Cultivate, Sign In, And Be Rewarded Handsomely

Chapter 363 - Mysteries
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Chapter 363: Mysteries

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the wilderness, on a small mound more than ten meters tall, a wolf and a wild boar faced each other.

The two of them stared fiercely at each other. Between the two of them was a golden fruit. This fruit was the culprit behind their hostility.

The wild boar suddenly bared its teeth and pretended to attack. The wolf was so frightened that it hurriedly planned to dodge to the side.

The wild boar’s eyes revealed a hint of slyness. It took advantage of the wolf’s carelessness and rushed towards the golden fruit.

The gray wolf was furious when it saw this. It dug its four claws into the ground and forcefully turned around, running straight for the fruit.

The wild boar took the initiative and arrived in front of the fruit first. Seeing that it was only a foot away, it opened its huge mouth filled with fangs and bit over, wanting to swallow the fruit.

At this moment, a hand suddenly appeared from nowhere and gently appeared above the fruit.

The wild boar was in a daze. It thought that something seemed to have flashed past its eyes. However, there was no time to think carefully at such a critical moment. It still bit down heavily. In the end, its mouth bit the soil on the ground. After eating a pile of soil, it turned around and ran back.

When the gray wolf saw that the fellow had turned around and ran, it thought that he had really taken the fruit away. It was furious and wanted to chase after him.

The wild boar looked back proudly and was congratulating itself on its cleverness when a high wall suddenly seemed to appear in front of it. It fell heavily onto it and slammed into the wall. Its huge body, which was running fast, was suddenly stuck.

Although the wild boar hit solidly, it felt as if it was being supported by a force and slowly landed on the ground. It hurriedly got up from the ground and looked up. There was a young human kid in front of it. This little guy had fair skin and tender flesh. It looked like it tasted very good.

The wild boar did not understand why this fellow dared to stand in front of it and reveal its sharp fangs, threatening Li Yuanqing.

At this moment, the gray wolf had also caught up to him. Without hesitation, it opened its mouth and bit the wild boar’s butt, determined to take revenge.

Li Yuanqing waved his hand and the gray wolf felt a gust of wind in front of it. Its running body was immediately blocked and its entire body was blown away like a leaf. It landed lightly beside the wild boar and the two of them stood in front of the man like two students.

Only then did the two beasts have the mood to size up the young man in front of them. This guy didn’t seem to have done anything just now, but he seemed to have done everything.

Li Yuanqing held the fruit in his hand and examined it with interest.

“You two are quite lucky to have fifty-year-old fruit.”

The wild boar and the gray wolf growled in unison, trying to threaten Li Yuanqing, but these were useless to him.

“As long as the two of you do me a small favor, I will return this fruit to you. Or rather, whoever is willing to help me, this fruit will belong to them.”

Although these two demon beasts had yet to transform, they could still understand human speech. Their eyes flickered with bewilderment as they looked at Li Yuanqing. They did not know who this kid was to dare to speak so arrogantly.

“It seems like you don’t have the intention. I’ll keep this fruit myself.”

Li Yuanqing was about to put away the fruit when the two fellows growled again and glared at him with bared teeth.

Li Yuanqing smiled and took out the fruit again. He said to the two of them, “Actually, it’s very simple. As long as the two of you are willing to go to a place on my behalf, this fruit will still be yours. However, that place might be a little dangerous. I’ll tell you in advance.”

Half an hour later, Li Yuanqing appeared at the edge of the forest with the two wild beasts. In front of him was a very wide bush, and outside the bush was a dark sea.

It was unknown where the vast and endless sea connected to. It was as if there was no end at all. This was Li Yuanqing’s destination.

The two beasts looked at each other and saw some confusion in each other’s eyes.

This bush was not a big deal. Although the two of them were not often here, it was not a big deal to crawl through it if they passed by. Why did this human look so timid today?

Li Yuanqing looked at the bushes in front of him and said to the two of them, “You only need to go inside and take a look. If there’s something I want inside, not only will I return this fruit to you, but I will also give each of you a new one.”

Li Yuanqing stretched out his hand, and two more fruits appeared in his other hand.

The fragrance emitted from it was clearly at the hundred-year level. This fragrance was enough to make these two ignorant little demons excited.

As expected, after the two of them smelled this smell, they nodded at Li Yuanqing eagerly.

Li Yuanqing put away the fruits again. Their eyes revealed some regret. When he stretched out his hand, a very small red sprout appeared in his hand.

This red sprout was one of the seeds of the Blood Vine. Li Yuanqing followed the seed of the Blood Vine to this place. In the end, after coming here, the signal gradually weakened and disappeared.

It was right to come here in the general direction. He wanted to find this seed again, but he could not find it no matter what. Therefore, he thought of this idea.

Li Yuanqing placed the seed in front of them and watched carefully. The two of them crawled into the bushes without looking back.

In the dream, Li Yuanqing did not see the color of the sea clearly. Was the dark sea in front of him the place he was looking for?

Now, he was also very nervous. He had spent a month’s time and finally found this place at the edge of the continent. However, there was no answer yet.

Li Yuanqing only saw a patch of vines flying up and down in the bushes. The wild boar was like a large demolition machine. It uprooted all the bushes and dug three feet into the ground. It plowed through them very quickly.

