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Chapter 385 One Step Closer To Reunion
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The source of this c𝓸ntent is πŸπ—Ώπ—²π—²π°π—²π›π§π¨π˜ƒπ—²π—Ή.𝗰𝐨𝐦

White light appeared in the middle of the room and quickly cleared up to reveal Luis, Ace, and Tania.

Tania was frightened at first as she thought that the person who had teleported them here was another person trying to hurt them but right now her fright had turned to surprise.

"Luis?" She said with a surprised voice.

"Are your guys okay?" Luis asked, looking at both of them from head to toe.

"Thanks to you, we are." Ace said, walking to his bed.

"Is this your room?" Tania asked, looking around.

"Yeah, this is our room." Ace said sitting on his bed.

"Who's that?" Tania asked, pointing at Dylan who was still sleeping on his bed.

"That's our third roommate, Dylan," Luis answered.

"I didn't know you guys had a third roommate," Tania said, moving closer to him. "Is he also your roommate at your academy or did you guys have to fit him in here because of the requirements?"

"No, he's also our roommate in our academy," Luis said.

"Then why doesn't he hang out with you guys?" Tania asked, looking at Dylan.

Dylan slowly turned to her and opened his eyes, he didn't think he was seeing right when he saw Tania standing so he blinked his eyes a few times to find out that his eyes were certainly not playing tricks on him.

"Hey," Tania said.

Dylan was quite startled as he quickly sat up on his bed, he scanned the other parts of the room with his eyes until he spotted Luis.

"Who is she?" He muttered.

"Relax Dylan, she's my friend, Tania," Luis said.

"Are you okay?" Tania asked, tilting her head a little as stared directly at his face.

Dylan stared at her with his heavy eyes before blinking his eyes and letting out a deep sigh.

"Yeah, I'm okay." He said before lying back on his bed and turning away from her.

Tania stared at him for a while before slowly turning her gaze to Luis.

"He's not okay." She muttered.

"Yeah, but I think you have bigger things to be worried about," Luis said.

"What do you mean?"

"I think you should sit down first," Luis said, pointing at his bed.

"Okay," Tania said as she slowly walked to the bed and slowly sat down there, she did this while keeping her gaze on the Angel.

"You should also pay attention to this." The Angel said, turning his gaze to Ace.

"Huh?" Ace said sitting up on his bed.

"Aren't you guys wondering why that guy attacked you?" Luis asked.

"Probably someone with anger issues looking for someone to take out his anger on." Ace said.

"Is that what you think?" Luis said, looking at him with a serious look on his face.

"Is that not what happened?"

"No," Luis said, shaking his head.

"Then what happened?" Tania asked.

"Do you remember what happened last night when I entered the cafeteria?" Luis asked.

"Yeah," Tania replied with a nod.

"And this morning Ace told you how someone with a mind deception ability is trying to hurt me for some reason."

"Yeah," Tania said with a nod.

"Well, he has already tried twice today and failed," Luis said.

"Twice?" Ace said with a baffled look on his face.

"Yeah," Luis replied with a nod. "He knows he can't physically hurt me and now he's going after my friends."

"That's why that guy attacked us, he wasn't in his right senses." Ace said in realization.

"But how did you find out he was going after your friends, did he send you a message?" Tania asked.

"No, you guys are not the only ones he's attacked today," Luis uttered.

"He had already attacked someone before us?" Ace said with a stunned look on his face. "Who?"

"Ciara," Luis said. "She turned one of her best friends and five other students against her, something bad could have happened if I had not gotten there on time."

"Who's Ciara?" Tania asked.

"A friend," Luis answered.

"So this person is now coming after us because he can't hurt you." Ace said.

"That's a sick act of desperation," Tania said. "What did you even do to this person?"

"I don't know, but he is very dangerous and that is why you guys have to be careful," Luis said. "I could have caught him today but it turns out he also has the compulsion ability and for some reason,n I cannot see the aura trails with my aura vision."

"Aura vision?" Tania said with a confused expression on his face.

'You shouldn't have said that.' Lena said.

Ace was staring at him now in a strange way wondering why he had said that while she was here.

