Because I Was Excluded Out of the Class Transfer, I Decided to Steal My Classmate's Lover

EX-7 : Sandwiched between the delinquent and the discipline girl 『Later part』
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EX-7 : Sandwiched between the delinquent and the discipline girl 『Later part』

「Chu, chupu…rero How is it Kirishima? Does it feel good?」

Bending her body forward while looking up at Ran, Aya continues to torture Ran’s penis with her tongue.

Her soft moist lips gently and obscenely puts his penis inside, she licks up the twitching thing inside her mouth.

Caressing the swollen testicles with her palm, her mouth makes an obscene wet sound.

As his semen’s completely recovered, Ran’s waist twitch in suffering.

「Ku, ua…that’s bad」

「Fufu, I know all of Ran’s weak spots」

Licking the cowper fluid coming out from the tip, Aya eats his penis to the root.

Ran likes to ejaculate inside her mouth.

If she serve his penis with her mouth this way, Ran should feel good, Aya thought.

「T-That’s, focusing only on the tip…! Ah, auuuu!?」

The convulsion of his waist is a signal, then a sticky liquid begins to be let out inside Aya’s mouth.

The adolescent flavor spreads in her mouth, mixed with the scent of beloved Ran can’t resist, it creates a superb scent.

Though the smell of the semen is strong and thick, she can’t spit it out here.

Though there’s tears on the corner of her eye due to the semen sticking to her throat, Aya drinks up the semen Ran let out without any leftovers.

「…Nku, nku, pueee. Fufu, how about that? I drank all of Kirishima’s semen」

Licking up the remaining semen in his penis, Aya smiles pleasantly.

Of course, she continues to caress his testicles. Though she stopped supplying mana.,

「You can still cum can you? It’s twitching like it hasn’t ejaculated at all」

Ran nods and begins to thrust his waist from what Aya said.

The powerfully erect penis you won’t imagine it had ejaculated twice presses against Aya’s lips.

「…This time, I’d like to smear Aya’s face」

「Hm, sure. You can splash it wherever you want」

Answering Ran’s desire with a smile, Aya grabs Ran’s penis gently


Stroking the penis that’s sensitive from just ejaculating, Ran screams in pleasure.

The penis wet with Aya’s saliva is being gently stroked by the hand of a plump girl.

Furthermore, she’s given permission to splash it on her face.

Under such circumstances, spraying hot breaths while strokingーthere’s no way he’d be able to endure.

「Ran, you look like in pain. Are you okay?」

Ran’s body trembles from Aya’s handjob, Kanami snuggles to his body.

Rubbing her smooth bare skin, Kanami lightly pecks Ran’s cheeks. After staring at Ran’s face, Kanami holds Ran’s chest into her own chest.


「How is it, it’s soft isn’t it? You can do whatever you want」

The marshmallow soft breasts are pushed against Ran’s face.

Her smooth skin rubbing to his cheeks, her pink colored nipple standing up is being kneaded.

With his face enveloped in between the smooth and fluffy bulge, Ran’s nasal breathing turns rough.

While his face is blessed with breasts, his penis is being stroked from a distance.

Witnessing an act that can’t be done with only one person, Ran feels his mind and body fulfilled.

That said, just stuffing his face on the breasts releases his endless libido, unable to obtain true satisfaction.

Embracing Kanami’s body in his arms, he placed Kanami’s standing nipples into his mouth.


Listening to an amorous voice, Ran licks up the tip of the hardened nipples without hesitation, using his lips to suck it.

The young and healthy soft breasts smells sweetly like milk.

Playing with the bud sticking out with his lips, Kanami leaks out a delighted voice from her mouth.

「It won’t let out breast milk but you can suck as much as you want」

「Nn, Nn, nnn!」

「Sucking it so enthusiastically. Nn… Ran, you’re like a baby」

Patting the frontal love of her beloved, Ran fills his face with her cleavage.

Burying his face on his classmate’s breasts, he sucks it up like he’s drinking milk.

It looks miserable from the outside but he doesn’t care about what others see.

Tasting Kanami’s breasts while having his penis stroked by Aya. It’s truly a happy time.

It’s not just pleasure.

Kanami’s nipples are has a magical charm.

When sucking it up, there’s a feeling that rises aside from sexual excitement.

「When I bury my face in Kanami’s breasts, I feel at ease…」

「That’s good. I also feel very happy when I hold Ran in my chest」

Holding the back of his head firmly, Kanami pushes Ran’s face to her chest tightly.

His face is being blessed with her fresh sweaty bare skin. The soft feeling of her marshmallow breast. The delicious nipples sticking out inside his mouth.

