MMORPG: Divine Mech Hunter

MMORPG: Divine Mech Hunter

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    Are you still fussing over obtaining mythical pets and exotic top-tier battle gear?

    Watch me as I bring along warheads, Spider tanks and Reaper4000 to swiftly wipe out multiple stages and slaughter the Boss!

    No matter how well you are in dodging bullets, or how acute your senses and reflexes are, you are still going to fall under the scope of my bullet storm. You will see me fight through the day and night while I hold onto my position being the best without breaking a sweat.

    While you were feeling overjoyed for just slaying a dragon, all I did was laugh and remain speechless.

    “Hey lad, ever heard of Gundam? Honestly, it is a mystical mech, and the dragon is nothing but a mere bug to this huge mystical mech.”

    This is the legend of the Divine Mech Hunter!

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