Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 5 - Food Security
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Chapter 5 – Food Security

After completing the toilet, I went back to bed and slept.

I don’t think that it is a good idea to sleep in daytime but I’m really sleepy.

I think I fell asleep for about 3 hours, but the sun has not set yet.

Present condition assessment.

Bed, water, fire, toilet, and food is fine for today.

However, if you think about tomorrow, food is a problem.

Right now, I only have the rabbit-like creature meat that I luckily obtained.

If I continuously use the all-purpose farming tool, I won’t get hungry. That will extend my food supply for about…5 days?

I would like to search for new food till then.

However….I should think about the night before that.

It is natural for someone to sleep at night.

But the forest is scary.

The rabbit with massive fangs is hostile.

If the rabbit is already like that, what more if it’s a bear? Isn’t this dangerous?

I have fire but… I never heard about wild animals being afraid of fire.

Regardless of what will come, I need to prepare…


For the time being, I need a door to block the entrance of the shelter that I made from a trunk of a tree.

I cut a tree with an appropriate size with the all-purpose farming tool and create something like a door with a knob.

This is somewhat heavy…Won’t I have trouble using this?

When I closed the door, the inside was pitch-black. It was troubling in various ways.

…If I use fire here, I will die of oxygen deficiency.

Let’s challenge this in the future.

Next, the fence.

I’ll build a fence that surrounds my shelter, the well, and the toilet.

I cut down straight trees and removed their branches with the help of the all-purpose farming tool.

Even if I say fence, since there are no nails, it’s just some sort of enclosure. I surrounded the place with logs.

I won’t be able to move these trees if there is no all-purpose farming tool. Even if the height is only about 1 meter, it will at least be a hindrance for the beasts.

Because I insisted surrounding my domain with a fence, I had a good feeling when I was able to enclose a wide area.

I think it is around 100 by 100 meters.

Did I overdo it?

Anyway, because the log fence was completed, I decided to sleep because it was already dark.

I closed the door.

It’s pitch black.

It is impossible to do any work so I guess it’s good?




Air holes!

Dangerous, dangerous!

Because it’s dark, I panicked a little when I can’t find where the door is.

I managed to open the door, put some air holes in the door, and then go to bed.


Next morning.

I dig at the outer side of the log fence with the hoe.

I am uneasy about the log fence alone and because of that, I woke up in the middle of the night several times.

I want to dig hard with the hoe for a sound sleep.

The width is about 1 meter and 50 centimeters and the depth is two meters.(Eye measurement)

When I was making the log fence, I was able to not put log in a place that will be an entrance but I already surrounded the place with a moat.

So, I made a bridge with a board.

This board is too heavy to move but because I have the all-purpose farming tool, I have no problem with the current condition since there is only me.


Completing it made me feel good.

Now, this place is safe.

…… It might be safe.


I want to think that it’s safe.

Well…..The shelter security is secured so next is food….

Digging has taken quite a bit of time and the sun has inclined.

Is it better not to overdo things?

This would be the last today.

I thought so because this is not the time to joke around.

If I don’t use the all-purpose farming tool, my physical strength will decrease.

Therefore, I decide to plow the place to make it a field using the hoe form of the all-purpose farming tool until sunset.

Anyway, what I wanted to do is farming.

I set up the hoe and started plowing.

Was there a standard size for a field?

Well, I can’t take measurements even if there is.

So I decided to make ridges in a place that is about 50 meters square.

All job was done using the hoe.

It’s quite fun.

The field was completed quickly.

In order not to accidentally trample it, I raised the perimeter of the field slightly.

It feels good.


Then, I noticed.

I just have noticed.

…..There are neither seeds nor seedlings.

There’s no point in making a field!

I made a field all through the night.

I stayed up all night.

The moonlight is bright so I was not worried about darkness.

I shook the hoe and built up a field.

Here are carrots, here are potatoes.

Cabbage is over there and I wonder what should be over there?

It was a complete escapism.

With the use of the all-purpose farming tool, I don’t get thirsty, I don’t feel hungry, and I don’t feel sleepy.

If you keep using it, you can move infinitely.

I noticed that it was morning and looked at the log fence and the moat that surrounds my shelter.


I wonder if there are vegetables that can be raised in the forest.

I had no choice but to start plowing the forest.

It is convenient to move while using all-purpose farming tools. By doing so, I might be able to encounter vegetables that can be raised.

Anyway, both grass and trees that are hit by the hoe form of the all-purpose farming tool become fertilizer.

I am not skillful enough to swing and observe the surrounding at the same time.

Thus, I was able to hunt rabbit with fangs.


I have done it again.

It’s a rabbit.

What is this?

Is it a habit for the rabbits around here to jump up in front of me?

Moreover, while showing hostility.

Like the last time, the head becomes fertilizer and the body part remains because the hoe hits its neck like last time.

…..I decide to receive it gratefully.

Although I had plowed into the forest until night fall, I did not encounter any vegetation that can be planted but I obtained three rabbit bodies.

I have encountered four rabbits….I said four but, one only has its head remained as its body became fertilizer.

With this, I confirmed again and again that the part in front of the hoe will become fertilizer when hit.

I put my hands together and prayed for the head.

The bodies of the rabbits was a lot of trouble to carry because they have the same size like a medium size dog so like what I did with the tree, I carried them with the hook form of the all-purpose farming tool.

One of the various ways of using the all-purpose farming tool.

While expressing my gratitude in various ways, I ate a rabbit and decided to sleep well today.

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