Breathing deeply, Kanami’s fragrance spreads out from her chest.

He’ll be dyed into Kanami’s color and just melt down.

「F-Furthermore, in this situation…」

While feeling the fragrance and full embrace of Kanami, there’s another pleasureーa stimulation that’s leading Ran to climax without break.

Aya’s palm wraps his penis and move gently. The high school girl like fingertips hold it up dearly, moving up and down to stir up Ran’s ejaculation feeling.

「Chuuu… Fuchu, fuchuu… Chu, chuchuchu…」

A sigh reaches the handjob. Aya pours down kisses around the glans like cherishing the penis trembling from her handjob.

Unlike fellatioーit gives a random unpredictable stimulus. Every time it meets up with her plump moist lips, he’s unable to tolerate the stimulus and his cowper fluid overflows without fail.

「God…this might be the best」

Embraced by the half naked black haired ponytail kendo girl , and given handjobs + kisses on his penis with a girl with brown hair.

The restless handjob, and Kanami’s heavenly breasts that would choke you if you get distracted.

Tasting breasts in his mouth, breathing Kanami’s fragrance to fill his chest, concentrating all of his nerves on the obscene hands caressing his crotch.

「A, aoo… I-I’m cumming…!」

Along with the sensation of his testicles shrinking, a pure white torrent rushes up his penis, a tremendous sense of releif permeates through his lower abdomen.

Ran’s penis reached climax from being pushed by Aya’s lips, twitching from the pleasure, it threw out white liquid to her face without hesitation.

「Hyaaan! That’s a lot coming out!」

Coloring her light brown skin with white cloudy liquid, Aya lick up the semen scattered around her mouth lewdly.

As if it was the first time tonight, it is a magnificently hot semen.

The stinky smell drifts from Ran’s penis stirs up Aya’s arousal.

In an obscene figure where her face is dirty with semen, Aya puts Ran’s penis in her mouth and sucks up the remaining semen.


「Hyaaauuuu! Ran, I told you not to suck it that strongly…」

Unable to bear the brilliant pleasure of sucking up the semen in his urethra, Ran instinctively grips Kanami’s breasts and suck it up.

Ran embraced Kanami’s body tightly while trembling from the pleasure in his lower abdomen from being sucked up.


Ran thought that he’s through with the third ejaculation but the penis that’s been subjected to powerful bestowal magic isn’t satisfied with just three ejaculations.

He let the two classmates wearing only their sailor uniform and skirt lie down on the bed.

That said, Ran’s bed isn’t that big.

It’s possible to barely pack in three people but he doesn’t want to be stingy when it comes to precious sex time.

In a situation where he can violate the two high school girls he spent the daily life with at the same timeー

It’s a waste to do it in a narrow and tight space.

What needs to be tight are a woman’s pussy when shoving in a penis.

「With that said, I’ve got an idea on how to solve this. We can use a place for one with two so I think I can have sex with the two of you as much as I want」

「I can understand the reason but I’m a bit embarrassed. …Inugami, am I not heavy?

「It’s fine but… Our nipples have been rubbing since a while ago, it feels strange」

Kanami’s crotch that has a few hair growing, hiding her sweet nipples that’s sticking out, she’s hiding her face embarrassed.

Aya who’s exposing her slit the same way, sways her ass happily while sticking her hands on the bed.

Kanami who’s opening her legs on a missionary position and Aya shaking her butt lewdly in doggy position.

It’s not an unusual position however the problem lies at the two places waiting to be invaded.

Under normal circumstancesーit’s doubtful whether fucking two people on top of the bed at the same time can be called “normal” butーit’s normal to let them lie down on the wide bread, taking time to have sex with each one.

In fact, when he did Misuzu and Kanami at the same room, he inserted in turns as the two stick out their asses.

This time.

「I can see all of the soft asses and drenched pussy from here. Truly a breathtaking view」

Dropping his line of sight, Aya’s slit, ass, Kanami’s slit and her assーhe’s able to see the four treasures at the same coordinates.

The figure of Aya on all fours throwing down Kanami.

How to express this? On top of Kanami who’s lying on her back, Aya sticks out her ass in a doggy position.

By the way, Ran’s currently in seiza in the bed so if he lowers his face a bit, he’ll be able to feel Aya’s pussy and ass.

「Then, excuse me for a bit」

「Hya, hyaaan!?」

Slouching forward, he buried his face under Aya’s slit without hesitation.

Grabbing the plump buttocks with his hand, he tastes Aya’s wet secret place.

Surrounded by a hot smell, he almost got a nosebleed.

