King Of Limbo

Chapter 265 263: The Price Of Arrogance Part 1
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While Osar left to confront Aron, another group from Pesia was making its way into the Drakarian mountain range.

A group consisting of Lady Victoria Vonstein, Brutas, Ezmarelda and Sebastian.

Every member of the group looked significantly different from when they first arrived in Limbo.

Their once lavish and shiny clothing now looked somewhat ragged and dull with traces of blood splatter in certain parts, indicating that their time thus far in Limbo was anything but easy.

"This is definitely where those creatures live, if any of our people are still alive, then they should be here."

Lady Victoria who stood in the lead gazed up at the many large mountains as she made that remark.

She and the others had lost many humans to the wilds of Limbo. However, their biggest loss came from the Drakar, who left many dead and captured many more.

Since then, the group could only follow the path of flight the Drakar had taken, safely observing from a distance until they finally arrived here.

"The mountain range is vast, how are we supposed to find our people without alerting those things?"

A worried Sebastian voiced his thoughts on the manner while looking incredibly uncomfortable standing in the rain.

"Stop being a coward, combat may be unavoidable. Let's just be thankful that the rain is ideal for moving undetected." Ezmarelda frowned towards Sebastian, never liking his character of being passive when combat was involved.

"She's right. Besides, I don't think we need to scour the entire mountain range. The beasts carrying humans flew towards the center of the mountain range, that narrows down the area we need to look in. Now let's go, while the elements still work in our favor."

Victoria pointed towards the center in the far distance before the group started off in that direction.

Thanks to many Drakar being in their dens or out of the mountain range entirely, the group traveled without any disturbances. They could move at large speeds using their movement techniques, something even Sebastian could do.

The rain covered both their scent and sounds so unless they were actively being searched for, it would be near impossible for a Drakar soaring up in the skies to spot them in the narrow passages within the range.

Close to a full Pesian day passed before they finally reached close to the mountain range's central area.

There they found the setup to be slightly different in comparison to the rest of the range.

The central area wasn't made up of just a single mountain like it seemed from the distance but instead several of varying shapes and sizes from all sides.

The real center of the mountain range was actually just a huge open depression that spanned several kilometers with mountains around it, almost like a roofless dome.

It wasn't completely cut off either as many of the surrounding mountains had paths one could use to reach the center, even at ground level as a result of erosion over time.

"What an odd state the land is in." Being a lover of knowledge, Sebastian was quick to marvel at the uniqueness of the area once they made it to the center.

If Aron were present, he would have immediately noticed that the depression wasn't just a unique piece of land, but also a dwelling.

This fact was soon realized by Lady Victoria when she looked up at some of the mountains in the distance and could see cave like depressions in them.

Before she could comment on it though, the rains began to reduce and something even more odd attracted the attention of everyone present.

"Do you all hear that?" Ezmarelda voiced with furrowed brows like looking at the distant mountains.

The others immediately showed identical expressions of concern and did the same as her.

As the rain reduced, faint screams and cries could be heard, seemingly coming from all the mountains surrounding the stony wet depression they were in.

"Those are the cries of people; we have to act now before they-!!"

Brutas showed both worry and anger as he tried to urge the others to act. However, in that very moment, the figure of a human could be seen flying out of what looked to be a cave.

The airborne human's cries didn't cease and only grew louder as he began falling to the ground.

"Help me please!! Hel-!"

His cries would be cut short as he made contact with hard ground, becoming a meaty paste in an instant and leaving Victoria and the others speechless.

Victoria was the quickest to recover and she immediately turned her attention to the cave the man had come from.

There she saw another figure, much larger than that of the common man.

As the figure grew clearer, the outline of a Drakar could be seen but something was odd.

"What is that thing?" She muttered with some disgust.

The others turned their attention there as well and saw what looked like a hybrid between human and Drakar.

Just as they were looking at this odd creature, it also looked in their direction.

Just like the common Drakar, it stood at a height of around 2 to 2.5 meters in height. Its beefy and very muscular covered in very hard looking dark red scales.

