I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

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    Lin Mo transmigrated to an eastern fantasy world.

    He started off with a classic “zero to hero” opening.

    Because of the [God Devourer] special attribute that he was born with, he used up countless resources, yet his cultivation level wouldn’t rise even one bit.

    Finally, he was chased out of the clan by the chief.

    He became responsible for managing the market place meant for newcomers at Initial Heart Village, which is a small town in the countryside.

    He thought that he would live the rest of his life uneventfully as a businessman.

    He didn’t expect that he would awaken the [Auction Rebate System]

    As long as the auction house sells items, Lin Mo would receive rebates several times the value of the item sold.

    [Ding! The host had auctioned off leftover bits from an elixir cauldron. Rebate give: Ninth Level Ultra Elixir: Heaven Forge Restoration Pill!]

    [Ding! The host had auctioned off the basic cultivation method: Strength Training Long Fist. Rebate given: Ninth Level Ultra Cultivation Method: Ancient Dragon Mammoth Method!]

    [Ding! The host had auctioned off a rusty bronze sword. Rebate give: Ninth Rank Ultra Weapon: God Slayer Sword!]

    [Ding! …]

    As such, Lin Mo’s insane path to greatness has begun!


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