"You two have to be very careful, especially you Tania, you cannot be in any place alone, there's a chance that you may not even be safe in your dorm room," Luis said.

"I think I can handle myself." Ace said.

"No, you can't," Luis said abruptly, the way he had said that had startled Ace. "At least not in the way you think."

"What do you mean?" Ace asked with a confused expression on his face.

"None of you guys can be seen getting into any fight in public or else you will be isolated until the tournament is over," Luis said.

"What? Who said so?" Ace asked.

"Lieutenant Iris," Luis said. "The rule also applies to me so my best advice to you is to make the run for it during any confrontation."

"Okay, but that's a very stupid rule, instead of looking for a way to catch whoever this is, they are threatening to isolate us for fighting back." Ace said.

"Just do what I told you, I will make sure this nonsense ends tomorrow," Luis said before turning his gaze back to Tania who had her gaze down now. "You can ask your questions now?"

"Huh?" She said, raising her gaze for him to see the confused expression on her face.

"The question about the earth wall, aura vision, and how I have an ability," Luis said.

"How do you know..." Tania said with a baffled look on her face.

"You're right Tania, a lot of things have changed about me since I arrived here," Luis said.

"How do you have an ability?" Tania muttered staring into his eyes.

"This is only known to a few people," Luis said.

"What?" Tania asked.

"I don't just have one ability," Luis said.

"You're confusing me, Luis."

"You've already seen my earth ability so I'll show you the remaining two," Luis said.

Tania wanted to say something but before the words could come out of her mouth, two fireballs formed in Luis' hand.

Her mouth was wide open as she stared at the fireball in his hands and her eyes widened more after two large water bubbles had appeared in his hands to extinguish the fireballs.

"How did this happen?" Tania said. She was still finding it hard to believe what she was seeing now.

"And I had to work hard to figure that out." Ace said, folding his lips.

_____ _____ f(r)eewebnovel

Roy had spread the news about him reaching an agreement with the elf king and the kingdom being safe now.

That news had helped in returning the people's happy mood and everyone was going about their daily activities with bright smiles on their faces.

The news had been spread to keep the kingdom in good shape but not everybody believed it. There were a few people who knew that something wasn't exactly right and there were those who had somehow gotten the news of the situation in the royal castle.

People like Blackstones knew that something wasn't right as guards had been coming to their home since the day Jude went missing.

They told them that Jude had committed a serious offense.

Felix and Maya told them that Jude had not returned since the day he left, the guards would have taken them as prisoners but Roy had ordered his guards to leave them if they couldn't find anything linking to them knowing where their son was. He doubted that they would have a hand in it.

Twenty-four hours was slowly coming to an end and Roy was getting as worried as ever thinking about what the witch had told him yesterday.

He had been in his room all day and had refused to eat anything.

He had less than twelve hours remaining to make his choice and he still couldn't get his mind straight about anything.

'If only we still had mages in the kingdom, none of this would have ever happened.' He thought.

Suddenly the room had gone dark as a dark purple aura appeared in front of him, it didn't take long before the aura cleared up to reveal the hooded witch.

"I thought you said twenty-four hours," Roy said, sitting up on his bed.

"I know, I just came to remind you that you only have six hours left now." The witch said. "You should make your choice before your time is complete or else I will take what I want by force and you will never see your daughters again."

"How long will you be borrowing my soul and throne?" Roy asked.

"A month." The witch replied.

"And you are not planning to use them for anything evil?"

"You have six hours left." The witch said before turning to leave.

"Wait," Roy said.

"What?" The witch said slowly, turning to face him again.

"You promise that I will get my daughters back and still keep my kingdom right?"

"Yes." The witch said with a slow menacing voice.

"Then you can have it, my soul and throne," Roy said.

"That's all I need to hear." The witch said before turning into a stream of purple light and shooting into his body.

Roy's body transformed into her body immediately and seemed to have glitched for a few seconds before transforming back to Roy's body.

His eyes had a bright purple glow but with a blink, it had returned to normal.

"One step closer to reunion." He said as a wry smile slowly curved up on his lips.


Announcement: starting from today we will be switching temporarily to one chapter per day, this is to enable me to deal with a few other things in my life.

Hope you guys understand, love you all.

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