Reincarnated into a Snow Griffin

Reincarnated into a Snow Griffin

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    I am a Snow Owl-Leopard Griffin and I do not have much to complain about my life, I have a great yet odd mother, live on floating fairytale islands filled with other flying creatures, magic and mysteries, but how did I end up in the arms of this rascal of a demon?!

    When chased away from my homeland I have to grow strong fast or perish on the way before I can even learn how to fly properly, but thankfully destiny traces my way into the world of cultivating as I grow obsessed with the power pursuing such knowledge gives me.

    Especially because I have people to save… and those to take revenge upon.

    *Thinks cool phare while staring at the horizon, the wind brushing his clothes and hair, all serene and determination oozing off from his cool demeanor… except for the glimmering eyed demon staring at his side with yet another gift for his cold beauty.*

    …I don’t have time for anything else, so take your gifts away you rogue demon!


    ML: Cold beauty, I bought you flowers!

    MC: Uhum…*doesn’t take any*

    ML: I bought us matching outfits lovely beauty!

    MC: Uhum… *doesn’t change clothes”

    ML: My king, I brought you to our chambers.

    MC:Uhu- Wait, what? Daring rascal, scram!


    Mature content including gore, explicit smut, swearing, relationship between men.

    Enjoy~~ ~,^

    PS. This is the second book of the series Reincarneted into a … but it can be read as a StandAlone.

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