Aside from the lack of wings, the face was the biggest oddity because unlike a normal Drakar, it was smooth and without scales there, making it resemble a man.

However, that was where the resemblance ended. Just above its head were two very large horns with a scaly outline around the face, pointy long smooth ears and long white hair that resembled a feline's mane.

"Hm? Which of you let their tulsa escape!!"

It roared out in a language foreign to Victoria and the others. The act of it speaking was seen as a sort of hostile move by them, causing the group to take battle stances and brandish their weapons.

"Rorguvv! What nonsense do you speak?"

Another figure soon appeared from a cave on another mountain, not far from the one they were staring at.

The figure this time was again a male hybrid, but different from the first one in that it looked even more human.

Unlike the first that had only human features on the face, the newly appeared one had them on both the face and the chest which both had rough looking skin instead of scales.

Its wings, lower body, forearms and crown all resembled that of a Drakar still.

"Are these tulsa yours Mikaa?"

The one addressed as Rorguvv looked in the direction of the Drakar he called Mikaa, causing Victoria and the others to do the same.

"No, not mine. Lorserv, Amarr, do you have any tulsa missing?"

Mikaa looked towards two different mountains and asked, but this time no new figures emerged, only loud voices.

"No! Do not disturb my rest, mating season draws near and I must be ready to breed!" A slithery female voice loudly declared, followed by a loud male voice from a different mountain.

"Nor are they mine, they must've wandered here. If you have enough then leave them be, we may need to catch others later on." The voice urged before going silent.

This entire exchange was just seen as senseless mumblings to Victoria and the others who couldn't understand a word.

Meanwhile the one called Rorguvv grinned when the others denied ownership of the tulsa before him.

"Since they belong to no one, I shall claim ownership of these two females, I care not what happens to the males."

Rorguvv's smile was brought to a halt when Mikaa took to the skies and began flying towards Victoria and co.

"They must be special to have come this far, I also want them Rorguvv." He declared with a toothy grin as well.

Meanwhile concern was at an all time high for the group.

"Two shouldn't be difficult to handle, however…these two might be stronger than what we have faced so far." Lady Victoria revealed in a grim tone.

"Are you sure grandmother? Aside from their freakish features they should be no different from the kind we faced so far." Brutas readied his sword with confidence.

Despite having fought many battles since coming to Limbo, he still felt himself strong since he had yet to suffer a loss.

In his mind, those captured were simply weak and the only reason they couldn't stop that from happening was because they were overwhelmed by numbers.

Here though, only two were before them so it would obviously be an easy fight… or so he thought.

Boom! ~

"Tsk, then I guess we just have to share."

Rorguvv who lacked wings, jumped from where he stood and landed just a few meters away from the group, covering several kilometers in just a single jump.


This sudden feat caused Victoria to subconsciously step back, her own instincts could feel great danger from this odd-looking Drakar.

"Listen to me very carefully children, these creatures aren't something I can defeat alone, at best I can handle only one… but its safe to assume many more of them are present here."

Victoria's heavy revelation made the already tense even more grim. However, Brutas still saw some hope.

"If Ezmarelda and I attack as a duo then we ca-…"

"No!! Unless you want to die, run. Gather as many capable individuals as you can, if possible, find Aron, Rose and Belle as well. That should be more than enough to end these things."

Victoria's words were also seen as nonsensical ramblings to Rorguvv who was used to seeing tulsa chatter and try to show resistance.


"Lively as always, these will give me fine children when the time comes!"

Rorguvv didn't even take the group seriously, passing casual banter to Mikaa who was approaching slowly. However, in the next moment…

Bam! ~

Victoria had gripped her greatsword tightly before launching a strike towards the large Drakar.

Rorguvv didn't even try to guard against it, allowing it to strike his chest, an action he would come to regret.

Woosh! ~

A violent shockwave was created the moment her women made impact, sending its victim flying back several meters.

Surprise painted the faces of both Drakar as a large open wound could be seen on Rorguvv's chest, causing him to show great anger in the next moment.

Victoria wasn't going to waste this opportunity so she quickly pushed the others back.

"Go now! I'll stall them then follow!"

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