Reborn: Rise of the Greatest Summoner

Chapter 285 Master And Student
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Even before the word to stop reverberated from the figure, Norman inside his mech suit felt it first, he easily recognized the familiar aura.

This was an aura that he would never forget, this was an aura that he once respected and adored, this was an aura that once meant everything to him.

Instantly, flashbacks appeared in Clown's head.

He remembered more than a century ago when he was still just a young Grade E Elementalist being excited at the prospects of becoming Newton's student. Then, he felt on top of the world, he felt like the luckiest being in Darvis.

He remembered the first word that Newton said to him.

'Study hard'.

'Be curious, never let anything or anyone dampen your curiosity'.

'Curiosity is the birth of invention'.


When it finally reverberated, all 3 of Clown's Monstrosities already stopped. The beasts didn't just stop due to Clown's orders, his brief flashback also came to an end as the familiar voice roused him from his fond memories.

Clown's eyes gleamed from inside of his machine. The iconic grey hair and lab coat, the familiar frowning eyebrows, he vividly remembered everything.

For a brief moment, Clown felt like calling him 'Master' like he always did whenever he saw him but it took all his willpower to hold himself back.

His eyes narrowed as this warrior finally fully appeared.

Not just Clown and his Bio-Mechanic Monstrosities stopped after hearing the word, all the other Grade C Superhumans also stopped on seeing the figure.

Newton Barnes was a legend of Planet Darvis that was rarely exposed to the public compared to Jon Stones. Legends were formed after heroic feats or after Grade C Superhumans fought, Stones and Newton already formed their legends.

Compared to Jon Stones who was more high profile, the more hideous Newton Barnes struck a figure of mystery to most other Grade C Superhumans.

Seeing this old man, the first vibe that most felt from him was chemicals.

It was that feeling when you entered a pharmacist supermarket.

The thick smell of medicine, the unsettling feeling of being in a chemical environment, they all followed with Newton Barnes' arrival.

As soon as he arrived, Newton ignored every other person and focused on his student. With narrowed eyes, he watched Norman like a hawk.

Despite the mechanical half of his body, despite the crazy look on his face, and despite the cockpit of the mech that blocked it, his penetrative eyes were still able to see through and recognize that this was his student.

He shook his head. "Norman, stop all this".

"Stop and let us talk".


For a few seconds, Clown responded with silence.

When he finally responded, it was like Newton feared, he responded in a maniacal manner as this psychopath erupted laughing like a total psycho.



After laughing to his fill, Clown finally spoke. "Newton Barnes".

The fact that Newton decided to speak first on arrival already showed his strategy, he hoped to talk things out with his student. Norman's reaction though shot his strategy on the foot as a chill instantly descended on the atmosphere.

Newton frowned as his dormant energy slowly turned turbulent.

He glared at Norman's eyes. "You shall call me Master!"

"For what?"

"I picked you up when you were nothing but an Orphan!"

"I gave you life!"

"I gave you a future!"

"I trained you!"

"I taught you everything that you know, you will acknowledge me!"

"Hahaha…!" Norman laughed ruthlessly. "That's where you're wrong". This psychopath's eyes gleamed sharply as he glared back at his master.

"You may have picked me up but you did it only because you saw my talent".

"If you didn't pick me up, someone else would have did".

"One way or another, I would have fulfilled my potential".

"What I can't forgive is you trying to hold me back from fulfilling my potential". His eyes flared with emotion. "That, I cannot forgive!"

"I withheld alien technology from you because it is dangerous!"

"Hehe…" Clown chuckled. "You still think I'm that na?ve Norman?"

"That kid who listened to your every whim and order?"

"That kid who cowered when you yelled?"

"Hehe…, I'm no longer that Norman".

"I am now Clown".

"I am now King Clown of Planet Darvis".



Clown waited to let the words sink into his master's head then he continued. "Acknowledge me, recognize my achievements that I am already a better Scientist and Elementalist than you, acknowledge that I am God!"


Norman glared at his student. "Never".

This word seemed to set off explosive sparks in the air.

Without any other words, these 2 Elementalists seemed to have made their decisions as their actions reflected it the next moment.

Crack! Boom!

The mech suit's parts cracked before fragmenting into smaller parts the next moment as from inside it came an intact Clown as he kept glaring at his master.

While they both glared at each other, their energies kept on rising as they slowly levitated into the air. Their fiery eyes set off invisible explosions in the air.

"You really think you stand a chance against me?" Newton asked.

"I am not Jon Stones, I never underestimate my opponents".

"I came prepared for you".

"You of all people should know what I am capable of".

"Hehe…" Clown chuckled as his eyes gleamed crazily. "I know, that is why I made my ultimate goal forcing you to admit my superiority".

This psychopath spread his arms like a God. "I don't need my Bio-Mechanic beasts to defeat you, I am enough to defeat you".

"Today, I'll prove to you that there's a new boss in town".

"Today, there will be a shift in Legends".

Newton glared at his student. "You stand no chance against…"

"Hahaha…!" Clown interrupted him with maniacal laughter.

"That's where you're wrong, you always underestimate me".

"You always feel like you know more than me".

"You always feel like I'm a baby, today, I'll prove to you that I am twice as much of a man and legend that you can ever be".

Clown grabbed his clothes before tearing everything off the next moment.

Shock spread through this battlefield as his body was laid bare for the first time. Unlike his upper body where it was only half, his legs were now entirely replaced with mechanical limbs that were mixed with Giant Runes.

He already sacrificed his penis and pleasure for power.

"…" Newton was shocked at the sight.

"Hahaha…!" Clown cackled crazily at his reaction.

"This is as far as I'm willing to go to get power".

"After all these sacrifices, do you think I'm still not worthy?"

"You're brilliant, connect the dots yourself".

"…" Newton's eyes widened. "You don't mean…?"

"YES!" Clown roared.




He cackled maniacally.

"Implanting myself with alien machinery, implanting Giant Runes on my body, the extreme experiments, the pain, the perseverance, decades of research, they were all to turn my body into a body befitting a God".

"I am now a real God!"

"I will break the Grade B barrier first".

"Watch and witness history!"

"Do it!"

Before Newton could understand what was going on, Black Master Einstein switched on a mechanism as the power of the Planet Core was charged again.

The next moment, a concentrated amount of core power was channeled as the blue energy rushed upwards before charging into this warrior's body.


"AHHHH…!!!" Clown screamed in pain as he drank raw power.

Newton wanted to intervene, his instincts were first to save his student but the energy was so potent that he felt that he would die if he touched it.

The process finished after 10 agonizing seconds.

The aftermath?


A mighty power exploded the next moment.


Clown's voice reverberated in such a deep manner like he really became a God. It was so deep, powerful, and archaic like it was from an Ancient Giant.


All the watching spectators felt goosebumps.


Newton briefly felt goosebumps but he firmed his nerves as he glared at his student who seemed to still be struggling at the task of housing so much power.

Newton shook his head. "I tried but I could not save you".

"You have gone astray".

"You can no longer be saved".

"You can only die for the greater good".

Newton no longer held back; he opened his storage ring from inside which he brought out 2 chemical potions that radiated with an aggressive archaic power.

Without hesitation, Newton drank both potions.

A second passed and his new energy exploded!



Feeling the incredible energy display, Clown cackled maniacally.






Newton made the first move!


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