Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Chapter 13 - River
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Chapter 13 – River

Exploring using a wheelbarrow made me lose my way as I thought.

However, thanks to the kuro’s, I was able to return to my resident so my explored area has expanded dramatically.

On the fifth day of my exploration, I saw a river.

It is river where there are rocks all over.

I think the width is about 5 meters.

When I walked upstream at the riverbank a little, I found a big rock wall with waterfall.

Even if I say that it’s a waterfall, it’s not really a waterfall. It looks like a cliff with 60 degrees slope.

But it is quite high.

About 7 to 8 meters.

It’s a spectacular scenery.

It’s beautiful.

I tried catching the water flow with my hand and it is quite cold.

And the water is clean.

This should be drinkable…

Kuro, who’s accompanying me today, is gulping water so it seems to be alright.

After finishing drinking water, I asked Kuro about the whereabouts of my residence.

Kuro turned his head without hesitation.

I changed the wheelbarrow form of the all-purpose farming tool to a hoe and began plowing towards that direction.

I need to make a road that connects my residence to the waterfall.

I used the hoe until it was about to get dark. I changed it to a wheelbarrow and went back to my residence for the time being.

The next day, I asked Kuro the direction of the waterfall and plowed from my residence to that direction.

I also made various thing so it took me 15 days to complete the path.

The waterfall is located about 5 kilometers west of my residence.

That’s pretty far.

The river with waterfall is curved and it seems to be flowing from north to south-southwest.

Will I find something downstream?

Well, let’s think about it some other time.

I made a road all the way to the waterfall in order to secure water.

I have been using water from the well for drinking and watering the field but it is difficult to carry it because it’s from underground.

However, the waterfall has a certain height.

In other words, if I can make a waterway from the high waterfall I can secure a lot of water.

It will be for watering fields and rice paddies.

And bath.

Though I thought of bath a while ago, it is difficult to carry the amount of water needed from the well so I kept on postponing it.


It will be difficult to make a waterway all the way to my residence.

Although the Kuro’s are here, there are a lot of dangerous animals in the forest.

If I build a waterway using the moat before the log fence, there is a possibility of something crossing and invading us.

Okay, let’s make a big reservoir outside the moat and log fence that is surrounding the field.

The size would be 100×100 meters.

It will be like an inverted pyramid where it will be deeper towards the center.

The deepest portion would be about 5 meters.

I’ve also done other things so it took me 10 days to complete.

Next is to dig drainage on the ground.

This is not so difficult since I just need to direct it to the downstream side of the river.

It took time.

But I manage to inaugurate it a few days later.

Now, all I need to do is to make a waterway towards the reservoir….

How should I make it?

If I can’t take water from the upper part of the waterfall, water won’t flow.

In other words, I need to make it to a certain height.

Idea 1: Make it using wood.

Advantage: Easy to make, maybe.

Disadvantage: Fragile.


Even if I can process woods using the all-purpose farming tool, I have to assemble it.

Even if I managed to complete the waterway made of wood, I don’t have nails or ropes to stabilize it.

This is not feasible.

Idea 2: Make it using rock.

Advantage: Hard to break.

Disadvantage: Hard to make.

This is harsh.

I need to arrange rocks in order to let the water to flow…

It is not realistic to arrange rocks from the waterfall to the reservoir.

I’ve already plowed everywhere before but I was not able to find big enough rocks for that purpose.

The rocks I need to use for this must be at least 1 meter tall.

And, that height must be maintained for a distance of approximately 5 kilometers.

Idea 3: ……….earth?

Why don’t I make it with earth then solidify it?

If I hit the earth with the hammer form of the all-purpose farming tool, it solidifies like a concrete.

That’s it!

Earth is everywhere and I just need to dig one like what I did with the drain too.

That’s a really good idea.

I’ll execute it.

Now, let’s go back to business.

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