My Ferocious Tigress Wife

My Ferocious Tigress Wife

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    Xiao Baoxin is different from other girls—she can hear the most genuine thoughts inside everyone’s hearts.

    When her aunt-in-law confides in her, Xiao Baoxin clearly hears the thoughts that contradicts everything her aunt-in-law says. Thanks to this ability, Xiao Baoxin realizes that her fiancé does not truly love her. After insisting on ending their engagement, she encounters a man who doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve.

    In dealing with Xiao Baoxin’s coquettishness and adamant pursuit, this man named Xie Xian rejects Xiao Baoxin with his body and soul—”Lady, please protect thy modesty. I doth not liketh thee.”

    Yet, Xiao Baoxin clearly hears the roar that comes from within his heart: “Kiss me already!”

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