Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

Chapter 7 Misuzu’s change
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Chapter 7 Misuzu’s change

In the royal palace’s bathing facilityーit’s a place to take bath butーInugami Kanami’s sweating for the day.

It’s a simple place surrounded by a wooden screen.

It’s height is enough only to hide the waist, it only hides the lower body.

Everything’s exposed from the navel upwards.

「Oh, there’s no more soap. Nekoyama, could you throw the soap over here?」

「Okay, hereー」

Catching the soap thrown from the adjacent screen, Inugami Kanami whisks the soap and starts washing her body.

Kanami filled her healthy breasts sticking out with bubbles, pour in the bucket of water on her head then shake her body.

At the same time she shakes her body, her voluptuous breasts shake buoyantly.

Nekoyama Misuzu who’s watching it from the other side of the screen pats her chest in shock.

「Haa! That’s refreshing!」

Kanami kicks the screen hiding her waist below without checking the surroundings then exits the bathing place.

Not wearing anythingーshe shows her birth appearance pleasantly.

It’s impolite to say that it is just as her name says but, Inugami Kanami loves the sun.

Thus she loves taking off everything and talking to the sun naked more than anything

「Kanami-chan, you really like to expose everything」

「What are you saying? It’s not that I’m aroused to expose my skin. I just think that not wearing anything as if you were just born is a wonderful way to communicate with nature」


Contrary to the open Kanami, Misuzu is modest on this kind of thing.

Squatting down behind the screen, after she wore her underwear and uniform properly, she checked her surroundings then left the bathing area.

She’s not confident with her body so she doesn’t want others to see it if possible.

Not knowing about Misuzu’s troubles, Kanami comes back to the bathing area with a dignified look while shaking her breasts.

When Misuzu moved her glance, the hair in between her crotch caught her eye.,

Misuzu’s worried in related to that.

Her body’s growing properly bonkyobon style.

For Misuzu, seeing Kanami’s body is a very complex and stimulating experience.

「I’m jealous of Kanami-chan’s body…」

「Right, Nekoyama should train her body a bit more. If you don’t put in meat, you won’t be popular with the boys」

「Meat, like Takeyama-san…?」

「That’s just a low-grade meat called fat. What I’m talking about is muscles」

Incidentaly, Kanami suddenly thought how Takeyama isn’t attending school.

It’s already been a week since they’ve been summoned to this world.

Just how much time has passed in the former world?

She’s got no regret in the former world but she’s worried about her family and friends.

Kanami thought that it would be great if time stopped on the other side.

「I wonder if Takeyama-san does well with that foreigner like people」

The foreigner like people Misuzu talks about are the Yankee groups who dyed their hair.

Kanami’s already used to Misuzu’s airhead conversation.

Knowing that it’s useless to retort, she can do nothing but smile.

「Even if we disappear, the world will turn. That feels a bit sad」

「I’m not lonely. Because, Kanami-chan’s not alone, right?」

「If I was alone in an unknown world, as expected I would be hopeless and unable to live」

Who pointed out that Misuzu’s「Alone」?

Who’s name, who’s face appeared when she said those words?

It was just a moment but Kanami noticed Misuzu show a happy expression like a maiden in love.



The young classmate wearing a slightly worn out sailor uniform.

Kanami thinks of Misuzu as a little sister.

But, why is it?

For these past few days, there are a lot of moments you feel that Nekoyama Misuzu’s matured.

It’s not her physical growth.

From the group of girls called「Pretentious Cuties」, her cute actions are still well.

It’s not known what exactly has changed for now.

However, there’s only one thing that can be said with certainty.

「Somehow, Nekoyama-san has changed」

「Is that so?」

「Yeah, you feel like you’ve grown up or rather, you look much more dignified than ever」

「Aah, ah, aaaah…」

Misuzu’s face suddenly blushed then she began to whistle averting her eyes away.

She’s not whistling nor refer anything in particular.

「Have you kissed with Torao?」

「Whaー! No! I haven’t done that with Torao-kun!」

With Torao-kun?

