Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 33 - Completion of the Waterway and New Residents
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Chapter 33 – Completion of the Waterway and New Residents

On a certain day, the number of residents increased.

It is because of the recommendation of Zabuton’s spiderlings.

A big bee is being tied up with Zabuton’s spiderling’s web.

The big bee is about 30 cm in length.

Perhaps if I met it while it is not tied up, it might have escaped or attacked.

Seeing Zabuton’s spiderling’s gesture, it seems like it wants me to keep this bee.

Looking at the tied up bee’s head, neck, and furry limbs, it has an air of majesty.

Bees might be helpful in raising crops.

「But, won’t it attack? 」

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I need to verify it.

If it causes trouble, it should be exterminated.

However, the spiderling that catches the bee gestured that it’s going to be okay.

Since it caught it, it probably really is safe.

「….okay. Where should we keep it? 」

After hearing the bee’s request, I made a shed at one corner of the north fruit area where it can build its hive.

Though I called it a shed, it is similar to the toilet. It is just something that prevents rain and wind.

Zabuton’s spiderling brought strawberries for it to eat.

It seems to be breeding well….Wait, where did you get those strawberries?

Maa, I’ll overlook it since it is sharing food.

After that, I saw some spiderlings taking care of it in turns.

10 days later, a big round hive was made.

Looking at it, I feel like it is an enlarge vespine hive.

It is so big and since it is on the floor, it looks like an anthill.

Worker bees keep coming out of that hive.

The size of the worker bees is unexpectedly in the size of the bees that I know.

After thinking that the queen bee is the only big one, I saw bees larger than worker bees, about 15 cm in length, protecting the hive.

Are those soldier bees?

I hope they won’t fight against the spiderlings….

In any case, I left the beehive to Zabuton’s spiderlings’ care.

If something happened, they’ll probably look for me.

By the way, Loo and Tier were pleased when the saw the beehive, they are now expecting honey. On the other hand, the elves cramped their faces.

Are they bad with bees?

The waterway was completed.

At last.

Because it is made up of piled up hardened soil, the waterway is not too wide.

However, it can still steadily pour water.

There is no water leaking all the way to the reservoir.

Seeing it that way, tears flow out my eyes.


It is thanks to everyone’s cooperation.

Let’s have a feast today.

Now that the waterway was completed, there is a lot of things we can do with the water from the reservoir.

The first one is the bath that I’ve been hoping for all this time.

I’ll have the elves cooperate with me in building a bathhouse.

Let’s build a heating area, the place to wash, the bathtub, and the changing room.

The heating area is the place for warming water.

Currently, I can’t build that place yet.

Let’s just make hot water somewhere and pour it into the bathtub.

That said, we made a special stone kiln outside the hut.

Hot water from the waterway is boiled in the stone kiln which is sent to the bathroom.

I also made another waterway from the reservoir to the bath in order to draw water easier.

The bathtub was made in the bathroom.

It is 3 meters in length, width is 1.5 meters, and a height of 1 meter.

It is considerably big.

At the bottom is a water stopper which is connected to a drain.

The drained water does not cycle back to the reservoir. The drainage path is connected all the way to the spillway of the reservoir to the river, the one that I made several years ago.

Because of Tia’s proposal, I put a slime to the drain. Its purpose is to clean the water before it makes it way to the river.

Taking care of the environment is important.

Having slimes is so convenient.

Though I noticed that the bathtub is too large that it takes some effort to draw hot water for it, I kept it as it was because I like it.

A suitable washing place and changing room are necessary for a big bathtub.

The scenery is also important for a bath so I had large windows installed on the walls of the bath.

Now, this has become more luxurious than the house I’m living in.

If that’s the case, I should build a new house.

But now, let’s focus on the bath.

TN: Manga Chapter 15 page 4

When the bathhouse was completed, I made some rough preparations in order to teach the residents on how to use the bath.

Because none of them knew how to take a bath.

To clean their bodies, they only wipe themselves with damp cloth.

Well, if you think about it, you need a large amount of wood and water for it so it might be too luxurious.

Anyway, I taught them how to use it.

Because they were not able to get it with words, I reluctantly show it to them.

There’s no point of being embarrassed in being naked in front of them now.

TN: ( ?° ?? ?°)

Being gazed by women while washing my body is somewhat nerve wracking. After that, I soak in the bathtub.

「….that hits the spot. 」

Tears have fallen from my eyes.

Large bath, warm water.

Because after being admitted to the hospital in the previous world, taking a bath was marked as NG. I am now taking a bath after a long time.

「Aaahhhh 」

I let out a moan unintentionally.

The women around was no longer in my mind.

I’m currently enjoying the bath.

Looking at me, it seems like the girls understood how good it is.

No one hesitates to undress before me.

Every one of them entered in a dash.

「Eh, ah, wait, this place is large, tha-that’s too much. There’s time for that.」

I was only able to enjoy the bath for a short time.

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