Missing You Deeply

Missing You Deeply

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    In the business world, legend has it that he’s cold-blooded and ruthless. Yet at home, he dotes on his beloved wife to the bones.

    ‘Why am I married to this demon?’ After accidentally provoking a certain demon, she becomes his possession. From then on, she is forced into a shameless, wanton life…

    “Mr. Pei, is there anything that you’re dissatisfied with Mrs. Pei about?” a reporter asks.

    Mr. Pei’s dark eyes narrows. ‘The only thing I’m not satisfied with…’

    Mr. Pei answers brazenly, “Lasting for only five minutes after charging for two hours.”

    Mrs. Pei’s cheeks instantly turn red and she curses inwardly, ‘This darn perv!’

    The reporter asks again, “What about you, Mrs. Pei?”

    Gritting her teeth, Mrs Pei replies, “Lasting for two hours after charging for only five minutes!”

    That night, Mr. Pei smiles wickedly after lasting four hours. “Are you satisfied now?”

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