Song Ting Yu addressed Su Ran as his wife.

Lin Cheng Huan stopped for a while, he turned his body, and stared at Song Ting Yu: "We are both grow up together since we are little. Of course, I know her preference clearly."

"You grow up together? It looked like you are childhood sweethearts?" Song Ting Yu raised up his brows.

Ling Cheng Huan answered: "Precisely."

Song Ting Yu's eyes immediately narrowed.

After that, there was no more dialogue between two of them.

Su Ran was just come out from the bathroom, she felt the atmosphere of the sickroom was strange, she looked around but didn't say anything. When she looked at these two men, she looked distractedly.

She quietly sniffed the gunpowder's scent on the verge of breaking out.

It felt like when they are meeting for the first time in the restaurant, how can this two like they didn't like each other?

Because Su Ran's back is full of wound, so when she walked toward the bathroom she was very careful because she was afraid it will pull the wound open. However when she came out, her focus was with these two man, so when she accidentally stumbled on the chair.

She almost fell down to the ground, but Lin Cheng Huan who just stood beside the table, when he heard it, with sharp-eyed and deft-handed pulled her into his arm, so it avoided her to fall to the ground.

However that action involved her back wound, Lin Chen Huan looked at her tightly frowned expression, worriedly said: "Ran Ran, what happened to you?"

He supported and take Su Ran to the bed, when he was about to open and inspect her wounds, a hand stopped him.

Song Ting Yu stood in front of them: "Sorry to trouble Mr Lin to call the doctor for awhile."

Lin Cheng Huan's hand stayed rigidly, he startled for awhile, then immediately released his hand, nodded: "Okay."

Lin Cheng Huan left and closed the door, Song Ting Yu extended his hand to undo the button of Su Ran's clothes.

Su Ran aware of his movement, hold her collar together: "What are you doing?"

"Laid down the bed on your stomach, don't move." Song Ting Yu's cold voice, that made people difficult to defy. After letting her to laid down on her stomach, undid the button, and take off her clothes. After a night, the wounds didn't look any better. He used her finger to lightly touch it, it was still painful that it made her shoulder shivered.

Song Ting Yu released his hand, she immediately pulled up the clothes. She was in fear he would do something.

Her action let his heart was hundred percent unhappy: "In front of Lin Cheng Huan, you are very calm, what are you pretended in front of me?"

Su Ran naturally knew what the meaning behind his word, since he met Lin Cheng Huan, he always thought they have some kind of relationship, she said: "Song Ting Yu, what kind of nonsense you are talking about, Lin Cheng Huan and me just friend, just a moment ago he was momentary worry"

She didn't even finish her sentence, she was cut by Song Ting Yu: "No need to explain, I don't have any interest in your relationship. Listen to me, Su Ran. I don't care what kind of relationship you are having with him. I just want to remind you, now you and i are not divorced yet. Don't do a shameful thing as it will ruin the Song's family image, don't embarrassed me too, understand?"

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