Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1147 1079: Bounded Souls 2
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〖Humph! They are like animals in heat.〗Silveria harrumphed before cutting off the connection between her and her master, she thought something interesting would happen after those two souls bounded thus the observation but the only thing happening was them copulating as though there was no tomorrow. She found herself curious and this curiosity leads her body to feel strange.

〖Damn it, what is this strange sensation?〗Silveria complained as she went to bed. She had no idea that what she was feeling was a desire, the desire to mate, unfortunately, Alex was too busy at the moment to notice that another seed was budding into someone, an unknown seed.

The couple continued for a while before deciding to stop and take a bath.

After a refreshing bath, two naked people came out with their hearts still racing and flushed faces.

Alex was carrying Incursio in his arms and threw her on the bed in a playful manner and got on the bed along with her. His face seemed a bit tired as he lost count of the number of times she sucked him off and made him cum.

He also made her orgasm pretty few times, but her endurance didn't even seem to have a limit. If he allowed it, she would have kept going non-stop like a machine that doesn't get tired. He was not a normal human if not he couldn't be able to keep up.

Incursio imprinted on him, he could feel as if she was inside him and vaguely knew what she was feeling. Right now, he could only feel intense happiness from her.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that they both had already bonded with their bodies and soul. Feeling her intense lust, he felt some of her deepest fears, she was afraid of being cast, he understood her fears and simply hugged her, trying to convey how much she mean to him.

Incursio happily laid quietly in his embrace, holding her arms out wide as if she was hugging her only world.

She could feel Alex's soul as if she was there physically and his emotions vaguely just like him. Now she surely felt as if she had already spent countless years not just a few months with him.

Now, her heart and soul felt fulfilled getting what she wanted the most in her whole life. Now she only hoped that it stays that way and never change.

As they were lying down, Incursio was tempted to stroke his cock but held back because she knew better stop, not to overdo things to not make him tired of her.

She learned through Alex that showing consideration for one's lover was part of loving them and making sacrifices.

She suddenly asked Alex, which was in the back of her mind for a while.

"Alex, I want to try something."

He tilted his head, "What is it?"

"Let me try it first," Incursio said as she closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on something.

Alex had a puzzled look, wondering what she was trying to do. However, his eyes widened when her figure suddenly flashed into a speck of light and entered his forehead.

"What the hell!" Alex frantically sat on his bed as he touched the empty bed beside him, where Incursio disappeared right before his eyes!

But suddenly, he felt something in his soul plane and touched his forehead, especially the black mark on his forehead which reappeared suddenly.

He didn't panic because of the familiar feeling in his soul plane and closed his eyes to inspect his soul.

He was astonished to see that she was in his soul space!

She was floating around in a foggy area since that's what his soul space looked like. It seemed more like she was floating in the clouds and everything looked bright but at the same time obscure, making the whole space look even more mysterious.

Incursio seemed to be flying around as if she could freely move however she wanted, even if she couldn't fly, and kept shouting his name, trying to ask if he could see her.

"Incursio?" Alex mentally asked, and his voice resounded in his soul space which made Incursio smile jubilantly.

"Alex, what is this place? Is this your soul?" She asked with sparkling eyes. The fact that she could get inside his head didn't seem much of a shock to her. Instead, she seemed happy about the fact that she could get inside his head.

She only felt the feeling that she could sneak into Alex's soul, and it did work!

She guessed that it might have something to do with her imprint on him. She could instinctively feel within her body that she could interact with his soul directly.

Alex mumbled inside his soul space with quiet amazement, "Yes, it is."

He also guessed the same thing and asked Silveria, who wasn't residing in his soul space but in her special world connected to his soul world,

"Silveria, you can see her, right? Is this because she imprinted on me?"

Even though Silveria was connected to his soul plane, she was staying in a different place and not his soul space. After all, she never leaves her world except when coming out.

So, whatever Alex asks Silveria, Incursio wouldn't be able to hear him.

〖Yes. As I guessed, she can stay in your soul space even though your soul space won't let living things in. Her imprint on you just made her an exception. Good, at least this way, she would always be with you.〗Silveria remarked without a hint of surprise in her tone. After all, she did suspect that Incursio could probably enter Alex's soul space.

Alex was amazed to hear that he could always have Incursio inside his soul space, nor would there be any need to separate from her even if a situation called for it.