She thought that she’s a docile and pure child, Kanami thinks that she’s doing it properly.

She’s not impatient because Misuzu got ahead of her.


But, if that’s the case, who is it with?

Torao would try to confess to Misuzu, is what she heard from Niigaki.

Did Misuzu reject Torao’s confession.

Certainly, Kanami doesn’t think about Torao or Niigaki that much.

Those two are scoundrels hiding under the face of an honor student.

Their tone are different when they talk to pure and inexperienced girls like Misuzu than when talking to masculine girls like Kanami.

Especially Niigaki.

For some reason, Niigaki doesn’t approach Kanami.

He must like girls that are like small animals that would roll when you push them like Misuzu.

It means that he’s ignoring Kanami completely.

ーThe other day, the schoolgirls had a fight with Glasses.

It seems that glasses has muttered something about Niigaki’s liked girl.


Either way, he must’ve said that girls aren’t cuter than 2D girls.

In a closed space, the trouble of gender relationships are likely to occur.

They’ve been overlooking this since it’s outside the school but, I think I should do my best as a disciplinary committee member here.

If I had a bamboo sword, more power would come out.

Kanami hasn’t taken a real sword to make her skills better.

Even if the classmates hit her as a joke, she doesn’t strike back.

「Well, if something happens to Misuzu, just tell me. If you were forcibly kissed or pushed downーtry to consult someone before it becomes something irreparable. Got it?」

「Un, got it, but. I don’t have to say it if it’s not forced, right?」

Kanami scratches her cheek in embarrassment then said「Thanks for talking」then she put her hands together.


「Then nya, Kanami-chan’s breasts are going boing boing, it’s amazing」

「Oh, I see… Uh, Misuzu, try to hold down your sucking. If you do that, I’ll cum right away」

Sitting on the ground with trees behind, Ran is enjoying Misuzu’s clean up fellatio.

Misuzu happily sucks Ran’s penis from his open crotch.

It’s different from the intense mouth to make him ejaculate.

Misuzu’s oral temperature firmly tastes the penis to the root, it’s a kind of break time.

But, Misuzu forgets it sometimes then begins an intense blowjob like a foreplay, so she’s being scolded just like earlier.

It feels good to ejaculate inside Misuzu’s mouth but, I’ve gotten tired tonight.

It feels like Misuzu’s strength increases everyday.

Is this also the result of the daily training?

Patting Misuzu’s head that sways in front of his crotch, Ran thinks how to tell Misuzu his decision the other day.

I’d like to put my hand on other girls than Misuzu.

The reason isn’t vulgar like to violate the girls whom he can’t do on his normal daily life.

The person named Ranーneeds to prepare to strike the group as an individual.

Someone who has influence to the class to some extent, a strong ability, a cute lewd girl would be good.

Of course, when you ask who he likes among the female classmates, he will answer Nekoyama Misuzu without hesitation.

However, Ran is also a healthy high school boy.

He has also thought of making a harem with the girlsgoing to the same classroom every day, wearing uniform.

「Does Inugami-san really have a big breast?」

「She’s the type that looks thin when wearing a shirt. Also, Kanami-chan’s in Kendo club, She’s wearing breast protector all the time nya」

「Isn’t it archery?」

Inugami KanamiーI don’t remember making an exchange with her.

Since she’s a disciplinary commitee member, I sometimes saw her inspecting uniform in front of the school gate from time to time.

Basically, boys for boys, girls for girls, I don’t remember being inspected by Inugami Kanami.

Inugami Kanami is a kendo girl with a glossy black splendid long ponytail

Her masculine voice is loud but she’s not someone who shouts or threatens someone.

Rather, I witnessed a lot of scenes where she helped out juniors and classmates like Misuzu who are not good at asserting themselves.

When she had a proxy confession, it became a topic in class for about several days.

It’s unusual, in a good way.

