My Angel system

Chapter 38 Beaten
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Looking at his HP Luis knew he was in big trouble, if he was to get kicked again his HP would drop to one and who knows what will happen when that happens, he didn't want to find out.

'Those boots, what are they made of?' Luis couldn't get his eyes off the boots as he strugglingly got up from the floor.

"How did this guy beat three of you? Just one kick and he is like that." George said, trying to taunt Luis.

The three boys at his back looked confused.

Luis had immediately gotten up after taking a hit from their combined attacks but just a kick now and he's struggling to get up.

"Are you ready to take another kick now?" George continued with his taunting after seeing Luis stand up.

Luis couldn't keep his eyes off the boots as he was trying to come up with a way to attack without getting hit with those.

[ Quest received ]

[ Escape the life-threatening situation ]

[ Rewards ]

[ ???? ]

His system was there to remind him that he was in a life-threatening situation, the system wanted him to escape instead of fighting which was why it had given him the instant quest.

'I have to find a way out of here, but they are blocking my path?'

George noticed that Luis was being hesitant in attacking and decided to attack him.

Pieces of earth started to gather together to form a medium-sized ball made of earth.

'He also has earth ability.' Luis thought.

The ball was sent towards him, knowing that dodging that now that it was almost upon him would be impossible he decided to slide under it causing the ball to miss him by a fraction.

'That was close.'

The sliding had caused him to close the gap between him and George a little.

"You are good, I'll tell you that, but you are just not good enough," George said.

He stretched both of his hands at his sides and started to draw earth from the ground. He wanted to do his signature move, earth blades.

Luis saw this as a chance and decided to attack while he was busy.

He closed the gap and slashed his sword down on him, George immediately stopped what he was trying to do and covered his hands with earth.

When the sword was brought down a clanging sound was made like metal hitting metal.

With both of his hands used to block the attack, there was an opening and Luis took advantage of that and kneed him in the stomach.

George staggered back after receiving a heavy blow on his stomach.

'How is he so strong?'

George could no longer hide his frustration, it was clear Luis had lasted more than he had expected, he had fought many first-year students because of his dirty business but none of them had been able to put up a fight just like Luis was doing now.

Luis had opened his watch, he wanted to send a message to someone and ask for help but he just didn't know who.

He didn't know Ace that well and wasn't sure if he would help.

In the end, he only had two people who would help him, the first being Dylan who was the only one he had told where he had gone or Ella.

Luis wanted to send a message to Dylan but he had been hit by a large piece of earth and had ended up sending a scared emoji to Ella.

'If I use my ability this fight will be over any second.' Luis wanted to scream but knew best not to.

He glanced towards the forest on his right as an idea hit him.

'Maybe I can outrun them, yes I can outrun them.

Without thinking twice Luis dashed into the forest.

"Don't let him escape!" George yelled.

Now all four of them are going to get involved.


Ella got the message from Luis and didn't quite know what to make of it.

? 'Why is he sending me an emoji?'

She dropped the book she was reading and sat up on her bed.

Ella decided to send a message back to Luis asking if there was any problem but he didn't get any reply after waiting for some minutes.

'Maybe I should go check on him.'

She got up from her bed and was about to open the door when a certain someone woke up from her afternoon nap.

"Where are you going?" Silvia asked.

"I want to go check up on someone."

"Can I come with you?" She asked politely.

'No you can't.' Ella wanted to say but said the opposite instead.

"Sure you can come." Ella bit her lips for saying that.

Both of them headed out to Luis' room to find him.

Ella knocked on the door but the person that answered the door wasn't the person she was expecting.

"Hi Blondie, where's Luis?"

"The name's Dylan," Dylan said, sounding annoyed.

"Sorry Dylan, where's Luis?"

Dylan paused for a while as he wondered what in hell two pretty girls were doing at their door looking for Luis and worst of all he recognized the girl who almost broke his hand the other day.

"Is there any problem?" Dylan asked, glancing at Silvia.

"Ummm not really just wondering if you knew where I could find him."

"He went to the store outside school to buy something."

"How long has he been gone?"

"More than three hours." Saying that Dylan realized that Luis had been gone for a very long time.

"He's been gone for that long? And you aren't worried." Ella said. "Maybe he's in trouble, that's why he sent me that emoji."

"What emoji?" Dylan asked.

Ella showed him the emoji and the messages she sent back which he hadn't replied to up to now.

"I don't know about you but I am going to look for him," Ella said.

She ran off with Silvia following behind.

"Hey wait!" Dylan yelled running after them.


Luis was beaten with his head raised with his head on an earth wall and his sword by his side but it was broken.


George was walking up to him with the three boys walking behind him.

"Let me see you get up after this," George said, covering his hand on earth.

'I will burn you to a crisp!' Luis screamed in his head preparing a fireball in his hands.

George went in for the punch but before his hands could reach Luis it was stopped by a pair of daggers which Luis recognized very well.

"Tammy." George gasped.

"She just saved you," Luis muttered before passing out.


I decided to drop this chapter because of all your support.

I will be out for six months because of my exams and I hope you guys could support me more.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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