Endless Transmigration: These Shitty Lives are Killing Me

Endless Transmigration: These Shitty Lives are Killing Me

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    Baek Ain is your typical lazy guy.

    He graduated from university at age 22 with a random degree he chose out of boredom and stayed single because fate decided so until that event happened.

    “What? Where Am I??”

    After a horrible incident, Ain transmigrated to another world. Or precisely to be a villainous and mobs character.

    He died countless times because of the world's protagonists, gathering hatred toward them.

    “What the fuck! What do you mean I stole your wife? I've been single since coming into this world!!”

    “Hero, please save this world.” A goddess is begging me to save her world from the Demon Lord.

    “Wait... Begone thot! That Demon King is my younger sister from 69th Transmigration.”

    “How dare you!”

    A beautiful heroine is hugging me from behind, wishing to accept her feelings.

    “Shoo, Heroine! I don't need useless baggage with me. Side characters are better than you!”

    And so, Ain's journey began to end this shitty transmigration cycle.

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