Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

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    In her previous life, Su Jin was conspired by her family. Her baby was born through Caesarean birth, she had her eyes gouged out, and died tragically.

    When she was reborn, she suppressed the invincible Master Xiao.

    Her red lips lifted slightly as she said, “Handsome man, I see your yin tang has turned black.

    There will be a disaster in three days. If you want to resolve this calamity, marry me.

    I guarantee you will have safety, security, many children, and many blessings for the rest of your life.”

    Xi Chenxiao replied, “Get lost.”

    Three days later, he was rushed to the hospital. Su Jin said, “Handsome man, I reckon your heart may soon get pierced by an arrow.”

    Xi Chenxiao answered, “Get away from me!”

    Two days later, Xi Chenxiao was once again rushed to the hospital.

    Su Jin started, “Handsome man, I…” Xi Chenxiao interrupted her, “Stop! Let’s get married right now!”

    News of the overwhelmingly wealthy and powerful Xiaoye marrying the Su Family’s older daughter, a nobody, spread like wildfire.

    His brothers were puzzled but Master Xiao explained, “A wife to bless us with safety.”

    However, later…

    A fan asked, “Master Xiao, I heard that your wife is the world-famous voice actor.”

    Xi Chenxiao was confused. A reader asked, “Master Xiao, I heard that your wife is a greater writer.”

    Xi Chenxiao was confused. A little boy asked, “Master Xiao, I heard that your wife is a top hacker.”

    Xi Chenxiao was confused. “What are you guys talking about? My wife is a fortune teller!”

    [A little theatre] One day in a small, black house. Xi Chenxiao sat on a chair, his face a look of solemnity.

    “Tell me, then. How many more things are you hiding from me?”

    Su Jin shook her fingers and answered, “There aren’t many left, only that I’m a Qiuming Mountain racer, a certain boss in gaming, a certain talented right, and a special researcher of the International Research institute…”

    Xi Chenxiao was speechless. His wife was the real deal!


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