Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 420: Poisoned
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Chapter 420: Poisoned

Before she handed over the patient, she was already certain that he was in a steady condition. All that needed to be done was to feed him the medicine punctually, so he could recover gradually. If all went well, he would be able to go home within one month’s time. So how did he end up almost dying after her absence for just one day in the court?

Gu Chaoyan did not believe that. She was sure that something must have gone wrong.

After running to the wing yard of the Medical Department, Gu Chaoyan was already panting. She pushed the door open.

She saw the pale-looking man in bed, whilst Xue Feihan was standing next to bed, looking helpless. Seeing Gu Chaoyan, he said with a saddened face, “Lady Chaoyan, this man didn’t make it, you...”

Gu Chaoyan ignored him, squatted by the patient and felt his pulse.

His pulse was very weak, he was losing the last trace of life. He seemed to be back to the status where she first started to treat him.

Then she took a look at the spot on his chest where the bruise used to stand. Only a light trace remained, which basically meant that his inner organs were recovering well. So what happened to him, really?

Gu Chaoyan made an even more careful examination on this man.

As she was flipping his eyelids, Gu Chaoyan noticed that his eyes were reddened.

Chronic toxicity?

Gu Chaoyan placed her eyes upon Xue Feihan.

Xue Feihan was taking care of this man when she was absent, could he...?

“How is it?” Xia Yinghan arrived too, asking as she was panting, failing to notice the strange air between Gu Chaoyan and Xue Feihan.

Gu Chaoyan shook her head. “Teachers, please leave me alone, I need to treat him.”

Xia Yinghan had intended to offer some help...

When Xue Feihan stopped her directly. Looking gentle, he said mildly, “Let’s leave her alone.”

In his opinion, this man could not be cured at all, and Gu Chaoyan asked them to leave jer alone because she could not accept the truth. She had sworn to make the bet with Huang Xuan, so this arrogant woman must find it difficult to face the truth. She needed to have a quiet surrounding for herself, and Yinghan would only add to the annoyance.

So he left with Xia Yinghan.

Xia Yinghan sighed slightly. She respected Gu Chaoyan, so she left.

She had checked up on the man in bed. He could have been saved before, but after times of on and off, he was losing hope of surviving.

They walked out of the room and waited outside quietly, saying nothing to each other.

Inside the room.

Gu Chaoyan prepared one bowl of magical water. And then she fed him the whole bowl directly.

His inner organs had been seriously stricken, so even if the drug did not work directly, he might not be able to make it. Magical water helped with detoxification, so if the magical water detoxified the poison inside his body, then he would still make it.

This man was her patient, someone she had tried to save, so she would be fully responsible for him, and she would not give up as long as there was hope.

The patient made a cough and spilled some ink-color blood after drinking the magical water.

When Xia Yinghan and Xue Feihan heard the voice, they hurried in. Xia Yinghan showed a look of joy, “He can be saved?”

Xue Feihan was totally astonished.

“Wait, was he poisoned?” Xia Yinghan said seriously, as she spotted the patch of ink-color blood.


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