Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 9 - Dog’s Names
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Chapter 9 – Dog’s Names

I decided to give the dogs a name.

It’s not good to call them male dog and mother dog forever.

In fact, I already name the four puppies.

Because they are black puppies, I named them Kuroichi, Kuroni, Kurosan, and Kuroyon.

Kuroichi is curious and active.

Kuroni is cautious and is always near Kuroichi.

Kurosan is the strongest of the four. She’s the only female among the four of them.

Kuroyon has his own pace. He does things differently from the other three.

While I was calling the four with such a feeling, I incidentally thought of the names of the parent dogs.

I thought Kuropapa and Kuromama are acceptable…

But when I called them that, they had a very sad face so I decided to think firmly.




Schwarz (TN: German)

Noir (TN: French name, can be read as No-wa)





I was a little embarrassed by my lack of naming sense but I decided to write the name on the ground for the moment and let him choose.

I intended to write japanese but it was converted into a strange character.

However, I can read it without problem.

Is it the influence of the beginner pack that God said?

Until now, I have not talked to anyone and I did not realize that because I haven’t write any letters.

Anyway, I let him decide the name.

Once Kuropapa decided his name, I’ll think of a matching girl name for Kuromama.

At this time, I reconfirmed the high intelligence of the dogs.

Are they able to read the characters I wrote? Kuropapa chose “Schwarz” but Kuromama protested and pressed his head over Kuro.

Did you lose the protest? Kuropapa touched the character “Kuro” unwillingly with his paw.

「Are you okay with that? 」

He heard it.

But he did not answer. Kuropapa’s eyes seemed to tell me “ I can’t disobey my bride.”.

….I’ll let you eat something luxurious tonight.

It has been decided that Kuropapa’s name is now Kuro.

Then, how about Kuromama?






After thinking for a while, Kuromama seems to have decided on Yuki.

He seems to wonder why I tried naming her Shiro. It’s because she’s Kuro’s bride although that would be like me disregarding her fur color.

TN: Kuro = black, Shiro = white, Yuki = Snow

Kuro seems to be thinking that his naming sense if probably better than mine. I feel like he’s looking at me wanting to say that but I want to think that it’s just my imagination.

In any case, Kuromama’s name has been decided to Yuki.

Kuro, Yuki, Kuroichi, Kuroni, Kurosan, and Kuroyon.


The name Yuki seems out of place but let’s not mind it.

Kuro and the others are basically free.

They go to the woods and look around the fields.

However, one of them stays near me for some reason.

Are they doing some guard duty system?

Anyway, my loneliness from working alone has decreased a little.

When I had some free time, I made a flying disc with wood.

If you have dogs, you should have this.

I tried throwing it to play with the puppies but it appealed to them more than expected.

Not only the puppies, Kuro and Yuki also compete.

They are quite serious.

The puppies don’t give up either.

I’d like it to be more harmonious.

I had no choice but to make one for each of them and throw them in turn.

The fight between dogs ceased but I want you to stop bringing me your flying disc when I’m free.

The dogs’ physical abilities are so great that I have to give my best throw to satisfy them… My arms hurt.

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