Licking around the folds hidden in the black wheat field, Ran slowly lowers his face to Aya’s pussy.

「Then next…」

「…Ah, aaaaahn!」

His nose turned wet and the same fragrance filled with richness fills his nose.

Swallowed by the dense aroma, his nose bleeds from too much stimulation.

After Ran treated it with healing magic, he nodded satisfied after releasing his face from their crotch.

「Wow, having nosebleed when I pushed my face on my classmate’s pussy, this is really the best」

Furthermore, it’s two.

Both his female classmatesーfurthermore, it’s really happy for the day where he can compare the pussy of the two at the same time to come.

Furthermore, both of them are plenty wet.

Kanami, the breastfeeding play (attempted) has completely turned her horny, her woman part is twitching.

It’s just pitiful to tease it further.

「The sweat sticks on the skirt… This is really a good view」

Raising up the navy blue skirt, Ran caresses around Kanami’s navel.

Reacting to the stimulus, Kanami’s body twitches. Caressing the vertical line in the navel to her lower abdomen to her thighs like licking, Ran tries to insert his penis to Kanami’s vagina.

What comes to his sight is Aya’s crotch with her anus wet with love nectar. Aya’s pussy and ass sticks out to the distance where it’s unknown whether you can touch it or not, it’s swinging lewdly as if saying that she wants to be stirred inside her pussy as soon as possible.

If he goes to have sex with Kanami like this, Aya’s slit will be pushed to his stomach endlessly.

「But, that’s what’s great」

Pushing his penis into Kanami’s wet vagina soacking in love nectar, he knocked his body forward and hugged Aya’s body.

「N, nhyaaaaaaaaaaa…!」


Aya who’s waiting for Ran’s insertion while on all fours looks at Kanami who’s panting happily under her, understood that Kanami was done before her.

Looking at the eyes of Kanami who’s opening her mouth lewdly, Kanami’s cheeks dyed red and she averted her eyes away from Aya.

Normally, she’d want to hide her face with her arms or hands. But currently, both of Kanami’s hands are used to hide her lewdly standing nipples from arousal and anticipation, so she can’t do it.

「K-Kirishima went for Inugami again, hyaan?!」

Even though she’s speaking dissatisfaction, a lewd and sweet voice leaks out from Aya’s mouth.

Something was pushed to her slit that’s too aroused and her hot crotch made a sound.

Ran’s fingertips is stroking from her waist to her back at the same time.

「Sorry, Aya. Try to endure for a bit longer」

After telling in a gentle voice, a slippery light thread connects Aya’s crotch and Ran’s abdomen.

「Hauuuu… Ran’s, Ran’s penis feels gooood!」

Kanami tightens her vaginal wall to feel his whole penis, Ran is intoxicated in pleasure.

Embracing the body of Aya who’s waiting for insertion, Ran swings his waist.

While violating the beautiful classmate that’s reacting with an melting voice from the bottom of her hear every time he swings his waist, he enjoys the body of another classmate’s body.

What a luxurious sex.

Even though the temperature and the softness are all Aya’s, Ran’s most sensitive partーhis penis is being deliciously swallowed by no other than Kanami’s pussy.

Entrusting his body to the melting pleasure from the tip of his penis, Ran stroke his own lower abdomen and smiles.

「Furthermore, thanks to someone, my belly’s drenched」

「Because, because…! Kirishima’s stomach is sticking to strange places over and over again, it feels good…!」

A lewd light thread connects Ran’s navel and Aya’s crotch.

In short, it’s the love nectar produced by Aya’s pussy.

Every time the penis attacks Kanami’s vagina, Ran’s stomach mercilessly push against Aya’s pussy.

Aya who’s waiting for insertion in doggy position of course is opening her crotch lewdly.

Both her clitoris and her hole are visible, her important part drools a lot of love nectar every time Ran swings his waist.

Ran swings his waist at Kanami’s pussy while staring at Aya’s.

Staring at a twitching pussy while having sexーor rather, during insertion.

It’s a situation that can’t be done with only one partner.

「Staring at Aya’s drenched pussy while Kanami’s pussy isーUh, ua. C-Cumming…!」

While looking at the crotch dripping lewd honey, Ran’s waist trembles.

Doing a creampie while staring at the raw pussy of a high school girl. Ran’s arousal springs up again due to the immoral and sensual state.

Though his libido has subsided after his fourth ejaculation, there’s no way he’d stop there.

There’s a slit that’s dripping down love nectar, twitching as if it wants something.

He can’t just end after he felt good. Besides.

