Reborn in 2000: Reuniting with the School Belle

Reborn in 2000: Reuniting with the School Belle

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    Yi Feng, who was terminally ill, was reborn in the year 2000. In that year, his childhood sweetheart and school beauty Gu Muxi turned 18.

    “Yi Feng, lend me a pen!”

    “…Didn’t you just borrow one yesterday?”

    “Yesterday was yesterday, today is today, things change, don’t you understand?”

    “…I’m convinced, alright, here you go.”

    “Yi Feng, tear off a piece of paper for me to use!”

    “…Why tear mine? Don’t you have any?”

    “I do, but I don’t mind tearing yours.”

    “…You really have a way of thinking! Fine, fine, here you go.”

    “Yi Feng…”

    “…What do you want to borrow now? I don’t have anything left.”

    “Hmph, lend me your hand for a moment!”

    “…What for?!”

    “Nothing much, I just want to hold my boyfriend’s hand.”


    This is the daily life of a romance between childhood friends, filled with social awkwardness.

    A story full of sweetness, without any melodrama or heartache.

    Welcome aboard!~

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