Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1240 - Payment
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Chapter 1240: Payment

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Hearing the King calling her, Gu Ruxue looked less annoyed. Standing there, she did not dare to move. She was faced with the King, and she understood that even if he knew about her identity as the Phoenix Girl, she still had to fear the King. After all, she did not even have the chance to see the King before. Gu Ruxue stood very obediently at this moment.

Seeing Gu Ruxue standing there obediently, the King felt less annoyed. Despite his anger towards her, Gu Ruxue was still the Phoenix Girl, and he needed to depend on her to dominate the whole world. Therefore, he needed to be patient towards her.

“Please take a seat in the study, I will speak with you later.” The King sounded a little more gentle, though he still had a very serious tone.

Hearing that, Gu Ruxue glanced at Gu Chaoyan angrily.

So she was going to wait for Gu Chaoyan?

Gu Ruxue let out a sigh of relief, as she thought of her value. She nodded at the order from the King, whom she could not counter.

She left, feeling unconvinced.

After Gu Ruxue left, Gu Chaoyan was left standing there.

The King looked at Gu Chaoyan. He was very badly injured this time and felt quite anxious and worried before he met Gu Chaoyan, but seeing Gu Chaoyan here, he felt slightly more relaxed. After all, he trusted Gu Chaoyan’s medical skills.

After all, he had witnessed many successful cases.

The Gu Family kept saying that she was a stupid person, because she was born by a businesswoman, who always stuck to business rules, but after meets with her a few times…

He felt that Gu Chaoyan was a little smart, but that was all.

At Qianqing Palace where the Crown Prince Consort and she met each other in the past, the Crown Prince Consort had clearly lost. He believed that the Crown Prince Consort was taken good care of back at home, thus not being able to stand on her own, but when he met them both this time again, he found that after being the Crown Prince Consort for so long, she was still not as good as Gu Chaoyan.

The Crown Prince Consort could still do nothing against her, even if Qianqing Palace and everyone inside were taking her side.

She seemed to behave as if she could predict everything that was coming. That was something the Crown Prince Consort would never have done.

The King felt quite gratified.

Unfortunately, she was going to marry his Eighth Son, and they were destined to belong together.

She was useful now, so she was kept, but if she lost her use, he would think about how to deal with her. He seemed to have got the same feeling of not being able to counter her just as he reacted to the Jiang Family.

“I called you here to give me a check up,” the King said calmly.

Gu Chaoyan glanced at him and understood what the King was like.

Gu Chaoyan nodded. She did not go and check up on him, saying calmly, “I need payment for my work.”

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