My Sweet and Charming Wife

My Sweet and Charming Wife
Chinese Novel

My Sweet and Charming Wife

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    “It’s fine, everything can be restarted.”

    Gu Huanyue opened her eyes slowly and a smile shown on her face.

    In her previous life, she was betrayed by her relatives and missed the right one eventually.

    Now that the god gave her another chance, she must regain all her lost and let those people who hurt her pay the price.

    This time, her business was developed and expanded so quickly with the help of her super EQ & IQ.

    She became the most shining and rich one. All kinds of handsome men were attracted by her beauty and became her loyal followers.

    However, she won’t never forget that man. A guy who truly love her so much.

    He: “Huanyue, would you like to marry me?”

    She: “Why did he not follow my plan? But yes, I do.”

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