Its search was really efficient. However, the gray wolf was not at a disadvantage. It stood up straight and took out its sharp claws, digging the soil up and down. They searched like they were competing. Not long after, the roar of a wild boar came from the bushes.

Li Yuanqing hurriedly followed and quickly arrived.

The wild boar ran towards Li Yuanqing proudly. It even waited for the gray wolf to approach before opening its mouth and spitting out a mouthful of mud.

In the mud, there was indeed a very small sprout of the Blood Vine twisting slightly.

The gray wolf looked at the wild boar with a big mouth, but it had no choice. This fellow was indeed fast enough to find something. It could be considered to have admitted defeat now.

He growled hatefully and was about to leave when Li Yuanqing stopped him.

“The two of you have contributed and will be rewarded this time. This fruit will belong to you. Both of you will have a share of these two fruits.”

Li Yuanqing gave the fifty-year-old spiritual fruit to the wild boar and gave the two hundred-year-old spiritual fruits to them. However, the wild boar seemed to be very dissatisfied.

The wild boar snorted and glared at Li Yuanqing, looking like it wanted an explanation.

“You don’t have to be unconvinced. As long as you follow me, I still have many fruits here.”

When the wild boar heard this, it swallowed the hundred-year-old fruit and looked at Li Yuanqing.

Since this fellow had already submitted to this human, the gray wolf could not fall behind. It hurriedly ate the fruit and followed behind Li Yuanqing, looking like it was following his lead.

“Since you’re all natives who live here, do you know if there’s any place nearby that’s related to the human race or if any special human has ever been here?”

Li Yuanqing’s question stumped the two of them. This place was very remote. If Li Yuanqing had not specially searched for them, no one would have come to such a remote place.

There were still many dangers along the way. The strength of ordinary people was not enough to support them to come here alive.

The gray wolf glanced at Li Yuanqing and saw the words printed on the accessory hanging on his body. It had an idea and immediately shouted as it ran in a direction.

Li Yuanqing followed closely behind. The wild boar was unwilling to fall behind and ran after him.

This gray wolf was quite sensible. It even specially helped Li Yuanqing open a path and led him to the edge of the bushes.

In front of him was a barren beach. This image was almost identical to what Li Yuanqing had seen in his dream. In front of them was a very tall black stone blocking the place where the gray wolf was standing. This black stone was covered in vines.

After the gray wolf walked here, it jumped proudly to the middle of the big rock and kept scratching with its claws. It even howled at Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing understood his intentions.

“Move aside first. Let me do it.”

The gray wolf jumped down from the middle of the rock.

Li Yuanqing slapped out with his palm, and a thick spiritual energy swept across the entire stone. The originally silent stone began to tremble slightly.

After the shake, the thick vines that covered the rocks fell one by one, slowly revealing the things inside.

There was actually a stone tablet wrapped inside.

Without the cover on it, the entire image of the stone tablet was exposed. There were dense small words on it, as if they were recording something special.

The Chronicle of the Holy Grandmaster

“Holy Grandmaster?”

Li Yuanqing was greatly puzzled. He had never heard anyone from the human race mention that there was a so-called Holy Grandmaster.

The gray wolf stood proudly at the side and looked down at the wild boar. It had win back one round, which made it proud.

Li Yuanqing burrowed into the inscription. The entire stone tablet was erected to record a very important matter.

This important matter was the so-called Holy Grandmaster in the stone tablet.

It turned out that there was a legendary figure called Exalted Qiuming who led the most primitive humans to the Demon Realm.

From then on, the human race began to reproduce in the Demon Realm.

The original Demon Realm was in a chaotic and disorderly state. It was filled with very dense spiritual energy. However, the demons living here were not good at using this spiritual energy at all.

After the humans arrived, everything changed.

Mines were mined by the humans one by one. The strength of the humans who came here increased greatly and quickly stabilized, creating very prosperous civilizations.

The era recorded in the stone tablet should be after the human race prospered. There was a lot of nostalgia and contemplation about the many situations that happened later.

It not only talked about how the human race had started from scratch in the entire Demon Realm, but also about the many conflicts and help they had with the demons.

Not only could humans obtain power from those mineral veins, the demons could also benefit from it and slowly develop intelligence under the lead of the humans.


Originally, they only had intelligence under an extremely high cultivation level. However, with the help of the human race, the entire demon race evolved very quickly.

These demons had become smarter and knew how to use their power after absorbing the knowledge of humans. They also had their own mineral vein. All of this seemed to be developing in a very good direction, but why had it become like this?

Li Yuanqing did not understand. According to the inscriptions, the human race and the demons should be in harmony now. However, what he saw was the human race becoming the slaves of the demons.

The exact age of this stone tablet was already unknown. No one even remembered its existence.

Perhaps the scenes depicted on it were real.

“Exalted Qiuming.”

After Li Yuanqing finished reading the entire inscription, he muttered, “Who is this legendary Exalted Qiuming?”

As the founder of the human race, why didn’t he continue leading the human race in this land? Where did he go? What happened after that?

Li Yuanqing originally thought that he would be able to answer many of his questions after coming here. However, he did not expect that he would obtain even more questions. He no longer knew what had happened here.

Why was the Blood Vine here?

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