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Chapter 10 Trouble!
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It's time to eat vegetables again, Luis thought as he took his seat around the dining table, then Sarah came and dropped his plate of vegetables at his front.

The vegetables didn't taste any less good but he was getting tired of them, just looking at Ray raise a turkey leg made him jealous, but he could just ask for what everyone else was having but he had only a few hours left to find out what completing his first task would be like, no turning back now.

"Dad look at my turkey" Ray said raising his turkey to his father's view.

"Yes I can see it," Greg said, raising his gaze to smile at him then it went back to his food.

"Look, Daddy," Ray said and slowly let go of the turkey, which was now floating in front of him.

"Stop disturbing your father Ray" Sarah came from behind and pulled the turkey back to his plate.

Luis didn't look surprised, he already knew about their abilities and that was probably Ray's special ability.

Luis walked into his room, shut the door, and quickly crashed on his bed, how he had missed this silky softness even though he was gone for just a few hours.

He thought of the screen that always appears in front of him, he had seen some things that he wasn't able to check out earlier, the screen appeared in front of him.

[ 7/7 HP ]

[ You are in perfect condition ]

These messages appeared on the middle screen, he could see that there were some icons in the upper part of the screen, then he thought of what those icons could be.

[ Shop is unavailable ]

[ Inventory is unavailable ]

[ Skill tab is unavailable ]

Then when will they be available, Luis thought but he didn't get an answer, then he heard a knock on the door.

"Who's there?" he asked getting up from his bed as the screen disappeared.

"Do you mind opening the door and stop asking stupid questions?" Tammy said, knocking harder at the door.

Luis was surprised, what was she doing here? Maybe she came to take something from the room, maybe this was her room before, he stood up and went to the door to find out.

Luis opened the door and was stunned by what he was seeing now, Tammy was putting on a white, thin nightgown that didn't have any sleeves and exposed her cleavages a little, her hair was wet, she had just taken a bath, the thing that caught most of Luis' attention was her smell of strawberry.

Luis swallowed hard has this girl come to tempt him or was there something else she wanted?

"What do you want?" Luis asked.

"Don't ask me that question" she said walking past him into the room"

"Shouldn't you try to find out what a visitor wants when he or she visits you unexpectedly?" Luis said still holding the door open.

"Visitor" she chuckled, she was sitting on his bed now."Have you forgotten that you are in my house?"

"As a guest" Luis muttered.

"And who made you a guest?" he had forgotten about that special ability.

"Just tell me what you want," Luis said shaking the door which meant that she should be quick.

Tammy wanted to shout at him but shut her mouth back.

"How about you shut the door first"

"What?" Luis said taking a glance at her.

"Just do it or I'll do it myself" she ordered.

Luis was hesitant and the next thing he knew the floor shook a little bit and the door slammed shut.

"Come and sit down, I'm not here to hurt you," she said patting the space on the bed beside her.

Luis shrugged and started to walk toward her, but instead of sitting beside her he went and sat on the other side of the bed.

"Now will you tell me what you want?" he said after sitting down.

She was silent for a moment then she turned to him.

"Why don't you tell me about your hometown"

All these just for that, she could have gone straight to the point, but that was Tammy, she never wanted to make anyone think she was begging to get something.

"Why? it won't be of any use if I tell you"

"But you told my dad"

"Because he wanted to know who I was before bringing me here"

"And I told you about my hometown"

She was right, why would he refuse to tell her about his home when she just freely told me everything about hers today?

"Fine" Luis said bluntly.

"You better do," she said adjusting her position on the be, she now had her leg stretched towards Luis on the bed and Luis couldn't help but stare at her smooth legs.

"Are you going to stare at my leg like that while talking?"

Luis felt embarrassed.

"I wasn't staring at your leg" he murmured.

"Yes you were"


Luis started the narration about his town, starting from his life and his wicked aunt to the day-to-day activities of the villagers to how the politicians were able to manipulate and make the poor mass suffer through the king.

He even told her how he got here but skipped the part about the brown book and him trying to steal, he didn't know why but he also skipped the part about Tania, while speaking Tammy would adjust her position many times until she was now lying on her stomach facing Luis with both of her hands on her chin.

Luis couldn't help but think of her as a little kid who he was telling a bedtime story.

"Tammy" he turned his gaze to Tammy when he could no longer hear any response from her, she was fast asleep on his bed.

"Tammy get up and go to your" he tried to wake her, but it was of no use, she was already far gone in sleep, he cursed himself for not noticing this earlier, he would have told her to go to her room.

After trying to wake her up without any form of luck, he decided to shift her a little bit to the edge of the bed, then he slowly laid down at the other end, while on the bed Luis felt, what would be Greg and Sarah's reaction if they mistakenly walked into the room and found their daughter sleeping on the same bed as him, he would try to explain what happened but would they listen to him?

The door!

He needed to go lock the door, but before he could stand up from his bed he was already fast asleep.

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