「I still haven’t let it all out yet!」

He pulled out his penis from Kanami’s vagina and insert it to Aya’s pussy

The penis that was just wet with semen and Kanami’s love nectar now enters Aya’s dripping wet pussy.


Grabbing Aya’s ass while shoving it in a doggy position, he enjoys her ass with both his palms.

Aya’s ass filled with high school girl meat is changing shape softly in Ran’s hands.

「Nyaa…! Don’t open it like that!」

With both her hands on the bed, Aya swings her ass to resist.

But, it won’t become resistance if she’s swallowing his penis inside her vagina while doing that. Rather, it tightens his penis according to the movement of her ass. It’s as if she’s inviting, wanting to be violated.

Enjoying the feeling of the vagina swallowing the penis deliciously, Ran kneads Aya’s ass and opened up her meat.

「Aya’s anus is completely exposed」

「Iyaaa…geez, pervert」

Staring at Aya’s anus that’s convulsing sadly, he gently pokes it with his fingertips.

Not touching the hole part, he taps her plump ass with his fingertips in a teasing manner.

「Heaa, heuu, fuyaaa…!~」

kneading her ass meat with his left hand, his right hand fingers are giving her a light touch.

Aya sticks out her ass with the finger and the air touching feeling chilly, she lets out a cute voice in response to the stimulus.

Due to her anus twitching, her vagina swallowing his penis tightens further.

「Aya’s anus is twitching so lonely, it’s cute」

「T-There’s no need to explain it…」

While convulsing , Aya’s reproachful voice enters his ears.

Thinking that she’s not being honest, Ran thrusts his fingertips to Aya’s ass.

「Even though you really wanted it」


Caressing around the entrance with his cold fingerips, Ran starts tapping Aya’s ass again.,

But, this time, he’s not teasing her.

Stirring around Aya’s cute second hole, Ran swings his waist without break.

「Whaat’s thisss, nooo! It feels like something’s tickling, it feels weird!」

Poking around her anus, then pushing his fingers around, Ran caresses Aya’s cute butt lewdly.

It’s unknown if the stimulation on the butt is is related to it but Aya’s vagina is overflowing with love nectar.

Ran’s sensitive penis that ejaculated four times tonight already is increasing in hardness as Aya’s drenched vagina wall swallows it.

Eventually, the sensation of a current running through his spine comes along with the trembling of his testicles.

「Uuaah, I-I’m at my limit…!」

「Hihieeeeu! I get it! I get it! So pelase stop poking my anusーaaaaaaahn!」

Swallowed by the amazing sense of relief, a pure white torrent is poured into Aya’s vagina.

Ran can’t hide his surprise at the amount of ejaculation you won’t imagine it as the fifth time.

Chewing the penis deliciously as it pulsates releasing out white liquid, at the same time, Aya’s pussy twitches in climax.

「I-I’m at my limit…」

「Heu? W-Wait, Mikoshiba!」

Reaching vaginal climax while having her anus poked, Aya falls down on the bedーon top of Kanami who’s lying down.

Pushed with the whole body, Kanami screams『Fukyauu!』 from the sudden contact.

Aya’s weakened figure lies on top of Kanami’s body, leaking out a sigh.

Though it’s not an intended phenomenon, it looks like two naked high school girls are embracing each other.

They shouldn’t have any Yuri tendencies but that’s a different matter.

That said, even if there’s no such hobies, there’s no way he would stay calm after watching the two classmates hugging each other naked.

Furthermore, both of them have white liquid leaking out of their crotch.

His mind is disturbed by the strange feeling of conquest and immorality, Ran who should’ve let out everything got big again.

Apart from Aya who’s dreamy from just cumming.

Kanami struggles while being covered by Aya.

「Eh…W-Why is it that big? E-Even though you ejaculated five times with Mikoshiba and me already

「…Aya’s bestowal magic is too effective. I’m in trouble, I won’t be able to sleep if this is left alone」

Stroking his penis wet with Kanami and Aya’s love nectar, he glares at Kanami.

「Aya seems to have reached her limit already, so since it’s special, I’m going to take Kanami nextー」

「Eh, w-wait! I’m already exhausted or ratherー」

Kanami struggles to escape from Ran who’s drawing an arc with his mouth.

But because of her classmate who has the same height and weight covers her body, she can’t move her body as she thinks.

Rather, when she twist her body Aya’s breasts rub with her own, it feels strange.

Meanwhile, Ran reached out for Kanami’s thighs, opened her crotch while caressing it obscenely.

「Kanami…you’re cute」

「Hyaa, hyaaaaaー!?」

Raising a troubled yet happy exquisite scream, Kanami’s body trembles from the pleasure.

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