Lord Chu's Wife is Wild

Chapter 240: Nanny Yao’s Misunderstanding
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Chapter 240: Nanny Yao’s Misunderstanding

It was snowing outside, but the room was as warm as the spring breeze.

Afraid that she would disturb Chu Sihan’s reading, Lu Sheng subconsciously lowered her grinding motion.

After five minutes, a low knocking sound was heard.

Chu Sihan looked up. Lu Sheng hurriedly stopped and smiled. “Lord, continue reading. I’ll open the door.”


Chu Sihan replied softly and returned his gaze to the bamboo scroll.

Lu Sheng opened the door and saw Nanny Yao standing outside with a takeout box.

“Nanny Yao, why are you here?”

Nanny Yao glanced into the room and asked with a strange smile, “Did I disturb Lord and Miss Lu?”

“No!” Lu Sheng shook her head and asked suspiciously, “Why would Nanny Yao ask that?”


Nanny Yao smiled and said, “You must be tired. These are pastries that I just made. Try it with the Lord and replenish your energy.”


Lu Sheng took the takeout box hesitantly. She felt that Nanny Yao’s words were weird today.

“Nanny, do you want to come in and sit for a while?”

“No need. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Nanny Yao smiled and waved her hand. She said, “Our magistrate court doesn’t have so many rules. If Miss Lu wants to move to the Lord’s courtyard, I can make the necessary arrangements.”


The more Lu Sheng listened, the more confused she became. She scratched her head and looked at Nanny Yao in confusion.

“Alright!” Nanny Yao said lovingly, “It’s cold outside. Miss, go back to the room. Don’t catch a cold. I’ll go back first.”

Then, she turned around and left.

Lu Sheng closed the door and walked back with the takeout box. However, she was still thinking about what Nanny Yao said just now.

Chu Sihan looked up at her from the bamboo scroll. After pursing his lips and smiling, he lowered his head to continue reading.

The young lady did not understand what Nanny Yao meant, but he understood immediately.

Constable Ji must have spoken nonsense and caused Nanny Yao to misunderstand.

Lu Sheng placed the takeout box on the coffee table and went back to grind ink.

“Lord, the ink is done.”


Chu Sihan answered softly and put down the bamboo scroll. He took out a piece of paper and seemed to have thought of something when he picked up the brush. He looked at her and said, “Go and sit and eat something.”


Lu Sheng walked back to the coffee table and took out the pastries that Nanny Yao sent over.

They were all her favorite dishes. There were three-colored cakes, cloud cakes, plum cakes, and hibiscus cakes.

“Lord, do you want to try them too?”

She tasted each cake and passed a piece of hibiscus cake to Chu Sihan.

Chu Sihan paused in his actions and looked up at her with a gentle red light in his eyes.

He had just dipped the brush in ink when he suddenly paused, causing the ink at the tip of the brush to silently drip onto the paper and dye it black.


Lu Sheng blinked and said innocently, “Lord, I didn’t do it on purpose!”

Chu Sihan did not speak. Instead, he opened his mouth and took a bite of the hibiscus cake she handed over, chewing silently.

Lu Sheng raised her eyebrows and asked with a smile, “How is it? It tastes good, right?”

Chu Sihan nodded slightly. “The taste is alright.”

He placed the brush in his hand on the inkstand, folded the ink-stained paper, and threw it into a charcoal brazier.

Lu Sheng pursed her lips and looked at the remaining half of the hibiscus cake on her chopsticks. After hesitating for a moment, she stuffed it into her mouth.

When Chu Sihan looked up, he happened to see her stuffing half of the hibiscus cake into her mouth.

His pupils constricted and he stared at her pink lips, which were moving slightly from chewing.

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