Harem Tales of a Reincarnated Elf Prince

Volume 3 Chapter 3
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This chapter contains words, phrases, images and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

𝐟𝒓𝚎𝘦we𝐛𝐧𝐨vℯ𝚕. c𝘰m

Chapter 3 – Raise your Voice

I who ejaculated from the intense fellatio of Fran, hugged her who was about to collapse on the floor in my arms.

Then, I threw her down to the center of the bed.

"Ah, Prince......."

The girl who realized what I just did blushed as I hold her down.

She usually has that cool look, but this gap of hers being girly and all is cute too.

"You don’t have to make such face in front of me you know? If it’s someone else, they might definitely assault you immediately"

I stared hardly at the extraordinary beauty who is having a drowsy expression right now.

Even if it is an elf who discriminates half-elves, can they be able to resist this? I wonder.

Even if it’s that, I want to monopolize Fran’s feelings. All of them for me.

You can say that I am the type who indulges a different kind of woman each day.

But despite this, I don’t want her showing such expression in front of other men.

"Is that so? I am......"

"Though I don’t know how far it has been hard for you in that village, but now there are no elves here"

"But the prince is one......"

"Well, yeah but I won’t do anything bad to you. Besides, if it’s an average human, you will be able to get through with force alone"

I comforted her, clearing up her anxiety.

In a sense, it may have been safer for her to be in the elven village.

Because no one there would like to interact with a half-elf.

"Have you settled down?"

"Yyeah, somewhat"

"I’m sorry that I’ve made you worried. Instead, I will make you feel good that you will forget everything about it"

I immediately began to take off Fran’s clothes.

Because we are in the middle of a journey, the ones she’s wearing right now is easy to remove.

In just a few seconds her chest and secret place was already exposed from her clothes.

"What a beautiful chest"

Even though she’s already lying supine, its tips are still facing upwards.

I extended my hands, and started caressing them.

"Nhha, haahaaa, iyaaa, there......"

As soon as I squeezed her nipples, she let out a sweet moan.

Seeing the excitement rising, turn the other hand to her intimate place.

There weren’t any panties under her skirt already, and it was already wet when I touched her crevice.

"You are already this wet.....is it because I touched your chest, or is it from the time you held mine in your mouth?"

Fuu, ahn, it’s from the time I licked the prince’s"

"Hou, were you looking forward to have me put it in while doing fellatio?"

"B-because, while holding your big thing in my mouth......I couldn’t help but think, what if he puts it inside? Geez, just put it in already!"

Fran’s eyes are moist and her breathing is rough already.

For her to cry out her thoughts loud, she might have imagined it a thousand times already.

"With your expectations so much from me, I will try my best to meet it"

After seeing her reaction while being teased, I touched my vault opener to the lock of her precious treasure.

"I will put it in. Are you ready?"

"Yeah. Come, Prince. I want to feel good together with you"

"Fran! Kuhh!!"

While calling her name, I push my waist down to her.

The excitement was further intensified by the caress of the pleats swallowing my hard dick.

"The prince is, its coming inside!"

Fran clung her legs to my waist as she exclaimed in joy.

As if she doesn’t want to separate from it till the last moment.

"You have demanded so much already, so I won’t tolerate any objections anymore"

I started to move my hips once again.

At first, I slowly adjusted myself to match the insides of her pussy.

"Nhaa, haahaa, my insides are being pierced gently...nfuuuh!"

Rejoicing as I plunged deep towards her womb, she covered her mouth with one hand.

"Nnnguuh, auhhh, uuh, aaaaahhh......"

"What’s wrong? Why are you covering your mouth for?"

"I-it’s because......I’ll scream if I didn’t!"

Having said that, she looked at the empty window.

Same as the sloppy water sounds from earlier, her coquettish moans would be heard outside if I just raise her volume a little.

"That’s why, this way I’ll......hyaaa!?"

I slip out my hard cock, then flipped Fran’s body over.

