Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1970 - 1970: Trash’s Counterattack 1
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Chapter 1970 - 1970: Trash’s Counterattack 1

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Let’s descend the mountain and check if there are any horses there. However, reaching the Bai Clan might take some time. Thankfully, a few of us have already advanced to become martial artists. Even if we hurry, it won’t be overly time-consuming,” Hong Fang suggested.

Gu Chaoyan gestured with her hand, indicating that it wasn’t necessary.

Since her cultivation had recently made progress, she could now take two people with her using Sword Kinesis Flight. As for the others, they could utilize the Flying Heavens Pill. Therefore, wasting time on travel seemed highly


She wouldn’t allow such a thing.

Observing Gu Chaoyan’s dismissive gesture, Hong Fang understood that his suggestion wasn’t favorable. He silently abided by Gu Chaoyan’s decision.

He realized that this was his mistake. Being the eldest among the group, he was accustomed to arranging matters for them. However, with the presence of their Master, he felt less needed. Yet, he still enjoyed organizing things.

Master was unlike other girls. Not only was her cultivation level remarkably high, but she was also incredibly intelligent. She consistently devised strategies and ideas that they couldn’t fathom.


There was undoubtedly nothing wrong with heeding Master’s guidance.

“Master, how do you propose we reach our destination?” Hong Fang inquired.

The four of them nodded in solemn agreement. They were well aware of the situation at hand.


Their main concern lay with Sword Kinesis Flight.

While Master found it effortless to employ Sword Kinesis Flight due to her advanced cultivation, they themselves did not possess such an ability.

“But…” Hong Fang hesitated.

Gu Chaoyan glanced at him, understanding his unspoken question. Placing a bottle in front of them, she spoke directly, “This is the Flying Heavens Pill. Consume it, try using Sword Kinesis Flight, and lead the way.”

Flying Heavens Pill.

The name alone hinted at its purpose as a medicinal pill.

Sword Kinesis Flight?

The four of them eagerly ingested the Flying Heavens Pill.

Soon after taking the pill, they felt a significant lightness in their bodies, as if their cultivation levels had suddenly surged.

Hong Fang was the first to test it out. He effortlessly employed Sword Kinesis Flight.

The others followed suit.

Once Gu Chaoyan observed that all four of them were capable of using Sword Kinesis Flight, she nodded approvingly. She no longer needed to rely on the Flying Heavens Pill but could utilize her own spiritual power.

She chose Sword One and Lingyun to accompany her.

Hong Fang and the rest contained their excitement and took the lead.

With the ability to employ Sword Kinesis Flight, the Bai Clan was now within close proximity. They estimated it would only take an hour to reach their destination. 𝙛𝓻𝓮𝓮𝙬𝓮𝒃𝓷𝓸𝒗𝓮𝓵.𝒄𝓸𝓶

As they neared the Bai Clan, Hong Fang identified a suitable location outside and halted their flight.

Once they descended, he explained, “The Bai Clan is a prominent cultivation clan, and our own cultivation levels have always been rather mediocre.

Therefore, we are unfamiliar with the true depths of the Bai Clan’s cultivators.

For now, let’s maintain a low profile and ensure that no one within the clan witnesses us employing Sword Kinesis Flight.”

“Otherwise, they might be more vigilant against us during the competition..”

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