Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 40 - Additional Elves
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Chapter 40 – Additional Elves

This year’s number of kuros’ birth halves.

There were some of them who did not get pregnant.

I was surprised because I was sure that everything will be like the previous years.

Can they control their pregnancy?

Yuki did not bear this year too.

Even then, I still need to increase their tenement type sheds along with the expansion of the dog area.

The dog area is on the east of my residence and is currently at the size of four by four fields.

Because the kuros population is now quite big, it feels crowded since a while ago.

However, they don’t really mind because the dog area is just a place to sleep for them.

I expanded the dog area on the east side. The expanded area is the same size as the original area.

With this, the dog area is now four by eight fields in size.

It will be okay for a while.

When the kuros’ birthing period was over, at the time when the new pups began to grow horns.

Rif and Raasa, who went out together with some of the kuros to invite other high elves who are wandering in the forest, came back.

The number they brought back were more than what I expected.

Eight groups, a total of 42 high elves.

Everyone of them seems to be of the same age as Ria’s group.

Is high elf a female only race?

「When the village was attacked, the males fought while the females evacuated.」

I see.

Still, there should be boys at least….

「Among those who evacuated, the elderly and children migrated to other tribes.」

「Hnn? If you have some place to go, why didn’t you go there?」

「Going to other tribes other than the tribe of your origin means you’ll be a servant. When that happens….there is no guarantee that females of our age will be treated nicely.」

Ah….so that’s the reason why the wandering high elves are only young she-elves.

TN: I’m already having trouble translating male and female elves. I can’t call them man and woman because they are not human. She-elves are female elves but what do you call male elves? He-elf?

Rather than being servant to other tribes, they chose the vagrant life in the forest.

「Thank you for permitting us to settle here.」

「No no, I just did what I had to do. Don’t be so modest. Also, although we already prepared additional houses….they are still insufficient. Help me build them.」

I only expected about 10, 15 at most. Now the number of house is completely not enough.

We constructed houses in a hurry.


I wonder if those 42 will visit my bedroom after settling down.


「Ria, if you know any high elf male, please bring them here.」

「Ah….village chief. If you’re talking about those high elf boys who emigrated to other tribes, it will be difficult…」

「Hnn? What do you mean?」

「The villages they emigrated to were also destroyed by humans.」

「Is that so? ….I apologize for inquiring such a thing.」

「No. We met some members of those tribes and we heard that they also protected our tribe’s males. Males are valuable for them too. If we ask them to return them to us, there will be a dispute and a fight will break.」


Because the atmosphere became heavy, I changed the topic.

「Since your number has increased, please choose a representative for high elves.」

「That will be my job.」

「If it is Ria then I am relieved….by the way, did the newcomers consented?」

「Don’t worry. The ranking has already ended.」


Let’s not ask in detail.

「I-is that so? Anyway, please teach the newcomer to make them familiar to this place.」



TN: Manga chapter 19 page 6

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