Lord of Pets

Chapter 13
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Chapter 13: B-Level Quarters

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Back at the reception office, the staff worked as fast as possible to get the S-class qualification for Bai Wushang.

“There is a small problem that needs to be communicated to you. Although the academy has established four resource levels for new students, because there are so few S-class students, only three classes of A, B, and C are amongst the dormitory allocations, and no additional dormitory has been created for S-class new students…”

“In principle, S-class freshmen are housed in A-class dormitories, except that the number of students enrolled this year far exceeds that in previous years, and the A-class dormitories have been allocated in the morning, without any remaining… Now, if I may help allocate you to a B-class dormitory, and then give you a little extra allowance as compensation, can you accept this?”

“Yes, no problem.” Bai Wushang nodded.

“Okay, student Bai, congratulations again on becoming an S-class freshman in our academy. This is your identity wristwatch, bound with all your basic information, and equivalent to your pass and key to enter and exit the academy. Please keep it safe.”

Bai Wushang reached out and took it. It was a very technologically textured black circular chip, two centimeters in diameter and no more than two millimeters thick, thin like a sheet of metal.

“Place it flat on your left wrist, and it will automatically attach itself to the skin, and won’t come off even with strenuous exercise.”

Bai Wushang did as he was told, and for a moment, his wrist felt like a weak current had flowed through it, tingling.

When he looked again, the black chip was already closely stuck to his skin, and there was no sign of it falling off even when he shook his arm hard.

Even when Bai Wushang was still, the black chip would automatically change to a color similar to that of his skin. Without careful inspection, it was utterly impossible to tell that there was anything else on his wrist.

“Is all technology so advanced now?” muttered Bai Wushang, flipping around and observing rather interestedly.

The staff smiled proudly. “It might not look big, but it covers communication, map, portable key, data transfer storage, gold mall, and hundreds of other functions. Everyone in the academy has one. Tap it lightly, and it can display the holographic projection screen…”

With the patient guidance of the staff, Bai Wushang spent 10 minutes to master the basic functions of the watch smoothly, and immediately felt that a new world had opened up, and couldn’t help but praise, “This is a great watch. All its features are practical, and it’s so easy to operate…”

“Yes, we are also grateful to the inventor of the wristwatch. She has made a huge difference in our work life!”

The staff member said a couple of more things with praise, and then squarely said, “Student Bai, the arrangement for the new students today is to awaken their soul power, and then confirm the relative resource level of each person. There is nothing more to do in the afternoon. You can go straight back to your dormitory now to recuperate. At six o’clock in the evening, the academy will send the next notification. Just check and confirm in time.”

Before bidding farewell, the staff member also sent Bai Wushang to the door, and reminded him, “Student Bai, the academy covers a vast area, and until you have a suitable pet for traveling to your place, it is recommended to take the academy’s guidance car, which is even completely free with your privilege of being an S-class freshman.”

“Understood, thank you.”

Saying goodbye to the staff, Bai Wushang was nearly blinded by the blinding sun as he walked out the door.

It was about two or three o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was burning at its brightest, and it was hot and stuffy outside, but there were still a lot of people and animals coming and going on the road, including young and beautiful men and women and pets of all sizes and shapes.

Is this how the long-awaited academy life begins?

As Bai Wushang looked at these beautiful things, the corners of his mouth rose in a curve, and his mood brightened up like the sun.

After emptying his mind and getting cozy in the sun for two or three minutes, Bai Wushang started his wristwatch to confirm his information.

[Name: Bai Wushang]

[Student No. 20210115]

[Qualification: S-class freshman]

[Dormitory Address: District 11 – B-Class – Building 477 – Room 101]


With slight unfamiliarity, he entered the address of the dormitory into his wristwatch, and the map showed a distance of 32 kilometers, which was indeed frighteningly far!

Scrolling to the lower submenu, Bai Wushang found the guidance vehicles section, and immediately dozens of different styles of guidance vehicles popped up for him to pick from.

The fastest single model was selected at random, and with a ding, the words “calling, please stay where you are” popped up on the screen.

Du… du!!

A few minutes later, a small fully enclosed black car that was no more than two meters long and shaped like a bullet head slowly stopped in front of Bai Wushang.

The small car was empty; it was the latest smart autopilot model, convenient and fast.

After aligning the watch with the sensors outside the guidance vehicle, and checking to confirm his identity, the door automatically lifted upwards. Bai Wushang wormed in, and followed the guidelines to fasten the protective straps.

Before the ride, Bai Wushang wondered how this fully automated piloted guided vehicle was secured; if it was going fast, wasn’t there a worry about colliding with other moving objects?

It didn’t take long before it dawned on Bai Wushang that the guidance car would drive slowly at an even speed on the ground, avoiding all obstacles until it drove to a special underground passage, where its speed would be maxed, racing wildly and making him exclaim with excitement.

It took about 10 minutes for the guidance car to return aboveground, driving slowly between rows of similarly styled low-rise buildings before finally pulling up in front of one of the buildings.

Bai Wushang saw the sign with the word 477 at a glance, and knew that he was at the place. He pushed the door to get out of the car calmly and collectedly while the electronic beep of the guidance car sounded.

Unlike the brick-lined vintage-style buildings he had originally envisioned, these dormitory buildings were cast in sheet metal and metal bricks, each looking more like a small fortress, safe and solid without losing its character.

Each building was about 30 meters high, yet only five floors were set up, with four rooms on each floor, meaning that 20 students could live in one building.

Bai Wushang passed through the building’s door and his dormitory room door with his wristwatch, finally stepping into his new home.

After a general tour around, he discovered it was a one-bedroom, one-bathroom structure with a total area of over 100 square meters, decorated in a simple and complete style, with all essential appliances.

It was worth noting that the vertical height of the apartment was over five meters, which should be a comprehensive design made in consideration of the large size of some participants’ pets.

“This is only a B-class dormitory, so what kind of luxuriousness does an A-class have to be?” Bai Wushang uttered, but overall he was satisfied when he saw that it was enough to live in, enough to use, and quiet and elegant.

Lowering his head and focusing his attention on Milky Way, Bai Wushang was surprised to find that the little one was asleep on his chest again, with her small mouth slightly open and a few drops of saliva dripping while having some kind of beautiful dream.

Does it mean that the little one, despite being a mutant species, still inherited the nocturnal, active habits of the moonrabbits, so she is easily sleepy during the day, and spends most of her time sleeping?

While guessing, Bai Wushang gently carried the little one to the soft bed, pinching her little ears in the process.

After turning around and leaving the bedroom, Bai Wushang didn’t hesitate to dive into the washroom.

After two days of tossing and turning, his body had long started to smell, and even if Milky Way didn’t mind it, Bai Wushang himself could barely stand it.

After showering and cuddling comfortably with Milky Way for a nap, he woke up really refreshed and cleared of two days of exhaustion.

Dong, dong, dong!

Just as Bai Wushang was planning to delve into the watch’s functions, urgent knocks on the door suddenly sounded.

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