My Demon Tyrant And Sweet Baby

My Demon Tyrant And Sweet Baby
The Wife Contract and My Daughter’s Nanny, 爹地给钱,妈咪借你生娃, 男神萌宝一锅端 (Manhua), 萌宝逼婚:爹地快投降
Chinese Novel

My Demon Tyrant And Sweet Baby

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    He was the CEO of the Mu’s Group. He had a respectable status and a domineering attitude. His biggest weakness was that he doted on his daughter. For his precious daughter, he came to her and signed a contract for her to be his daughter’s nanny. She thought it would be fine to stick to the contract, but he interfered more and more with her, driving away every man around her without leaving a trace, locking her in his arms, saying to her affectionately and tyrannically, “We should give a companion to our daughter.”

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