Reborn Before the Frozen Apocalypse, I Stock Resources Worth Billions

Reborn Before the Frozen Apocalypse, I Stock Resources Worth Billions

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    The world suddenly entered an ice age, and as the apocalypse arrived, over ninety-nine percent of humanity couldn’t withstand the extreme weather and died.

    In his previous life, Ye Xingchen didn’t have much food to eat, but in order for his beloved campus belle to have something to eat, he didn’t hesitate to open the door during the apocalypse. In the end, however, all his survival resources were snatched by several strong men the campus belle brought, causing him to die tragically in the cold.

    Reborn one month before the ice age, Ye Xingchen swore to make these people pay tenfold.

    He awakened his spatial abilities, possessing a three-hundred-hectare dimensional space. In this life, he no longer lived just to survive but crazily stocked supplies worth billions and built an apocalypse fortress.

    As the ice age arrived, while others were almost freezing to death, he was swimming in a warm pool.

    While others were killing each other for a bite to eat, he was savoring an 82 Lafite, eating the finest Kobe beef, enjoying a banquet, and watching movies leisurely.

    One day, when some people discovered that Ye Xingchen’s house was stocked with countless delicacies and was warm and comfortable, they went crazy and wanted to rush in.

    But they soon realized that this wasn’t just a house. It was an apocalypse fortress that even nuclear weapons couldn’t break open!

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