Death Guns In Another World

1072 [Bonus Chapter] Chapter 1020
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Back Alex.

He stood before his status's window, wondering if he what all of this about.

[Alexander (Alex) Kael Touch]

Class: Magic Gunslinger

Age: 19


Race: High Human/Asura/Half Dragon

Rank 15

Level 170 [Demi-God]

Experience Value (XP): 0/ 530700

MP: 19020/19020

SE: 1300/1300


Magic: Time/Space/Wind/Light/Darkness/Flame/Ice/Void/Silver Energy/Spirit/Lightning

ATK: 7000

DEF: 6000

AGI: 5000 (+200)

INT: 3830

LUK: 2270

BP: 120

SP: 20

Gift: Death guns/Eternal Chain

Skills: [Item box Level 4] [Swift Fingers Max] [Divine Sense Level 5] [Throwing knife Level 7] [Dark Vision Level 2] [Dual Wielding Level 2] [Knife Art Level 6] [Link Level 5] [Gunslinger Art Level Level 5] [Undying Body Level 6] [Mana Synchronisation Level 10 Max] [Crimson's Bullet] [Blade Dance Level 5] [Aurora Bullet Level 1] [Meteor Bullet Level 5] [Mana Convergence Level 5] [Chain Art Level 5] [Spirit Art Level 1] [All Poisons Resistance Level 8] [Illusion Art Level 1] [Illusionnary Steps Level 8] (Upgraded) [Lightning Degree Level 1] [Destruction Bullet Level 1] (New)

Special Abilities: [Language Comprehension][Danger Sense] [Overdrive] [Death's Eye] [Envisage] [Erase] [Magic Bullet] [Snatch] [Hellsing!!!] [Xerox] [Death Bullet (???)] [Tempus Infinitum] (Time abilities) [Eye of Truth Level 5] [Asura Forms] (Upgraded) [Mana's Body] [Void Steps] [Devour] [Alter Ego] [Gun Art Ultimate Form: ???] [Dragon's Form] [Reaper Chains] [Dragon's breath] [Illusion World] [Nemesis's Eye] [Nemesis's Domain] [Shadow Domain] [Yydrassil's Blessing] [Asura's Devil's Eye] [D???????] (Currently sealed: Condition of unsealing, reach the Higher World)

Unique abilities: Absolute Duo (A/N: Temporarily name until you help me find a better name.)

Synchronization rate:

[Luna Heart: 90%]

[Artemia Eretria Von Havens: 100%] (Perfect Synchronization reached) ???

[Maria Alexia Rosares: 85%]

[Sakuya Mio Hishimiya: 80%]

[Sera Olivia Wexon: 100%] (Perfect Synchronization reached) ???

[Gracier Alexandra Touch: 95 %]

[Kuina E. Foxia 85%]

[Eris Wolfang ???]

[Lilith E. Astaroth ????]

[Incursio: 40%]

[Nemesis Silveria: 80%]

[Nyx: 15%]

[Noire: 30%]

[Saeko: 80%]

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[Typhania E. Malia: 20%] ???


/Enhanced: Ability enabling its owner to convert the same skill into skill points and strengthen the same skill.

Possibility of generating a higher level skill if ESP is used to upgrade a skill.

????? (Conditions are not met for this to be unlocked)

??? (...)

ES (Enhanced Skill Point): 0


Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] [The Reborn] [Shadow Nemesis] [The Destroyer] [Death Master] [The Irregular] [Child of Mana] [Slayer] [World Wolf owner] [Genius] [The One that saw] [Slaughterer] [Genius] [Copycat] [The one on the transcending role] [The Irregular] [Holy Elven Guardian] [Poison Immunity] [Fox Master] [Holy son of Destruction] (New)

''The only way to know this new skill is to go test it,'' Alex mumbled too eager to test this new skill he got after the weird dream he had. He left his room heading to one of the training rooms.

As soon he arrived, he summoned the silver gun and shouted a bullet at the mithril dummy not far from him.

''Destruction Bullet.''

A dark crimson bullet was shot out from the silver gun and soon pierced the mithril dummy and it was instantaneously reduced into a cloud of dust.

''Wow!'' Alex exclaimed, clearly impressed and overwhelmed by this new skill, the destruction bullet.

Meanwhile, Silveria and Nyx were having a chat and the final result, their final decision was.

''It is time to let him experience what happened, to learn about it.''


The following morning Alex had a talk with the girls about a schedule change, he wanted to deal with Leonardo's problem asap and they nodded, however, for some unknown reason Luna seemed extremely happy and she kept stealing glances in his direction, so much that Alex wondered what happened but she refused to tell him, she just smiled and Alex could only think that whatever happened it must have been something good for her to behave like that.

Finally, teams were formed to search for them, not everyone was going off course as some would need to stay behind. Alex and Kuina were selected as the primary group, the second group was formed by Sera, Sakuya, and Alice, she would join them later and lastly, the third group was formed by Pandora and Incursio.

Gracier, Maria, Luna, and Artemia would say behind.


Sunset Kingdom, the Sun City. A small kingdom located between the human and Human continents.

The sunset glow in the sky was soft and beautiful, showing the world its appearance today.

A man and a woman were walking hand in hand on the street of Sun City intimately. The man and woman were very ordinary in appearance and temperament, and they seemed inconspicuous in the crowd. No one could have imagined that the unremarkable man was the Drexia Empire's son-in-law, the Black Prince 'Alexander Kael Touch', who was now famous all over the world.

Alex's Camouflage thanks to God's mask could turn him into anyone's appearance, and even a strong Demigod couldn't see the clue, meanwhile, Kuina's transformation technique was equally brilliant. Even if an assassin walked by face to face at this time, they would not know that the 2 were assassination targets.

The two were here for a mission, but still, this would not stop them from having fun, he would always try to please his loved ones, only this way he would survive in the harem.

''Do you like this earring?" Alex asked the Fox lady, the only one who would surely become an original fox.

"Yes! I do like it." Kuina nodded, her eyes filled with happiness. Alex nodded and next introduced a new thing.

"This necklace suits you very well." He said.

''Ah! It's true my love.'' She nodded happily again.

Then arrived the next thing.

"This skirt…"


"Kuina?" Alex softly called out.


"What's wrong?" Alex could not help but ask this.

"I like them all." (I like them very much) Although the answer was very simple, the Holy Maiden's heart was as sweet as honey. As long as Alex chose it, it would be affirmed without exception.

Alex looked at Kuina's grinning expression. All of a sudden, he felt a connection. She liked not only these gifts, but also this kind of life and this kind of feeling.

He liked it too.

Love couldn't be stormy seas and life-and-death excitement all the time, but it consisted of more ordinary and mutual warmth.

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