「If I’ve got a breast as big as Kanami-chan, I would be able to do paizuri 」

「I think Misuzu can do it fine too though…」

「I don’t need compliments. I know about myself very well. When I do it…my breast can only do pushing against your penis」

Misuzu doesn’t know that it feels very good.

Misuzu desperately pushing her modest breast with soft and reasonable elasticity.

Stimulated by the tip of her cherry colored nipples feels very good.

Also, simply hearing the classmate say「penis」from her mouth strangely arouses me.

That word is like a devil’s miasma.

When a pubescent girl says that, it’s quite thrilling.

「…Okay, we’re done. Ran-kun’s penis is now clean」

While thinking so, Misuzu’s clean up fellatio finished and Misuzu pull out her mouth from the penis wet with saliva.

She blows wind on the penis and chill runs up the spine.

It’s intended to be cleaned up but it’s impossible to hold back.

「Misuzu, could you put recovery on my penis」

「Why? Aren’t we already…」

「Impossible, I’m at my limit. I’ll only do it once so let me put it in」

Misuzu rolled her small body and opened up her crotch.

Is she used to it? Misuzu’s honeypot is already dripping wet.

When I insert my finger, it feels like the tip would melt.

Thinking that I would put in my penis in here.

「Geez, asking to cum, asking to do it once again, you’re so selfish」

「It’s Misuzu’s fault for being too cute」

「Ahn! Yah, geez. Even though I haven’t used reinforced recovery on it yet」

Even though she shows dislike, Misuzu’s feeling good properly.

When I enter sage mode, my determination from earlier fades.

I don’t want to think about other girls for now.

I’ll only look at Misuzu, think about Misuzu, feel Misuzu only.

I embrace Misuzu’s body to the extent our mind and body becoming one.

Misuzu puts her legs on my waist and we hold each other.

Swinging my waist while holding each other, the feeling of love is amazing.

The tiredness I felt a while ago disappears in an instant.

It’s not on the level where I might get addicted to it, I might be dependent on Misuzu.

After ejaculating inside her vagina several times, Ran suddenly felt tired then fell down.

As expected, I overdid it.

My body hurts here and there.

「Seriously… Ran-kun」

Using reinforced recovery, the pain and exhaustion disappears.

The excitement cools down at the same time, Ran puts on his uniform immediately.

「Speaking of which, your uniform don’t get loose even after the rugged training every day」

「We change to training clothes when training. The underwear’s…it’s worn every day like a pumpkin」

「Huh? But, wasn’t Misuzu wearing a light blue one?」

When I flipped her skirt without hesitation, I can see a light blue underwear carving the shape of her slit and ass

This is definitely the underwear she was wearing when Ran came to this world.

「Well, it’s embarrassing looking like a kid. I don’t want my figure to be seen by anyone but Ran-kun」

「…Then, all the boys and girls are wearing strings?」

「It’s not everyone but most of them. You can wash off the dirt with magic so you can wear the same every day」

By the way, Ran takes water from the lake every night to remove the dirt.

It seems that it will be worn out someday so he thought that he wanted to prepare a replacement clothing ahead of time

「…Hey, does the training have no holiday?」

「…Un. There’s break time but there doesn’t seem to be a day off」

Like army…No, It’s army I guess?

Then, Ran’s position would be the so-called deserter.

There seems to be a terrible penalty when you get caught

「But, why are you asking that?」

「Why? Well」

Crossing glances with Misuzu, Ran looked down unconsciously.

Even though they’ve got a lot of sex and fellatio, he’s embarrassed because he thought「I want to have a date」

Is this how having your senses paralyzed?

For the first time , Ran’s chest throbs and he can’t answer.

「…I want to buy clothes together or something」

「Oh, we prepare daily necessities in the royal palace. Should I ask them if you need a boy necessity?」

「Ah, un. I guess I’ll ask of you」

Misuzu who wiped her body and changed to her uniform speaks her affection for Ran then disappeared in the night road.

After seeing of her back, Ran hangs his head then presses his head against the trunk of the tree.

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