Realm of Myths and Legends

Chapter 860: A Heavy Promise?
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Chapter 860: A Heavy Promise?

Eiritia released a helpless sigh. She knew that the words Astratis said were true; however, as the eldest among the siblings, she could not help but display a sense of worry.

What if he met with unexpected trouble in this Mortal Realm place and had nowhere or no one to turn to? What if there were monsters like the pillars and that old demon over there?

These potential worries left Eiritia deeply concerned about what the future may hold.

"You do not hide yourself well. I can tell what troubles you." Ierosni said to Eiritia.

"I am more surprised by how calm you are about this. If anyone were to object to it, I assumed it would be you." Eiritia responded.

Ierosni shook her head and said, "Do you think I did not try talking him out of it? That man—once he has made up his mind, it is easier to return from the Na'Ei Cha than to change his mind."

After Astratis told her of his decision, naturally, Ierosni attempted to talk him out of it. While it was true that Astratis' absence may cause some unexpected troubles to arise, it was not something they could not handle.

But, in the end, Astratis was her husband. No matter how strong or powerful he became, she would not be able to stop worrying about him.

"Even then, you are not the type to give in so easily. What made you change your mind?" Eiritia inquired.

"Well..." Ierosni's glanced over at Izroth as a light smile formed on her face.

She then continued, "If someone like our youngest is from there, then it cannot be such a bad place, right?"

Eiritia smiled weakly as she out a sigh of defeat.

"Indeed. Speaking of our youngest—we still have yet to hear what it is that he has to say about this matter." Eiritia commented.

Ultimately, the decision belonged to Izroth. After all, among them, he was the only one who knew how to travel back to his world. If he did not agree, even if Astratis were willing to go, it would not be possible.

"Brother, I will not inconvenience you. You have my word." Astratis stated firmly.

At first, Izroth remained silent as he appeared to be in deep thought. But, when he heard Astratis speak, he pushed his thoughts to the back of his mind.

As for being an inconvenience... How could having a peak legendary realm figure on your side be an inconvenience? Of course, Izroth did not mind Astratis returning with him to the Mortal Realm!

Izroth was not worried about upsetting the balance of power between the kingdoms. From the moment Fourth Kingdom Tempest chose to ally itself with the Shadahi and possibly even the Netherworld, both of who were the eternal enemies of the Mortal Realm, they had already upset any balance in place.

Astratis' arrival to the Mortal Realm may raise a lot of questions, but Izroth was not afraid of any potential aftermath. Besides, if what he predicted came to pass, it may even be possible to avoid some of the more troubling aspects.

It was just that there were still a lot of uncertainties about how the Realm Key or realm portals in general functioned. Therefore, Izroth could not give a definite answer.

"How can I see you as an inconvenience? If anything, your presence would allow me to have some peace of mind. That's why, as long as it is within my power, I would be grateful if you returned with me to the Mortal Realm." Izroth said in a carefree manner.

Astratis' eyes seemed to light up at Izroth's response. Needless to say, the words he said earlier were true about identifying any potential threats to their world. However, Astratis was still eager to see an unexplored world with his own eyes.

As far as Astratis knew, he would be the first person to leave the Ancient Celestial Realm and travel to another world. This was a huge event!


After the final decision was made, Izroth and the others settled on some details regarding the previously agreed upon exchange.

Additionally, each of those present provided Izroth with a small gift to officially welcome him as their youngest.

"I thank you for your thoughtful gifts, everyone," Izroth said as he finished placing the gifts he received into his inventory.

"This is the least we should do for our youngest. But, it is a shame. If we knew ahead of time, we could have prepared something more befitting." Eiritia sighed regretfully.

"The gifts I have received already hold a great deal of value. If I acquire any more than this, I am afraid I would feel indebted to all of you." Izroth replied.

"Nonsense. If we do not spoil our youngest, then who shall we spoil?" Ierosni said with a playful smile.

"Brother, you are fortunate. If I were not in this state, I would have suggested we switch positions." Nomii said as she faced Astratis.

"Sister..." Astratis looked at Nomii's missing arm.

Let alone a Young Wing; even a Mature Wing of the Ambrosia Tree was not capable of regenerating a lost limb.

When a Wing of the Ambrosia Tree was paired with the Immortal Nectar, it would create a potent healing substance that could perform miracles. However, it could not heal something that was not there to be healed.

"Whether it takes one cycle or ten, I promise—I will find a way to restore your arm. A talent like yours should not be laid to rest." Astratis stated.

"I appreciate the sentiment, but you do not have to worry about me. Even without an arm, I will not give up on the spear. The power behind my attacks may have fallen, but I just have to make up for it with flawless technique." Nomii responded.

But, despite her strong and steady outer appearance, if one looked deep enough, one could see a slither of uneasiness contained within Nomii's eyes.

Nomii knew that attempting to master the spear with only one arm was a near impossible task. It was not a weapon one could afford to take that lightly.

As the atmosphere began to turn somewhat solemn, Izroth's voice broke through the awkward layer of silence.

"It may be possible to restore your arm," Izroth said.

When he spoke, an expression of disbelief appeared on the faces of those present.

Restoring a normal missing limb was not an issue; however, Nomii was a master of the spear and someone in the legendary realm. The arm she was missing contained traces of ethos she built up over numerous cycles. To claim to be able to restore it despite these barriers, how could they not be shocked?

"Brother, it is all well to have good intentions; however, you must not make such promises lightly," Thalos said with furrowed brows.

"That's right. How can we ask you to take on such a burden? It would not be fair to you. Just forget about this matter." Astratis stated as he attempted to brush it off.

Getting Nomii's hopes up was not a bad thing. But, if for some reason he failed after making false promises, who knew how Nomii would handle it? She had already sacrificed enough for their sake. How could they put her through another potentially discouraging ordeal?

"I admit, I am not one-hundred percent confident, but the odds are in our favor. I'd say the chances are around this high." Izroth said as he held up eight fingers.

"Only an eight percent chance..?! Just what kind of dangerous thing do you have in mind?" Thalos frowned.

"I am afraid with such low chances, we cannot permit it. The risk is too great." Eiritia commented.

"Everyone," Nomii spoke, which immediately caused those present to fall silent.

She then continued, "While I appreciate your concerns, whether or not I will take the risk is up to me."

Nomii then looked over at Izroth and said, "Even if it is a one percent chance, I am willing to do what is necessary. I am not afraid of bearing pain."

After Nomii finished speaking, the atmosphere turned heavy. However, what happened next was something no one present could have anticipated.

"You are all mistaken. It is not eight percent—it is eighty percent." Izroth clarified.

Eighty percent?! Didn't that mean it was practically guaranteed to succeed?! But, was such a success rate even possible?

'Since I am uncertain whether or not I can find the correct ingredients in this world, the best I can promise is eighty percent.'

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