I Transmigrated into a Book and Became the Real Rich Daughter's Pampered Cousin

Chapter 224 - 224 Causing Trouble
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224 Causing Trouble

Zhai Jing’s ears turned red after being praised so directly by Le Wan.

“So, you like this style?”

Le Wan thought for a moment.

“I like them all. Different styles of you will have different flavors.”

She was so hungry that she wanted to have a taste.

However, the last sentence was too raw, so she was too embarrassed to say it out loud.

Fortunately, she was able to feast her eyes today, so Le Wan was already very satisfied.

At this moment, Mama Le had just finished changing her clothes and pulled her out. Le Wan had no choice but to hang up the phone in a hurry.

“Sir, do you only want this royal blue suit?” The saleswoman asked Zhai Jing as she held the clothes in her hands.

Zhai Jing looked at the ginger-colored clothes that he had just changed out of. He hesitated for a moment before pointing at it and saying,

“Help me pack this as well.”

“Okay, Sir, you have great taste. This set of clothes has been here for a while, and you are the first customer I’ve seen wearing them so well. They look even better than the original models.”

The sales assistant couldn’t help but praise him.

Zhai Jing nodded slightly and didn’t say anything.

This wasn’t his taste, but since Le Wan liked him wearing this set of clothes, he could find time to wear it again for her to see.

After buying the clothes, Zhai Jing turned to the gift shop to pick out a few items. Then, he left the mall and prepared to go back to the company.

Compared to his clear goal of buying things, Mama Le clearly spent more effort and energy on this.

To choose a dress that was suitable for the night, Mama Le took Le Wan to almost twenty to thirty stores. After choosing a lot of clothes, she finally chose a dress with a good texture. It was a formal dress with a little liveliness and vitality.

“Alright, let’s pick another pair of shoes that are suitable.”

So, the mother and daughter went to the shoe store.

In the end, the two of them strolled around the mall for three to four hours. When Le Wan felt that her legs were not hers, she finally gathered the clothes, shoes, and jewelry that she would wear tonight.

Seeing Mama Le still in high spirits, Le Wan was surprised.

“Why are you so energetic?”

Mama Le didn’t think much of it.

“This is nothing. We just picked mine. Baby, you haven’t picked out your clothes for tonight.”

“I don’t think I need it,” Le Wan refused. “I brought back a bunch of clothes last time, and I haven’t worn many of them yet. I think this dress would suit me.”

“Why don’t you use it?” Mama Le disagreed. “A girl’s wardrobe is always short of new clothes, especially for such an important occasion. It’s natural to wear the latest style and the new clothes with the best texture.”

Le Wan couldn’t persuade her mother, so she had to run with her for nearly two hours before she finally got all the things she needed to wear.

It turned out that Mama Le’s words made some sense, especially when she saw Le Yan holding Fu Sui’s hand and the two of them walking in dressed in grand clothes. Le Wan felt that this family dinner was starting to feel less like a family dinner.

She asked Mama Le angrily,

“Why did she drag Fu Sui along to join in the fun?”

Wasn’t it strange for the exes and current ones to gather together?

Mama Le was holding a glass of champagne in her hand.

“I couldn’t help it. Le Yan said that we can’t think of the past. If you were going to bring your boyfriend to the family dinner, then she would bring Fu sui along.”

“Are you sure they’re not here to make things difficult for me?” Le Wan asked.

Mama Le spread her hands.

“Who knows?” However, since it was a family dinner, they couldn’t say that they wouldn’t allow the people from the second branch to attend. But this time, it was obvious that Le Yan wasn’t the only one who wanted to make things difficult for Le Wan.

Zhai Jing put on the royal blue clothes that he had specially chosen today and carried a gift in his hand. He got out of the taxi and saw the big manor in front of him. Just as he was wondering how to get in, a figure suddenly appeared.

“Hello, Prodigy.” f𝔯𝗲e𝒘𝙚𝚋𝐧oѵe𝗹. 𝒄𝗼m

With her hands behind her back, she stood on the steps with a youthful and lively look, leaning slightly to look at him.

It took Zhai Jing a moment to recognize her. She was one of Le Wan’s cousins. He nodded and said,


“I’m Le An. I’ve been waiting here to welcome you, my distinguished guest.”

Zhai Jing had thought that the Le family was afraid that he wouldn’t know the way and had specially sent a guide to guide him. In the end, he didn’t expect that before he could even lift his foot, Le An had already jumped down the steps. When she was a few steps away from him, Le An suddenly tripped on her left foot and fell straight in Zhai Jing’s direction.

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