After playing around in his soul space for a while, Incursio came out with a beaming smile. Just as she came out, she appeared right before Alex, on the bed.

"Alex, it was so amazing! I felt like I was able to fly! It was as if your soul has a world of its own filled with treasures," Incursio said as her eyes twinkled with pure amazement.

Alex chuckled as he pulled her into an embrace and laid down on the bed, "Well, now that world or my soul space won't be desolate anymore with you inside."

"Ah, soul space...I wonder when I will have one of my own," Incursio mumbled, thinking about having such a convenient thing, but most of all, she was excited that she could go inside Alex's soul and be with him anytime she wanted.

Alex caressed her beautiful bare back as he said, ''I don't know maybe it's possible if your gift possessed a spirit like mine.''

He was not sure if the presence of the sisters was what makes him have a soul plane but he was sure that there is a connection between them hence his response.

''I see, I will see what to do later but it was fun to play around in your soul plane. Can I do this often?"

''Of course but there is something I want to try.'' Alex accepted her demand but there is something he wanted to try.

''What is it?" Incursio tilted her head to the side.

''Go back to my soul plane,'' Alex ordered and Incursio nodded before vanishing and Alex was able to confirm what he wanted.

''As I thought something changed.''

''Status.'' He called out with Incursio in his soul plane.

〖[Alexander (Alex) Kael Touch]

Class: Magic Gunslinger

Age: 19


Race: High Human/Asura/Half Dragon

Rank 15

Level 192 [Demi-God]

Experience Value (XP): 0/ 520400

MP: 25070/25070

SE: 3500/3500

Magic: Time/Space/Wind/Light/Darkness/Flame/Ice/Void/Silver Energy/Spirit/Lightning

ATK: 8070 (8200)

DEF: 7070 (7200)

AGI: 6370 (+200) (6500)

INT: 4000 (4200)

LUK: 2440 (2600)

BP: 60

SP: 10

Gift: Death guns/Eternal Chain

Skills: [Item box Level 4] [Swift Fingers Max] [Divine Sense Level 5] [Throwing knife Level 7] [Dark Vision Level 2] [Dual Wielding Level 2] [Knife Art Level 6] [Link Level 5] [Gunslinger Art Level Level 5] [Undying Body Level 6] [Mana Synchronisation Level 10 Max] [Crimson's Bullet] [Blade Dance Level 5] [Aurora Bullet Level 1] [Meteor Bullet Level 5] [Mana Convergence Level 5] [Chain Art Level 5] [Spirit Art Level 1] [All Poisons Resistance Level 8] [Illusionnary Steps Level 8] (Upgraded) [Lightning Degree Level 1] [Destruction Bullet Level 1] [Illusionnary Escape Level 10 Max]

Special Abilities: [Language Comprehension][Danger Sense] [Overdrive] [Death's Eye] [Envisage] [Erase] [Magic Bullet] [Snatch] [Hellsing!!!] [Xerox] [Death Bullet (???)] [Tempus Infinitum] (Time abilities) [Eye of Truth Level 5] [Asura Forms] (Upgraded) [Mana's Body] [Void Steps] [Devour] [Alter Ego] [Gun Art Ultimate Form: ???] [Dragon's Form] [Reaper Chains] [Dragon's breath] [Illusion World] [Nemesis's Eye] [Nemesis's Domain] [Eternal Domain] [Yydrassil's Blessing] [Asura's Devil's Eye] [D???????] (Currently sealed: Condition of unsealing, reaching the Higher World)


Unique abilities: Absolute Duo


/Enhanced: Ability enabling its owner to convert the same skill into skill points and strengthen the same skill.

Possibility of generating a higher level skill if ESP is used to upgrade a skill.

????? (Conditions are not met for this to be unlocked)

??? (...)

ES (Enhanced Skill Point): 0


Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] [The Reborn] [Shadow Nemesis] [The Destroyer] [Death Master] [The Irregular] [Child of Mana] [Slayer] [World Wolf owner] [Genius] [The One that saw] [King of Slaughterer][Copycat] [The one on the transcending role] [The Irregular] [Holy Elven Guardian] [Poison Immunity] [Fox Master] [Holy son of Destruction]〗

〖Don't tell me..〗Even Silveria was shocked thinking of something terrific.

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