I Transmigrated Into A Divorce And Remarried A Hunter Husband

I Transmigrated Into A Divorce And Remarried A Hunter Husband

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    Transmigrating into a scene of domestic violence, as well as trying to cleverly get a divorce and remarry… It was just like walking into a den of lions all over again! Han Qiao picked up a stick to beat all of them!

    Her scoldings could be heard till the end of the streets, and she could even beat someone up until they begged for mercy.

    She opened a store, and also bought a piece of land and a house. She encouraged her hunter of a husband to move forward and upwards, and raised three daughters whom everyone in the country praised.

    With glory and wealth in her hands and a strong, unwavering love between the couple, who wouldn’t want such a life?


    When Heng Yi was twenty four, he lost his heart and soul the moment Han Qiao smiled at him.

    When he found her again, she was already married.

    Were they destined to be apart in this life?

    But when he found out that her husband was a cowardly man with violent tendencies, he almost crushed the glass in his hand out of anger.

    The dream woman who had slipped from his grasp was being bullied by some other man!

    No! He wouldn’t let this go on!

    When he was about to save her, he found out that Han Qiao was trying to get a divorce.

    The blood in his veins boiled, and he decided to secretly protect her. He waited for her to leave that b*stard, then finally appeared and hugged her from behind.

    “I’ve waited a long time for you.”

    So what if she was once married? He would still pamper her like she was a treasure from the heavens!

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