My Ten Wives and Ten Rings in the Apocalypse

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What a fast attack! The crowd screamed as they watched the slow motion.

Oh… See her face.

The crowd busted into another round of laughter. Although the La Coasta match wasn't the most powerful, it was definitely the most hilarious one.

Leroy looked at La Coasta with an unsightly expression. He didn't know how to react to a sudden change in script.

'I thought I was arrogant but compared to him. I'm still lacking… Tsk!'

'It is just a weak girl… nothing to be proud of. Anyone could do that.' He snorted and averted his gaze.

Lela looked at the expression on La Coasta's face and he suck in a cold breath. Everyone believes him as the useless person in the group but it seems that it's just a facade. She took in a deep breath and looked at her friend— Danny and shook her head. They were kids compared to those four.

In the teacher section, Fred let out a sigh of relief as a bright smile appeared on his face. He looked at Betty and snorted without uttering a word.

From the corner of her eyes, she saw Fred's arrogant expression and bit the corner of her lips.

"He was just lucky…. That girl was probably weak." She grumbled as her chest rose and fell.

Hearing this, Fred didn't bat an eye at her and focused his attention on the competition. Since this was the beginning, he couldn't get complacent…. Yet.

Todd and Collins looked at each other and their expression turned blue and black. They wanted to curse all La Coasta generations but swallow their bitterness forcefully and sighed.

"Although we didn't guess correctly. Our bet on the betting site is increasing. How much do you think we will make by the end of the tournament."

"He-he." Todd grinned wildly and looked at the betting ticket on his communicator with satisfaction. "They will go bankrupt."

"What if they didn't pay us?"

"Let's wait and see…"

Meanwhile, the witches looked at La Coasta with wide eyes as they couldn't believe this lazy guy could display such an arrogant act. They looked at him for a moment and advertised their eyes. But the passion to compete with one another was burning in their eyes.

This was not about the strongest, it was about the act of gathering attention from the crowd. Unknown to them, their previous decision to lay low was thrown out of the window...

As the competition continues, the three witches use their actions to tell the world. We're the real deal.

Every match was won easily, shocking the audience and gathering more fans. Combined with the witches' beauty, a lot of young men scramble to be their fans, shouting their names.

Moreover, the popularity among the audience overshadowed the seeded participants since two of the seeded students had been defeated.

La Coasta heard his number and walked to the podium with a calm expression. Previously, no one knew him but now, they wanted to watch how he was going to defeat his opponent.

An average-looking boy stood a couple of meters from him and looked at him with a solemn expression. He wasn't scared of him as everyone believed his previous opponent was weak.

He gripped his scythe tightly with both hands and took a fighting stance, inhaling a deep breath.

'I won't attack you but wait for you to attack me.' He thought with a confident smile.

Everyone fixed their gaze on the arena and waited for the battle to start but both fighters failed to attack. Thus the crowd began to wonder what the hell was going on. Just then, a deafening sound echoed on the stage.


A silhouette flew a couple of meters out of the arena and hit the barrier protecting the audience from the fighting stage. He slid down with blood splashing out from his mouth. No one knew whether he was dead or alive. More so, his weapon was sent flying in the opposite direction, stuck into the ground.

For a couple of seconds, everyone looked at the young man coming down from the stage with various thoughts flying through their mind.


Too ruthless.


I love him.

Will you marry me!

The crowd recovered from their initial shock and screamed. The women looked at him with burning eyes, screaming his name. Previously, they thought he won by fluke but now. His movement skills and the attack were ruthless and everybody loves a ruthless person.

La Coasta returned to his group without any changes in expression. Leroy felt a sudden threat and looked at him with fear and anticipation.

'Show more power. When I defeat you, I'll receive all the glory.'

La Coasta looked at Leroy from the corner of his eyes and a slight smile appeared on his lips.

'You're too green to plot against me.'

Suddenly, another bombshell was dropped and the crowd roared in excitement. Annette walked to the stage with a light smile on her face. Her opponent was a seeded fighter and was very powerful. Every one of his opponents was defeated in a single palm strike. Thus, everyone fears him as the absolute number one in the group.

"What do you think would happen? Will the seeded student be able to show his prowess and defeat one of the four bandits from the Silverleaf academy?" Regina's timely announcement made the blood of the crowd boil in wildness.

"Don't forget to place your bet now to win more." She added.

Previously, no one knew the academy where La Coasta and the witches came from but with their rising name. Every major faction in the outer region dug out their history. Thus, they knew were the four bandits that won first to fourth place in the first segment of the tournament called — The Bandits.

Silverleaf Academy had been on the decline for the past couple of years and now it looked like lady luck was on their side.

Dean Davis looked at the four from high above and clenched his fist. 'They are our ticket to rise. Anyone who wanted to plot against us this time around should be ready to face our wrath.' He thought with his eyes burning with madness.

Their decline wasn't natural but contained a deep secret related to the outer region and some powerful families and other academies.

The outer region would have turned into a war zone if not for the previous treaty they signed which cripple their growth. But now, it seems the heavens didn't forget them.

As Dean Davis was prepared to keep the four students safe, other groups were already devising to take them down.

On the fighting stage, Annette's charming smile filled the various screens, enchanting the audience and viewers. More so, Dalton couldn't take his eyes off her charming face and utter.

"Although you're beautiful. I won't go easy on you." He gripped his spear tightly and took a deep breath.

Previously, he only fought with palm strikes but seeing him using his spear on the get-go made the Maxis nod their head.

Dalton, the third student on the seeded ranks and a student of the Pacific academy, the top academy in the outer region. He was famous for his fast spear skill and his bravery. He had fought many body refining stages that were higher than in stages. He won some and lost some. As an intermediate body refining stage, his ability to contend with the peak body refining stage made him part of the seeded students.

Annette saw the fast-moving spear whistling toward her and was still smiling. Dalton didn't get complacent because her opponent did not move against his attack. He knew someone like Annette would have a lot under her sleeve. And behold he was right.


Annette moved. She took a step back, a sidestep to the left, and moved two steps forward. The series of moves was performed in a blink, shocking Dalton. Before he knew what was happening, she was beside him, looking at him with the same charming smile.

'What sort of movement skill is this?' Dalton cried in his heart.

In the presence of absolute power, his previous confidence shattered into pieces. Staying close to her, he realized the charming smile on Annette's face was far from charming. It is a smile a predator uses against its prey.

When he recovered from his initial shock. Dalton's back was drenched in cold sweats and wanted to retreat immediately.

"I hate people pointing their weapons at me." That was the last thing Dalton heard before he felt his lungs constricted, air choking out of his body and everything around turning upside down, his head turning fuzzy. Then, everything went blank.


The massive coliseum was in abrupt silence. The viewers at home didn't believe what just happened. The famous Dalton couldn't withstand a single attack from the bandit, lost his weapon to her, and was sent flying. Besides, while he was in the air, Annette didn't let her go.

She threw the spear with powerful momentum, nailing him to the ground. Thus, no one knew whether he was dead or alive.

"Don't underestimate a smiling, charming lady." Regina's voice woke the crowd from their stupor.


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