And, without putting room for negotiations, I immediately pierced her from the back.

"Isn’t that even better? Let me tell you something. "


"I will tell you now that there is a couple that will be coming here by the evening"

"Then, I can’t go outside anymore!"

"It’s alright. You are still safe. They didn’t know who we are yet anyway. Though we might be exposed by that innkeeper guy"

If his story were to be believed, there are only us in the third floor, and as long as we don’t go astray we won’t bother the rooms below.

If that’s the case, then we can do it without hesitation.

Well, even if it doesn’t come out know, they will understand it by tomorrow.

Because Cecil will eventually return, she won’t miss what I and Fran did.

There is nothing wrong with that father saying “I was looking forward to it”.

"Noo, please...... I’m too embarrassed to do it!"

“It’s already this late, so let me make it as comfortable as possible.”

I firmly grabbed Fran’s waist, then banged her hard.

Soon, a mixture of dry and watery sounds echoed throughout the room.

"Nhhh, hauuu, kuuh......haahaaa!"

But she is still trying hard to endure the screaming.

While looking at such a figure, my desires to give her mercy had expired.

It was originally intended to reward her, so why is it that feeling good is bad?

I attacked Fran’s pussy further with my erect stick with precise movements as possible.

"Haah, ahhn, My voice, it’s coming out......don’t shake my hips more!"

"Then say it that you feel good being with me. If you do, then I will make you feel even better more than I did with the two”

"No way......Hauuu, nnnn! Ahhnnn!"

Gradually, Fran’s voice is coming out.

"Good, it’s feeling better and better"

“I can’t hold back my voice anymore. Prince just feels so good!”

"Ahh, I’m also same with Fran’s pussy"

The tightening in the vagina of Fran where shame and pleasure are felt at the same time is amazing.

Though I can’t still taste her techniques yet because of her shame, still, this is sufficient already.

The insides of her vagina tightened considerably, in a condition different from normally feeling good with her.

Yes, her reactions right now is rather close to Cecil’s.

As I have seen something that is usually hidden by her wall of techniques, I’m very happy right now.

With her opening her heart to me like this, I think it was an excellent move to pick up Fran and have her join us in our journey.

"Prince, it feels so good...... I’m being filled all the way to the back of my womb."

"fufufufu, at last, you have become more honest."

Although she had still have her reasoning intact as she looked back at me, she till tried to receive the pleasure I am giving to her.

"if you let it as it is, your body will eventually give in, to my pleasure, that is"

"Nhaaa, I don’t mind. I want to feel good with you, prince ......Nhhh!"

All of the sudden the insides of her vagina began wriggling.

It didn’t change my usual condition just yet, but thanks to those movements of hers, it further stimulated my excitement.

In spite of having launched a little while ago, I already want to let it out again.

"Prince, you’re twitching...... do you want to come again?"

"I do, but for this time, let’s have the both of us come together"

"I also want to come together with you, prince! Nhuu, ahhn!"

Is she trying to further enhance my excitement? She’s finally moving her waist herself.

I hit the waist of Fran with mind, and a louder slam echoed the room.

To the extent that the sound was too much for the door of the inn to bear anymore.

From the open window, I guess it has been leaked to the passersby outside already.

"I don’t care whether we’re being heard or not anymore! I want to feel good with you, prince"

"I’m happy for that, Fran. Therefore, I will give you more!"

"Come, prince......make me cum again!!!"


"Iyaaah, aahn, cumming, cumming, cummiiiiiing!"

I pulled Fran’s waist firmly to mine, then pumped her pussy grandly.

"Aaah, the prince is coming inside......it’s hot and so much......"

"fuuu, In the end, the last one may have been quite dangerous"

If we look out of the window right now, there will certainly be a group of people with eyes looking up at here.

"These kind of things, I’m fine already"

Though she said that, Fran rubbed her ass towards my waist.

Hey prince......can we do it more?"

I had no reason to decline such a tempting invitation.

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