Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 39 - Expressing Gratitude to God and Reservoir Improvement
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Chapter 39 – Expressing Gratitude to God and Reservoir Improvement

As usual, when the spring came, Zabuton’s spiderlings will depart so I see them off. The kuros horn shedding also started.

After that, they will look for partners.



I finally got used to it.

I’ll try improving the reservoir.

The water from the waterfall presently goes straight to the reservoir.

Because of that, when garbage enters the waterway, it will go straight to the reservoir.

Though I can simply pick up garbage, it will be troublesome if a living creature enters it.

In order to prevent that from happening, I made another reservoir before the main reservoir as a cushion against infiltration.

The main reservoir is an inverted pyramid with a depth of 5 meters in the center while the cushioning reservoir is only 50cm deep.

With this, even if garbage or living things comes in, the possibility of them being blocked before the main reservoir increases.

Of course, there should be a divider between the cushioning reservoir and the main reservoir.

A wire net would be perfect but I don’t have that kind of things so I made a filter made of bamboo.

Garbage will surely be filtered by it.

I should also similarly improve the waterway for drainage.

I made a drainage pool at the drainage of the bath and put slimes there to purify water.

I also connected it to the drainage from the main reservoir.

This is a measure to make sure that only clean water will fall into the river.

I also installed bamboo filters into the newly built drainage pool similar to the cushioning reservoir.

This is not to prevent the reverse entry of garbage but to keep the slimes in the drainage pool.

That said, the slimes had increased their numbers before I noticed it.

Now I often see slimes moving freely around.

Although I panicked the first time I saw them moving freely around, I let them be because they are harmless and are only moving towards places necessary for them to live in.

I occasionally see a slime of different color but I don’t think there’s a problem with that.

When I was doing all of those things, the kuros’ partner searching time has come.

But most of them did not go on a journey this year.

It seems that couples have formed to those who are presently here.

It’s probably a good thing.

Maa, let’s assume it’s good.

As a substitute for that event, I dispatched to invite the wandering high elves in the forest, like Ria and the others, to migrate here.

Along with 10 kuros, I had Rif and Raasa go.

No matter what happens, they must return by winter.

At the same time, we’ll make new log houses for new residents in advance.

Things will gonna get busy.

The harvest time of the grapes for wine came in a blink of an eye.

Now that we harvested them, it’s time to challenge wine making.

I remember that the people from the past use to step on them to mash them but I am personally against stepping on food.

So I mashed them by using a mortar and pestle.

After mashing, I kept them in a barrel and stored them.

It’s done.

It was easy but since it’s too easy, I’m somewhat uneasy if I would be able to make wine with that.

Though it is easy, because of the amount, it can be called a difficult job.

I was able to make 16 large barrels. Those barrels are large enough to store a person in it.

If I make them in the same method, I’ll be frustrated if I fail. Because of that, I tried changing the mashing method for each barrel.

That way, at least one will probably be okay.


What will I do now to the vineyard?

If it’s the usual, I’ll plow it again and plant the same thing….

Should I continue planting grapes even though I am uncertain if I’ll be able to make wine?

If you think about the preservation time, wheat, soybean, rice, or corn might be better.

Because I was troubled, I decided to consult everyone.

They are unified to let it stay as vineyard for wine.


「I’m looking forward to the wine.」

「I want to drink it quickly.」

「Please call me for wine tasting.」

「Wine, that’s very nice.」


「I can drink a considerable amount of wine.」

「Please leave the barrel making to me. 」

Everyone seems to really want wine.

Though I don’t know what will become of it, I decided to keep it being a vineyard.

The vineyard is not the only field.

We still need to harvest wheat, soybean, rice, corn, and other grains. We also have to harvest root crops like carrots, potatoes, radish, garlic, and onions.

The distribution of harvesting work is based on whether the spiderlings can harvest them or not.

The spiderlings can harvest crops that need to be picked or cut but it is impossible for them to harvest things that need force.

Because of that, I had the spiderlings harvest tomato, cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, eggplants, and fruits.

Those that need to be picked by human hands like spinach, sugarcane, and tea were harvested by us. We also harvested rapeseed and process them secure oil.

I am truly grateful for the increase of helping hands.

Though the food consumption increased, with the AFT, crops grow faster and we don’t have to worry about starvation.

My gratitude.

That said, I experimented with crops in a variety of ways.

I wonder if the crops I planted will grow elsewhere.

I tested it with onion.

The result: they grow in the place I plowed but rotted in other places.

I tried cultivating the onion in water but it also did not go well.

It rotted as soon as the bud comes out.

Is that method bad or is the water bad…? Anyway, it is great to know that even without the AFT, crops can grow in the places I plowed.

However, the growth rate is slow.

Though I say slow, its growth rate is the normal growth rate of that crop.

In other words ……

It’s all thanks to the AFT that crops growth rate is fast.

I express my gratitude to god again.

By the way, the fruit trees I planted with the AFT grows fast but after producing their first fruit, their growth rate slows down to normal.


***TN: Manga chapter 19 page 3***

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