Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 37 - Spring When the Wyvern Attacked
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Chapter 37 – Spring When the Wyvern Attacked

Spring has come.

During the winter, the only thing I can remember is me cooking.

Well, it’s true.

As a matter of fact, I think that my cooking skill has improved a lot.

Now I’m thinking.

No matter what dish I cook, Loo’s reaction is the same. She’s saying it’s delicious….

I want her to tell me if it tastes bad if it’s not delicious.

「I said it was delicious because it was really delicious.」

「Please have confidence. They are really tasty.」

Suddenly, there’s an emergency.

I never heard Zabuton’s alarm this loud. Something serious might have occurred.

When I tried to run toward Zabuton ‘s direction, Loo stopped.


Loo pointed out a large flying creature in the sky.

There, is a creature that looks like a fat lizard with bat wings.

It is hard to estimate the size since its too far but I think it’s about 20 meters.


「No, it’s a wyvern! Loo-san, barrier!」

Tier corrected me then used magic.

Loo did the same.

The next moment, the wyvern suddenly stop approaching and spewed a big fireball toward here.

The big fireball was really big.

It is probably about 10 meters in diameter.

Immediately after it spat, the surrounding temperature increases significantly.

The target is the big tree where Zabuton lives.

As soon as I saw that, I shouted for Zabuton. The big fireball crashed into something then scattered.

The scattered fireball fell into the houses and fields.

「Extinguish the fire!」

The elves rushed and ran around carrying water.


While Tier and Loo look impatient, I stare at the wyvern.

It seems to be difficult to finish it off without taking damage.

They had such expressions.

I’m glad that they thought of this place as something important.

At the same time, rage was born inside of me.


Why did it attack this place?

Is it a whim?

Or is it an order from someone?


In my hand, the AFT transformed into a spear.

I threw it at the wyvern with all my might.

If it’s just my usual strength, it won’t reach such a distance.

However, the spear form of AFT that I threw off flew away in a straight line and torn one of the wyvern’s wings.

The wyvern falls down while being puzzled on my attack.

I failed to kill it.

The spear form AFT that I threw earlier appeared on my hand again.

I threw the spear form AFT once again to the falling wyvern.

It pierced straight to its body this time.

A loud scream resounded.


But it is already over.

Before I notice it, I already instructed the kuros who are waiting behind me.

「Exterminate it.」

Hearing my order, all the kuros ran at once.

Running to the place where the wyvern fell.

While watching the kuros runoff, I tried to cool down.

Present condition assessment….

「How is the fire?」

「It’s all right now. It has been extinguished.」

「The damage?」

「The houses are all right. Part of the tomato field is now useless. Also, Zabuton-san’s threads…..」

The thread that Zabuton and her spiderlings built over the field was burnt.

「Is that so? ….Loo, Tier. We’re safe because you protected us from the first strike.」


「I did my best.」

….They strangely look stiff. I’m probably making a scary face right now.

This won’t do.

Remembering the irrational attack, my anger swells up again.

「That…is it the work of the demon king?」

「Eh? Demon king? I don’t think he’s involved.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, I think that it is a wild wyvern. If it is under someone’s control, I don’t think that it will attack alone.」

「I see. A wild one….is wyvern common?」

「In some areas, yes but in my opinion they are rare.」

「I agree. In addition, you can encounter a fire-spewing wyvern as much as you can encounter dragons.」

「I see. Then, can we consider this encounter as a rare event?」

「Yes, I think so.」

So it’s just a mere misfortune.


Calm down.

I’ll just think that it’s a natural disaster.

「Ah, the kuros are back. They are calling for you.」

When we went to the place where the wyvern fell, I was surprised again seeing its gigantic figure.

Is it bigger than the sperm whale I saw on TV?

It seems like it was already dead when it fell so there is no need for the kuros to finish it off.

That said, what are you doing sitting proudly on the wyvern’s body.

Ah, you’re guarding it.

You prevented other monsters from approaching.

Good good.

But this is really big.

I wonder if we can eat this.

「I heard that wyvern’s meat is delicious.」


So we decided to eat it.

We had a hard time dismantling it but the tasting how delicious it is makes it worth it.

It tasted better with the help of the seasoning I experimented with during winter.

We ended up having a banquet.

I didn’t know about it but shooting down the wyvern seems to have had various aftereffect on various places.

In a familiar place: Loo and Tier.

「Tier, husband’s attack on the wyvern…can you defend against it?」

「Impossible. How about Loo-san?」

「Of course I can’t.」

「I thought so too. It pierced through the triple barrier of the wyvern and instead of just stabbing, it cleanly pierced through it.」

「…..Maybe we are lucky that we were attacked by the kuros when we first got here.」

「Probably. If it was husband who attacks….」

「Just thinking about it frightens me.」

「We must be thankful for that good luck.」

「and for the kuros too.」

「Though it is frustrating.」

Demon king’s castle.

「The wyvern of the iron forest fell? Don’t joke around.」

「It is true. A scout saw it. After the wyvern of iron forest spat a fire ball, it was hit by some sort of attack and fell.」

「… Are you serious?」

「Ah, I already reported it on the upper echelon and it became a big fuss.」

「Of course it will. If it comes near this place, we need to mobilize forces comparable to waging war. And a guy that shot it down is somewhere there….」

「Crap…If I’m going to resign, this is the right time.」

「Don’t panic. We still have yet to determine if that person is an enemy or not.」


「There is a possibility that it was someone from the four heavenly kings. Let’s wait and see.」


The dragon living on the mountain in the south.

「….perhaps my eyes are deceiving me.」

「Don’t worry. They are still working normally.」


「Yes, I saw it too.」

「Is that so?」


「What do you think will happen if that attack was pointed to me?」

「It will probably penetrate you cleanly.」

「Really?….Then, what should I do?」

「That should be decided by you, master.」

「Don’t say that. Propose something. I ask of you.」

「If I may….Before that attack is turned unto us, isn’t it best to tie that person with friendship? I think being hostile against him is a foolish idea.」


Though there was variously aftereffect, meeting those influences is still in the future.

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