I Can See the Route of Evolution

I Can See the Route of Evolution
Chinese Novel

I Can See the Route of Evolution

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    In the Wild Westlands, the Sanctuary of Spirits is the base for the elite Celestial Beast Sect. “”Hurry, Huang Yingyan, or we’ll lose our chance at the best Divine Pets!”” Tang Jinghuan urges, pulling his friend in a time-critical dash.

    Huang Yingyan, who overslept from the thrill of gaining a mysterious system and the Omniscient Eye skill, falsely blames his delay on Tang Jinghuan. This skill lets him see the untapped potential in divine pets, essential for aspiring Beastmasters.

    In their excitement, they reach the selection, where Huang Yingyan’s skill initially finds no special pets—until a unique, snow-white cub draws his attention, neither tiger nor lion, with a somber air.

    As they face their choices, anticipation hangs thick. Can Huang Yingyan’s skill reveal the cub’s mystery, changing his destiny as a Beastmaster?

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