Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 32 - The Kuro’s Marriage Proposal and Mushrooms
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Chapter 32 – The Kuro’s Marriage Proposal and Mushrooms

Zabuton’s spiderlings will again go on a journey this year.

I feel lonely.

However, there are also those who’ll stay and there are new hatchlings too.

I already prepared myself to some extent so I probably won’t cry.

The first batch of Zabuton’s spiderling who stayed has already reached the size of ? of Zabuton.

That’s already a considerable size and I think it won’t be long before to catch up to Zabuton.


At that moment, I thought that they would probably bear child of their own.

Should I consider expanding the north fruit area?

The kuro’s horn has begun to molt. I had a hard time picking them up at every corner.

I want them as decorations but they are too space consuming.

Though I’m reluctant, I stored them in the basement where I store food.

When their horn grows, they’ll be leaving on a trip to find a partner so I’ll play with them a lot until that time comes.

The flying disc….as I throw it, it suddenly becomes a fierce battlefield.

Because of that, I prepared a wooden ball wrapped with beast’s skin.

It became considerably popular.

Even if I’m not there, they’re still playing with it.

I’ll make about 30 pieces and pass it to them.

They leave the place in order to play but come back at night.

They’re smart.

Oh, I also carved a big tree into a wild boar so that they can practice hunting. It didn’t even take a day before they tear it off.

Maybe I should have made it bigger.

After making the boar, Kuro somewhat appeals in front of me. I’m thinking why then I finally found an answer to my question.

He’s telling me to carve him too.

So I carve him.

I emphasized wildness.

It is possible for me to do so.

Kuro seems satisfied.

The problem is…where to place it.

I placed it like a guardian dog of the shrine under the big tree.

I also tried to carve Yuki to make them a pair.


I intended to carve her normally but it feels wilder than the Kuro’s sculpture.


I wonder if my ability rose.

Although the one who requested me for his sculpture is Kuro, I smiled a when I saw him being startled at Yuki’s sculpture.

While building the waterway, I’m thinking whether we can use fish for food.

I’m still thinking of how to remove the smell of mud but it seems like Ria know of a solution.

To remove the smell of mud, I need to put them on pure water for a few days.

So, they are similar to shellfish that were pulled out from the sand?

Anyway, I tried it.

I carved a big rock to make it a fish tank.

And put river water there….

「Won’t this method be useless unless since I’ll use the water from the river? 」

The water from the river is drinkable but…

「Using the water from the river is fine. The important thing is for them not to eat anything. 」

「I see. 」


White fish.

It has a delightful taste.

I’m glad that I obtained salt.

Let’s catch fish regularly and throw them in the fish tank.

It is a good thing to enrich the food we eat.

Kuro’s pups…Grandpups? Or great grandpups?

Those who’ll search for their partners are going on a journey.

A considerable number of them went on a journey but they are less than expected.

About half of those who were born last year stayed.

And before they left, I finally witness it.

The method of females securing males.

First step is courtship.

If it didn’t work, they will fight each other and the defeated will follow the winner.

When there are several females interested in one male, they’ll either discuss it between them or fight against each other.

During the process of discussion or battle, the females are cooperating with each other in order for the male to not run away.

In short, the female is dominant.

Males are basically the one waiting.

But they also appeal to the females with either emphasizing their strength in bed or hunting.

If the male is courted by a female he likes, they’ll immediately be partners.

If they don’t like the other party, they’ll fight against each other and if the male wins, he’ll wait for someone else….however, the chances of males winning is relatively small.

There are cases of males courting females. In that case, if the other party refused, it will not turn into a fight.

I understand now.

However, the way I see it….their fight will not reach to the level of inflicting injuries or death.

Their horns are just currently growing and don’t seem to be damaged either.

Then….where did Kuro and Yuki got their injuries when I first met them?

Yuki is already pregnant that time so it’s not a battle of courtship.

Once they become partners, they will be working hard for each other….Are Kuro and Yuki attacked by something?

From what I have seen from Kuro and Yuki so far, they are considerably strong.

There are probably strong lifeforms outside. To make this two retreat, what kind of living creature is it?


Though I’m currently surrounded by Zabuton and Kuro’s descendant and is currently living a relaxing life, I have to be prepared.

I better be careful.

Let’s talk about mushrooms.

Ever since I first stepped into this forest, I haven’t touched those.

Those mushrooms.


I have two images of them.

Edible and poisonous.

Even if I found mushrooms I recognize, I have to be careful.

I have seen unknown mushrooms of different shapes and colors in the forest.

I usually plow them with the AFT since I can’t bring myself to eat them.

In other words, I have abandoned mushrooms.

Mushroom is something I can’t plant in fields.

Suddenly, an idea flashed in my mind.

It came to me when I saw mushrooms from a lumber I cut down.

Using the hoe form of the AFT, I can plant any crops in fields.

Then, what will happen if I use the AFT on a fungal bed? Will I be able to plant mushrooms?

Will it be matsutake mushroom?

But I want shiitake.

I tested it with various lumbers while requesting shiitake.

The result.

Though I wasted a lot of lumber, I succeeded.

And tested it again for verification.

The most important thing for successfully utilizing the AFT is image and base.

I should have a very good and clear image and prepare a suitable base for it.

As for the base, they are fields and fungal bed.

Because I’m greedy, I tried planting shimeji mushroom.


This time, I used the image of shimeji mushrooms I have seen in supermarkets in my previous world.

Hon-shimeji seems to be a luxury good but I can’t imagine it since I’ve never seen one.

Next, I tried imagining delicious mushrooms.

I planted buna-shimeji.

I failed at something.

It was when I tried planting matsutake mushroom…

With this, I noticed.

Matsutake does not grow from woods but from the ground.

I imagine matsutake while plowing the ground but fail.

I guess the condition has not met.

I heard that matsutake should be planted near akamatsu.

As the base for matsutake, I have to prepare akamatsu first.

For the time being, although it will take a long time, I decided to plant several akamatsu.



You’ll be mine later.

TN: Too many kinds of mushroom here. Just click the hyperlink if you want to know more info or if you want to see what they look like. Those are Wikipedia links.

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