Lord of Pets

Lord of Pets

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    This is a world of monsters. Demonic beasts, demons, angels, giants, elves, undead, fairies, witches, beastfolk, insectoids… countless races, endless divisions, infinite mysteries. Human masters can make contracts with familiars. Hence, taming, grooming, ascension, evolution, battles… is their daily life!

    In the Great Qian Dynasty, a youth named the Bai Wushang unexpectedly became an autonomous awakener, and his life-bound pet was the… Moonrabbit?


    【Currently publicly known evolution forms】

    ■Mud Giant➼Sand Giant➼Stone Giant➼Black Iron Giant…

    ■Lesser Fire Sparrow➼Fire Sparrow➼Searing Godbird➼Inferno Bird…

    ■Quad-Winged Radiant Angel➼(Fallen Evolution)Six-Winged Dark Angel…

    ■Demon Ape➼Three-Eyed Demon Ape➼Dark-Golden Demon Ape➼……➼Eight-Armed Vile Dragon Demon Ape…

    ■Greater Ghost Fire➕Night Mare➼ (Fusion Evolution) Spectral Knight… ”

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