Bigshot, Your Wife Is With Her Tarot Cards Again!

Chapter 3
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Chapter 3: Took One Bite

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“I’ll go and ask.”Yun Rou’s face was ashen as she raised her hand to make a call.

Chen Yuan’s anger was still lingering. Thinking about the will that she accidentally found in Yun Zhao’s study, she gnashed her teeth in hatred. “Useless thing! When your father really transfers his shares to this little slut, she will be the one commanding us to do her bidding!”

In the will that Yun Qin’s father, Yun Zhao, made, Yun Qin would get 25% of the shares. As the successor of the Yun family, Yun Qin’s brother, Yun Ze, would get 30% of the shares, but as Yun Zhao’s wife, she would only get 5% of the shares, even the daughter that she and Yun Zhao raised together, Yun Rou, would only get 3% of the shares.

After marrying into the Yun family for so many years, she painstakingly managed the household and thought that she would get everything that she deserved. Who knew that this little bitch Yun Qin would appear and take away everything that belonged to her and her daughter, Yun Rou!

How could Yun Zhao’s two children from his deceased ex-wife get the best of everything, while she and Yun Rou had to live by the mercy of this wild girl that was raised outside?

It wasn’t that Chen Yuan didn’t vaguely mention Yun Zhao’s “unfairness” in this matter, but every time she did, Yun Zhao would sigh and reply, “Her mother, Lin Ya, had a hard time while she was with me. Lin Ya should have a share of the family fortune. Moreover, Xiao Qin suffered for so many years while she was raised outside. Plus she’s a girl so she should be compensated more.”

Every time Chen Yuan heard these words, although she had a tolerant smile on her face, deep inside, she already hated this family to the bone.

Seeing that Yun Zhao’s health was deteriorating year by year, she made a determination and stepped onto a path that she could not turn back on.

Moving forward was the glorious future of her and her daughter, Yun Rou. But if they moved back, they would be doomed.

After hearing that Yun Rou already arranged a meeting place, Chen Yuan’s eyes flashed with viciousness. She ordered in a low voice, “Make your move as soon as possible. Don’t let that little slut react.”

After seeing Yun Rou leave to settle the matter at hand, Chen Yuan carried a glass of milk and walked up to the second floor. She knocked on Yun Qin’s door.

“Xiao Qin, it’s Auntie Chen. Are you there?”

Yun Qin was taking a nap, but when she heard Chen Yuan’s voice, her desire to kill instantly became obvious.

Outside the door, Chen Yuan was persistently knocking on the door. Suddenly, the door opened and Chen Yuan’s hand was knocking air. She swayed a little to steady herself and saw Yun Qin with her head lowered. She could not see her expression.

“Xiao Qin, are you in a bad mood?” Chen Yuan forced her way in with a fake smile. Yun Qin’s room was actually very cold. She shivered and looked at Yun Qin meaningfully.

Any girl would not be able to escape unscathed after what happened last night, right? This little bitch must be hiding something, Chen Yuan thought maliciously.

Seeing that Yun Qin kept her head down, Chen Yuan said again, “Are you being bullied? It’s ok. Tell aunty, I will hep you.”

Hearing the incessant chatter in her ears, Yun Qin’s patience almost reached its peak. Recalling the intense hatred that had been going on day after day for the past 30 years, she unexpectedly calmed down and restrained the black smoke that was crazily leaking out of her body.

Although she could crush Chen Yuan with her current strength, it would be too easy for them. Even if this vicious mother-daughter duo were torn apart bit by bit, it would still not be comparable to the pain that she suffered when she turned into an evil ghost.

“I. . .”Yun Qin’s eyes were still lowered and she stammered as if there was something that was too difficult to say.

Chen Yuan was immediately elated, but she still pretended to be worried and said, “Xiao Qin, if something bad happened, just tell me. Don’t keep it to yourself.”

Then, looking at Yun Qin’s thin and weak neck, Chen Yuan suddenly reached out and pulled down Yun Qin’s collar.

“Ah!” Yun Qin seemed to be very frightened. She shouted and covered her chest tightly. “Don’t come close to me!”

In a short moment, Chen Yuan saw all the bruises. They were clearly the marks from a man having sex with a woman.

Yun Rou said that the man failed. She didn’t expect that this little bitch still got into a man’s bed?

Chen Yuan was in a good mood. She also pretended to be surprised and shouted, “Ah! What are these marks from?”

Just when Chen Yuan was about to reach out to check, Yun Qin opened her mouth and fiercely bit Chen Yuan’s arm!

“Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah! Let Go!” Chen Yuan screamed in fear and pain. She struggled frantically to break free from Yun Qin’s bite and retreated to the door. At this time, Yun Qin raised her head.. The inhuman face that flashed pass seemed to be a ghost from hell.

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