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Chapter 9 Cruel World
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The world used to be a peaceful place where normal people went about their normal day-to-day activities without any form of fear or terror, but that peacefulness would not last.

Soon the demons who had their abode in the second heaven became jealous of the humans, they wanted to live the lives of humans and more especially they wanted their women but they wouldn't be able to get all these things with the humans still occupying earth, they wanted to take over and turn the humans into their slaves.

Soon they started their attack on earth, they caused a lot of terror and pain to humans, many people died and the humans were too weak to fight back, every single one of their weapons stopped working once it was pointed at a demon, the humans needed help and soon it arrived.

An angel whose clothes were like the color of fire, his wings were like burning flames, the demons trembled at his presence, they had great fear for the great Arch Angel Zillah except for one demon, the king of all demons.


While the rest of the demons got destroyed by Zillah, Lucifer didn't back down, Zillah would have killed him but he managed to escape with a few angels, he didn't go back to his abode, he hid on earth.

When Zillah wasn't able to find him he decided to leave, but he left something behind, he left something special for the humans, he left giving the few humans who were present on the day he wanted to go home, a crystal that granted them special abilities once it was in their home.

The crystals wouldn't grant them, in particular, any special power but their children and grandchildren to come would be special, he left saying that he wouldn't return to earth again and that the human race's protection now lies in their own hands.

Lucifer and his army are still on earth, he is waiting patiently, growing his army and waiting for the right day to attack.

"What about the demons that attacked us?" Luis asked as soon as Tammy was done speaking.

"Those experiment demons, Lucifer is looking for a way to create stronger demons but he ends up creating useless demons that break lose and start attacking people"

"Then what do real demons look like"

"They are roaming the streets every day and trust me if you see one you won't know"

"Then how do you guys know them?"

"We have gadgets," she said bringing out her necklace that was tucked into her shirt, it was a green necklace with a red blinking light in the middle.

"What is...."

"A demon detector," she said putting the necklace back."It tells you warns you when a demon is close enough to attack"

"How does it work?" Luis asked recalling how the screen had told him that there was a demon nearby without him having to see the demon.

That mischievous smile returned to his face but Luis didn't realize it.

"Stretch forth your hand"

"What do want to do?" Luis said pulling back his hands.

"Do you want to know how it works or not?" she asked looking serious.

"Ok," Luis said stretching his right arm reluctantly."Just don't do anything funny"

"I won't," she said bringing out the necklace and placing it on his arm."Demon notifying, full power" Luis felt like his arm was going to shake off, he would have gotten electrocuted if he hadn't removed his hand.

"What was that?" he winced.

"I thought you wanted to know," Tammy said giggling, for some reason she loved to see him like this.

"You should have told, me that it was this painful," he said shaking his hand."Is that how much pain you have to feel whenever a demon is nearby?"

"No, I just rippled the power on you," she said putting the necklace back.

"Why would you do that?"

"Because it's funny" she smiled.

"I don't like your idea of fun"

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it with time" she said patting him on the back as she stood up from the steps of the water fountain where they were sitting.

Do you want one?"

Luis would need one, but there wouldn't be any use for it, he already had something to warn him whenever a demon was close by, but he wasn't sure how well it worked, he didn't like the zapping necklace and wasn't sure he would like to have one.

"I don't think so" he shook his head.

"Well suit yourself, but don't blame me when you get consumed by a demon.

"I can protect myself," Luis said, getting up, there was just a little distance from each other and Luis tried to compare their heights, he was a little bit taller than her, but you wouldn't know unless you got this close.

"How?" Tammy chuckled.

"If you teach me how" he finished his sentence.

"Did my father send you to me?" her expression immediately changed from smiling to mean.

"No," Luis said."Don't I need to learn how to fight, so that I can help you and also protect myself"

"Protect yourself, without any special ability"

"I don't need one"

Tammy was quiet as her gaze went back to the doll which she had just destroyed to prove a point, she knew he was right, even without any special ability he still needed to learn how to fight.

"You were the one that told me that you need to be tough to survive here," he said still keeping his gaze on her face but she wasn't looking."How do you expect me to be tough when I don't know how to fight?"

"Alright!" she stomped her feet on the floor which caused Luis to fall off the step, but this time there was no chuckling." You can practice on that thing for now," she said pointing at the condemned doll." I'm tired now and will start teaching you tomorrow," she said and started to walk away.

"Wait, what about...."

"You can have this" a sword appeared in her hand and she threw it at Luis, the sword landed beside the tip going into the soil.


Luis kept on hitting the doll until it was evening, there was nothing special about the way he hit it, he was just simply hitting the doll in one manner.

Tammy was watching him from upstairs and she didn't look impressed.

"Did you tell him to do that?" her mother walked up to her from behind.

"He's pathetic," Tammy said, she still had her gaze outside.

"And you are the one to make him better," Sarah said placing her hands on her daughter's shoulder.

Tammy turned to her and nodded.

"Now tell him to come inside, it's almost time for dinner," she said and walked away.

"Ok mum," Tammy said, she watched her until she was completely gone, then she summoned one of her daggers and threw it towards Luis.

Luis was panting as he hit the doll with the sword one last time, he cleaned his sweat and let out a big sigh, then he saw a quick object flying towards him, he ducked and the object flew past him, snapping the rope that held the doll to the tree and sticking to the tree, Luis knew that dagger, he quickly turned to where it just came from and saw Tammy.

"Nice dodging" she yelled."Now come inside dummy"

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